Doe Deere’s Success Secret: Mixing her Passion with Entrepreneurial Skills

Learning from someone’s entrepreneurial adventures is an apt lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs. Before starting any business ventures, people should focus on a number of things in general including business plans, passions, and finances as all of them can ensure a result-based live entrepreneurial experience. It should be noted that many successful entrepreneurs learned from others, and they mastered to winners. In that aspect, Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, has an inspirational story that every aspiring people love to follow.

In simple, it can be described that Deere was mixing her passion for makeup with entrepreneurial skills and designed the success of her business. She created a fantastic line of cosmetic products that achieved significant momentum in the last few years. Deere is particular about the line of products and produces cosmetics that are of bright hues and are cruelty-free. All her line of products including lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, and others are colorful, bright, and beautiful. Doe founded the firm in 2008, and she was initially worried whether there is an audience for her products. But, her apprehensions went wrong, and she registered a tremendous success in the business world with her cosmetic brand. Learn more:

It is observed that massive success in the entrepreneurial world is due to mixing passion with ideas, and that is what Doe Deere executed in her venture. She created a cosmetic brand of her choice – initially, it was for herself – and she reached out to the customers. Everyone should learn that all the passions cannot be converted into success as market trends may disadvantage people, at times. It should be noted that after laid out the business plan, people should work on every detail of the business. The aspiring entrepreneurs should focus on starting a business initially as it would help them to execute as per business plans. If people wanted financial assistance, seek the loans from the banks and other financial institutions, bring all the ideas into paper, and start executing it. Learn more:

For any startup, the key parameters for success are determination, time, and money. People should be adaptable to the changing conditions and requirements. Hard work matters in the long run, and sometimes, the entrepreneurs should be ready to wait patiently longer than usual for results. People should also be willing to go for a business startup, finances, market trends, business plans, and more to make their ventures a significant success.

As the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere supervises the entire operations of the cosmetic brand and gives guidance to product development and social media marketing. She claims that all of her products are declaring the self-expression and freedom. Doe encourages women entrepreneurs and says that every woman should follow her dreams. She is known for mentoring aspiring women entrepreneurs and encourages them to contact her for advice. Deere regularly speaks about “following the dreams” and “finding the own voice” in major public and industry events such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. She has a massive fan following on Instagram, and she uses the platform to communicate with them on fashion trends. Learn more:

Lori Senecal: Her Appearance at the 3% Confrence and General Work History

At the time of its advent, the 3% Movement on PRNewsWire was all about increasing the number of female Creative Directors based in the United States, hence the name. It is through strong-minded female leaders such as Lori Senecal that the movement has managed to achieve this goal. Statistics show that women are involved in over 55% of social media sharing and influence over 80% of the current consumer spending in the region. It therefore made no sense having only 3% of women in US Creative Director positions. In a bid to up these figures, the movement came up with an annual 2-day conference where renowned female leaders give inspirational talks on AdAge. The movement also participates in business blogging, MiniCons, super-bowl tweet-ups, and offering scholarships to able female students.

Having proven herself in leadership positions throughout the course of her career, Lori Senecal was named as one of the speakers at the 2016 3% annual conference that took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom. She graced the event alongside other key leaders in the creative industry namely; Carter Murray (FCB Worldwide CEO), Colleen DeCourcy (Wieden+Kennedy Global Chief C.O), and Carla Harris (Morgan Stanley Managing Director). Her marvelous work record in her role as the over Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B was one of the key reasons for her call-up to the 3% movement on Prior to this,as of mid 2014, she worked as the MDC Partner Network CEO plus President. In 2009, she was the President, CEO, and a Partner at the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. As early as 2003, she worked at the McCann World-group where she held some of the top positions in leadership including Global Director of Content Integration, as well as, the Global Chief Innovation Officer. Lori has also worked with several renowned companies such as Xbox, Nabisco, Staples, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Molson. Source:

Ms. Morrison Work at SEC

The questions want to answer is who is Helane Morrison and what is the Securities and Exchange Commission? The Securities and Exchange Commission is a federal office building usually hosts over 4,000 employees consisting of accountants to general attorneys that regulate, manage, and oversee federal security laws, stocks and bond exchanges, and many other government tasks in the United States. So where does the name Helane Morrison come up when you mention this central structure. Although there is some missing information on how Mrs. Morrison gained employment at this state building, she started off as district administrator assistant in the year of 1999. Somehow Ms. Morrison made to all the way general attorney position. Though I wonder how a major in journalism and to studying law in the California as she was born and raised in New York though. Surely enough, she achieved a seat in SEC I believe with the Juris Doctor gave her the right data to pursue her career further and gave her the confidence that she did secure in herself to push the limits. From East Coast to West Coast, Mr. Morrison definitely had to travel with the elites of this nation to obtain the job. Not only did she review security laws over the giant state of California, she covered other states Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Montana. While employed here, Helane was appointed the position as U.S. regional director of the office as she became a spokesman representing issues of anything related to business, finances, or laws and regulations in the city of San Frisco. I am assuming the work she did as assistant under Richard Posner and Harry Blackmun gave her significant lead way to a lot of exposure when it came to the three above mention fields. Thus, giving her the experience and power she needed to extend on her knowledge in the law field in particular. While position at the Securities and Exchange Commission office, she took on well-known cases including violations brought on by the advisers and brokers during the market crash, insider trading, and the fraud cases by Mckesson HBOC and Nextcard that headlines newspapers and magazine big during her time in office. By the time her career ended at the SEC, she was highly recognized and respected for her works during her employment at the Securities Exchange and Commission and continues working with that same amount effort.