Has Securus Technologies Changed the Lives of the Inmates in Correctional Facilities?

There is nothing that is more disturbing than trying to reach a loved one in a correctional facility and failing. Even more troubling was the ridiculously expensive costs that people used to pay to make phone calls to their loved ones. There was also a time when the correctional facilities were known as the first place where one could quickly get killed or assaulted and violated in cruel ways. But thanks to companies such as Securus technologies, the safety, security, and quality of communications in these facilities has been improving a lot over the past few years. Below are a few of the things that customers who have used Securus services have had to say.


There was a time when we had a problem at our business. Someone was sneaking in contraband, and we could not tell who it was. One of the management people suggested that we try monitoring we approached Securus Technologies because we had been told they were great in that kind of thing. A week after installation of the monitoring equipment, we had the evidence which we needed to make an arrest and charge the man in a court of law. Thank you Securus, you made the difference.


There was a time a lot of illegal activity was being carried out at our correctional facility. We decided that we were going to involve a video monitoring service on the premises. Within three weeks, we had uncovered the culprits in the sale of firearms, illegal mobile phones and money transfer services. Our correctional facility is now safer, all thanks to the services offered by Securus.


These are all customers who have used the services offered by Securus. It is easy to see that the company has transformed the communication and safety standards in the facility and that things are getting better as a result of their innovation and service delivery.


The Public Safety Arena will Mark A Positive Shake-up All Thanks To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm that focuses on security enhancement through the use of criminal and civil technological solutions. The company releases an innovation each week that aids prison officials in curbing crimes. In the course of their operations, secures Technologies receives a lot of reviews through letters and emails from prison officials, manning the correctional facilities.


Calls Monitoring


One client is especially happy for the ability to use information retrieved from phone calls to get an arrest warrant for staff who was dealing in contrabands. The employee was subsequently brought to book to the satisfaction of the client. The reporting data solution has also been used for the same purpose. Calls monitoring service has helped gather evidence on inmates being involved in alcohol and drugs sales in the correctional facilities. This service has also provided a strong indication that prisoners get access to mobile phones illegally. Incriminating conversations have been recorded in cases of illegal money transfers. Gun shots have also been recorded as well.


Investigative Tools


Securus Technologies has always been committed to positively changing the confinement environment as well as helping in improving the safety of the people. The firm’s vision of creating investigative tools goes hand in hand with the correctional official investigative mind. The reporting data solution has improved the company’s measure. The investigative tools have also been used to investigate a situation where prison official have been issued with threats. The LBS Software has been used in the Sherriff’s department to recover money, assets, and drugs worth millions of dollars.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is centered in Dallas, Texas. Since its commencement, the firm has been keen to working with law enforcers and prison agents in North America. It provides safety solutions, such as biometric analysis, information management, and public information. Securus Technologies’ customer care is top-notch, one client noted receiving guidance on how to use a product having called them in the midst of an investigation.


Securus Technologies Provides its Consumers with Yet Another Innovative Technology in Way of Video Visitation within the Correctional Institution

Securus Technologies continues to maintain its leadership role, in way of providing the Correctional Marketplace, with interesting technologies, devised specifically for the inmate and his or her family members and friends. The company, besides video visitation technology, provides solutions relative to that of public safety, criminal investigation activities, monitoring, and a good deal more. The company is now announcing a new campaign, featuring the benefits of its Video Visitation solution, inside of the correctional industry.


The company will proceed, with promotion of the new technology, by providing its viewing audience with a number of commercials, which demonstrate how the technology is appropriately used. The company’s CEO, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, stated in so many words, that Securus is able to connect 160,000 visits, monthly, making use of video technology. The family member can visit using his mobile phone, or sitting at his desktop. The newer version of a visit, replaces the old manual style of visitation. The newer offering, makes it possible, for the individual to visit with an inmate, without the need to drive to the jail. The commercials, clearly demonstrate the value connected to that of video visitation.


There are many heart-rendering occasions that Securus Technologies has been able to connect an inmate to a family member. One example, is where a son was able to connect with his Dad, during the period of the Holidays. Daughters have used the technology, in order to gain instruction and advice, from their incarcerated father, relative to a school-work assignment. Special occasions, present another area, where the use of video visitation has made a profound impact on a family and its incarcerated loved one. Family members and inmates have been able to enjoy birthdays, together, and to share other special occasions. An incarcerated member of the correctional system, by making use of video visitation technology, is afforded the opportunity, too, of watching his or her children grow up.


Persons, not in favor of the technology, have mentioned that Securus has some sort of influence, with regard to how the correctional facility makes use of the video visitation technology. The preceding information is not true. Securus has no control over how a correctional institution chooses to use the video visitation technology or its associative procedure, in the use of it. Additionally, a family member may still pay a visit to the jail, even if the video visitation technology, is still an option. However, when visiting remotely, the visitor may visit, more frequently, with the correctional institution member. He or she is not required to drive to the facility, in making use of the video visitation solution. Further, the video visitation solution, offered by Securus Technologies, is not only practical, it is a very safe and secure solution. The technology of video visitation continues to grow, yearly.

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The CEO of Securus, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, mentioned, that a person, possessing a negative view of video visitation, just does not understand the inconveniences, associated with confinement. Regardless, persons opting to visit their loved-ones, by way of video, are provided much, in the way of reducing costs—such as travel and parking. Also, checking into the correctional facility is yet another inconvenience.


Some persons, provide an inaccurate picture of video visitation technology, by representing it as some form of Chat or Skype. The preceding representation is simply inaccurate. When video visitation technology is used, there are associative functions and technologies which apply. The family member is required to register, and schedule a visit by means of an automated process. Additionally, video visitation, inside of the corrections marketplace, offers the user of it with technological features such as: scalability, security and stack.


Securus, as part of its series of commercials, is providing the consumer with the following statistics:


–There are 178 agencies, inside of the U.S., that offer a Securus video visitation solution;

–160,000 visits are connected on a monthly basis, and 2,000,000 visits, annually.

–110,000 visits are connected by means of a Mobile app;

–The average cost of a video visit is $2.72;

–The inmate’s family member is able to save approximately $100 per visit, making use of the technology, over and above a traditional visit or physical visit;

–232,000 downloads have occurred, pertinent to the video visitation solution.


As indicated above, using video visitation technology, the inmate’s family may communicate with him or her, during the Christmas Season. Too: a family member can share Thanksgiving with his incarcerated loved-one, remotely. The technology makes it possible for the inmate’s family to have more in the way of how he or she chooses to visit with the correctional institution resident. Securus, too, offers other technologies relative to the correctional facility industry.


Information About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies calls home: Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities, and 1,200,000 inmates, located throughout North America. The company provides the preceding agencies and persons with solutions, designed specifically for them. The technologies provided include incident management services, emergency response technologies, public information solutions, investigative technologies, biometric analysis, information management solutions, communications, inmate self-service solutions, and monitoring products.  Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®.


Additional information, may be attained, by visiting the Securus site located at: SecurusTechnologies.com.


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