Freedom Checks is a vialable investment opportunity

In any investment opportunity, there is always some risks. Is the money you put going to turn a profit? Is the company trustworthy? Freedom Checks is a company that is trustworthy and gives the average person, a chance to invest in the stock market. Freedom Checks is a Master Limited Partnership. In Master Limited Partnerships, stock owners buy stock which supplies capital to the company. The stock owner will get dividend payment which is paid monthly or quarterly. These companies do not pay corporate taxes, which is defined by Statue 26-F. To get this tax break, the companies make most of their money in certain industries such as energy and oil. The companies have to pay ninety percent of their earning to investors. This tax benefit means that investors do not have to pay taxes on their dividend earnings. Investors will have to pay taxes if they sell their shares. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


The creator of Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali. Badiali talked about this program has been used for many years by former presidents to build wealth. Also, he talked about how Freedom Checks could help make United States more self sufficient. There are 568 companies that are partnered with Freedom Checks. These companies work in industries such as energy, coal and other natural resources. Baidiali estimates that these companies generate around 34 billion dollars a year. Read this article at

Investors buy small stakes in these companies and receive some of their earnings. The investors can have peace of mind that these companies’ stock is projected to rise. This rise in stock price would make their stocks even more valuable. Badiali talked about their is historical that these companies could see a increase in profits at 6000 to 40,000 percent. recommends investing in five specific Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are San Juan Basin Royalty Trust, Sabine Royalty Trust, CatchMark Timber Trust, SunCoke Energy Partners and Pembina Pipeline. Badiali picks these companies because they are billion dollar companies who deal in natural resources, oil and energy. Master Limited Companies have returns that have much larger returns than most other stocks. Some investors have made a lot of money with Freedom Checks. There are many videos out there showing Freedom Check investors getting huge returns on their investments. Tony and Jessica Rush earned about $1,257,550. Vick Strizheus earned about $2,891,125. Freedom Checks seem to have a wide network of companies. Investors can feel assured that there money will be safe and will turn a profit.


The Academy Of Art

New York City is a busy time each fall when Fashion Week takes place. Designers, reporters and celebrities gather at a variety of runway shows to view some of the most creative and unique designs around that year. A well known event held in NYC each year, Fashion Week has become an iconic part of New York City culture. It takes many designers all year to come up with their Fashion Week designs and each year, the Academy of Art University sends some of its best students and graduates to present a show and their designs. This past September was the school’s twenty-first Fashion Week show and there were nine designs showcased. Five of them were women’s designs, two were men’s designs and two more were collaborative efforts. Ten students participated in these designs throughout the year, all of whom had either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from the Academy of Art University.

What’s so impressive about the Academy of Art University is not just the impressive staff of professors that are teaching classes but there is also something to be said for the demographic of students that currently are attending classes here. The campus is a melting pot of sorts, with all walks of life attending classes some of which from as far as China and others from the East Coast of the United States. It is important that the school gives off a good impression. During Fashion Week there are a number of very prominent people that attend the shows and at any given show you can see some of the top designers pop in and check out what type of clothing is being showcased. Students and graduates understand how important it is to show their stuff; their style and everything they have learned during their college experience. This one runway show could give them their big break in the fashion world and it definitely is something that looks impressive on a resume or portfolio of designs. The next year will be spent working on another show of designs.

GoBuyside: Meeting the Human Capital Needs Worldwide

A company can only be successful if it has the right employees. The present corporate world has become very competitive and the right employees are not good enough. Companies require top talent to compete effectively with others and even achieve their objectives. For this reason, GoBuyside is there for such companies. The organization is a recruiting firm with standards of the 21st century. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuyside uses techniques that are suitable for hedge funds, investment managers, equity firms and Fortune 500 companies in all sectors. This organization does not limit its services to certain geographies. It has expanded to several areas of the world. This is an advantage to corporations with branches and offices around the world.

By utilizing technology and top-notch approaches, GoBuyside delivers satisfactorily and beyond expectations. These exceptional techniques enable the team to seek and select top talent candidates. Afterwards, they are screened and moved forward to other phases of recruitment.

The company is able to meet clients’ needs because of having an excellent team. The firm has hired high skilled and qualified personnel. These individuals are capable of understanding the needs of clients and seeking the favorable candidates for them.

So far the company has more than four hundred clients. These clients rely on GoBuyside to cater for their human resources. The talent network covers more than ten thousand companies in over five hundred cities in the world. By bringing together clients and candidates, it creates a market where participants seek what they want.


GoBuyside is not just a company for companies looking for suitable employees. It is also a platform for candidates looking for the right employers. Each candidate creates a profile and is allowed to customize settings as he or she wishes. This profile enables the firm to link the candidate with the right potential employer.

Companies and candidates are grateful to GoBuyside for the role it plays. It has been difficult for exceptional candidates to get employers of their standards. Being in the firm’s network guarantees one will get an opportunity that will even challenge him or her to become better.

Companies are also impressed by the rate at which they get a turn around. Soon after requesting a search from GoBuyside, they revert back with the fitting candidates. GoBuyside is determined to maintain this good relationship it has with all clients and candidates. Each of them is an important stakeholder in this firm. The firm intends to extend and reach more people and companies with its services. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.

Improving American Lives is Dick Devos Mission

Some people live 120 years but leave no real legacy. Others improve the lives of many in numerous ways within a very short period of time. Dick Devos is in the second category.


Grand Rapids Michigan Airport


What is your carbon footprint? Some have started to gauge their impact and legacy upon Mother Earth using this measure. Others, like Dick Devos, can look at their local community to gauge their influence.


Grand Rapids Michigan Airport was deemed to be 1 of the 5 most expensive in the nation. This had made it difficult for low-cost airlines to expand their operations there. It also made it difficult for passengers to fly through the airport to other destinations.


