ClassDojo Is God’s Answer To Padling Children

ClassDojo accomplishes what used to be the societal norm when teachers and parents had more control over their children’s behavior.

In the 1950’s children would sit down at their chairs in school, listen to their teachers, went home and did their homework, helping their parents with household chores. Then, perfect polished children grew up and became Wall Street executives that invested money in software programs.

Before ClassDojo, there has been social upheavals, wars, the Beatles, rock and roll, drugs, bad blood between teachers, students and parents, and a society full of cantankerous children. ClassDojo will reset the clock and return us to days of Leave it to Beaver and the Partridge Family.

ClassDojoa, a classroom management software program, is dedicated to opening up the closed doors of communication between parents, teachers, and children. ClassDojo provides ”real-time” feedback between parents, teachers and their children, by using smartphones, in the ways that smartphones were intended to be used, turned on all the time. However, ClassDojo has brought the reality of George Orwell’s 1984, into homes and teacher’s lounges.

ClassDojo is designed to bring attention to children’s bad behavior in ways one thought it would be impossible, by using an $800 mobile device, provided by parents and now sanctioned by the Board of Education.

It is said by its innovators, that ClassDojo software is employed to send reports about children’s behavior to their parents, “real-time” the second that particular untoward behavior is recognized, through the eyes of an unbiased person, the children’s teachers.

Behavior reports are automatically generated. Thus, these reports will presumably be placed in the children’s permanent school records.

At first blush, ClassDojo would provide one with comic relief, but since August 2012, sixty countries, with more than 3.5 million teachers and students use ClassDojo, to retake control.