The Chainsmokers Dark New Direction

The Chainsmokers have dominated the electronic landscape for the past three years, with a total of 6 top ten songs.

The duo launched their career into the spotlight with 2014 hit single “#SELFIE” which broke the top 20 immediately. They continued immense success through 2017, before taking a nine-month hiatus.

The electronic titans are back on “Sick Boy,” and the sound is darker than ever. The dance anthem features sharp takes on current issues, inspired by the bands own observation.

The creative risk is executed perfectly. Although The Chainsmokers have changed direction stylistically, they still show the passion that makes them one of the best.

In a recent Forbes interview, the duo discussed the direction of the album. Andrew Taggart elaborated that a lot of what drove the album was frustration or anger at the circumstances of fame.

The frustration is apparent on “Sick Boy.” As the beautiful visuals build up, the music does as well. The track starts slow but eventually rolls into a fantastic peak of emotion. The dark theme is characterized by vocals literally describing Taggart’s struggles, “Make no mistake, I live in a prison.”

The emotional build pays off as Taggart releases the chorus, over an orchestra of dark sounds. The duo departs from there traditional romantic dance tracks and goes to a much heavier rapture of beats and synths.

The anticipation for new work is mounting. The Chainsmokers legacy is already massive, but they seem to be comfortable with pressure. Pall is making sure to keep the music true to himself, “It’s just about having fun.”

Dark tones will not be limited to “Sick Boy,” as the duo intends to have the whole album tackle much darker themes. The narrative on the current status of America on “Sick Boy” gives us some insight into the wonderful new direction of the Chainsmokers.

Wengie’s Classroom Edible Supplies

On DIY Edible School Supplies Wengie welcomes us back to her channel. She says if we are new around here, we probably won’t expect this. What we won’t expect is that she comes and gives the camera a neck hug. On this episode she will show how to make edible school supplies you can either eat yourself during class or you can use to prank your friends. She first encourages people to subscribe to all of her other channels. Wengie shows how to make edible crayons, pencil shavings, erasers for both mechanical pencils and regular pencils, magic markers, gummy erasers, Elmer’s glue, and glue sticks.


The video enacts all manner of classroom situations with Wengie playing all of the parts of herself (the prankster), her classmate (the prankee), and her teacher. Wengie says that if we try any of these at home, we should tweet about it and put #wengiecorns. She says she wants to hear our stories and see what we made. She also says she looks forward to chatting with us about our experiences. She says along with Twitter and Youtube, she also has stuff on Instagram and Snapchat. She encourages viewers to follow her on all of these platforms because she is constantly posting new material. She is confident that you will have tons of fun making, eating, and playing pranks with her inventive ideas. You can view her Linkedin at

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