The State of Michigan has a fairly centralized location between the East and Midwest. Unfortunately, most passengers were flying through Chicago, instead of Grand Rapids. Philanthropist Dick Devos thought that he could change that.


Personal Connections Pay Dividends


Dick Devos made a personal phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways to discuss expanding service to the local Grand Rapids Airport – Gerald R. Ford International Airport. When low cost carriers expanded their operations, consumers enjoyed lower fares. Naturally, this led to more passengers using the service.


Grand Rapids, Michigan needed to generate more business and traffic flow through its airport. The decline of the automakers had hit the area hard. With the addition of AirTran and Southwest, there was hope.


Some might compare the “Southwest Effect” to the railroad effect of the 1900s. When a railroad passed through a town, it raised the profile of the community. It opened up new doors.


Due to his personal connections, Southwest and AirTran listed to Dick Devos. Eventually, they expanded their operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick Devos had delivered real rewards to his hometown community.


Federal Aviation Administration


Now, Pilot Dick Devos is taking his active voice to the national scene. He has created a better airport experience for his hometown, what can he do for the entire country? What can be the national legacy of Dick Devos?


Dick Devos has many valuable business connections. People understand that he knows what he is talking about and get things done. He is able to “think outside of the box” to deliver what all parties need.


Improving American lives has been the mission of Dick Devos. He has accomplished a lot in the State of Michigan. Now, by being appointed to the Civilian Board of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), he can help the entire nation.


Connections, passion and understanding have helped Dick Devos live a successful life. He does not only think about himself, but is committed to the well-being of all. First, Grand Rapids and Michigan – now America awaits his valuable input and can-do attitude. Learn more:

How Don Ressler is taking the Fabletics company to the higher levels.

Most women still face the challenge of failure to choose between affordable and fashionable athletic wear. And this has also affected the dealers of the sportswear. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took their time to study the trends in all time active wear consumption in 2010 and successfully got the trend. They, therefore, co-founded Fabletics with the aim of coming up with an affordable, fashionable as well as functional activewear, having found out that these wears are quite confusing and by day.

The discovery of Fabletics by the two business people was a kind of a revolutionary vision on women’s wear. They did not focus on the current market trends but what the women needed. Don Ressler and Adam conducted the study on the needs of women through the organization of consumer groups and consumer tests since most of the challenges that women faced in the sportswear were mostly universal. The clothes that existed before were not correctly fitted, shabby and uncomfortable for them both regarding the quality of the materials and their design. However, the comfortable ones were costly and could not be affordable to most of the women.

Don Ressler and her colleague (and actress) Kate Hudson come up with ways of solving this problem once and for all. Branding of the sportswear has never been favorable to the women since many companies did not target women while designing their products. The actress became outspoken, appealing and friendly to the masses with the sportswoman wear from Fabletics. Through the product promotion that Kate Hudson was able to do in these clothes, she automatically joined the board as the third co-founder. She has since been very active with the brands both physically and online.

The company faced a lot of financial challenges at early stages forcing Don Ressler to get into the mix of the marketing. Although the manufacturers do not readily create the sportswear that was both functional and fashionable, Ressler and his team did not face the same challenge due to his earlier experience in fashion industry. They, therefore, focused on both quality and comfortability of their products.

Kate Hudson, through her conversational skills and charisma, managed to involve the whole team in online marketing. They also came up with a system of discount on their sales. Done Ressler become so happy since he was able to utilize the concept of quality and affordable sale of fashionable clothes for women as well as online shopping which proved to be highly efficient.

Today, the company serves women at the comfort of their working places without necessarily having to go to the shops. The company also announced that due to increased clients’ population, they intend to expand their business in 2017.

Find out more about Don Ressler:

How Chris Steven’s MB2 Seeks To Transform the Dental Business

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. Chris started this firm with the objective of championing for the best from both sides of the Dentistry divide; these are the dentists working as sole practitioners and those in the corporate industry. Considering that Chris has worked on both sides of the dentistry profession, he knew that it was vital to create a firm that would not compromise the integrity of his job. The knowledge and expertise Chris got while working on the different sides of provider business equation has been one of the vital reasons MB2 is currently flourishing. MB2 was founded with the recognition that dental professionals require highly specialized assistance that doesn’t come with any strings attached. As of now, MB2 has over 500 members of staff and also support dental practitioners from more than 70 locations spanning six states.

What makes MB2 stand out in the field of the dental practice is that the firm is owned by the dentists, for the dentists. Unlike other traditional dentist networks, MB2 is not driven by the need to increase profit margins. The primary objective of this company is to enable the provision of autonomy, personal growth, and support while having fun doing what these dentists love doing most. These are the values that have promoted and aided in the improvement of standards in the Dental Industry. Achieving all this have resulted to happier and content dental practitioners and at the same time facilitated the growth of the dental industry.

In a recent interview, Chris Steven stated that the main reason to establish MB2 was to provide dentists with the option of getting to enjoy the perks of working as a sole dental practitioner while at the same time letting these practitioners benefit from being part of a larger dentist organization. These in mind, MB2 had to be able to provide state of the art technology and a significant economy of scale for their business model to be viable and accurate to the company’s mission. This model has been championing to put the dentists first as this will result in better service provision to their clients. Having surrounded himself with positive and smart individuals, Chris was able to bring this idea to life. At a personal level, Chris shares the ideology that professionals are better together as compared to when everyone is looking out for his/her interests. Chris Steven can’t hide his fascination with the role technology is playing the Dental industry.

Mental Health Treatment And Neurocore: Finding A Better Tomorrow

Depression is something that affects many millions of people daily. There is alot of misconception surrounding the diagnosis of depression that hinders the treatment of many people. Here are a few facts that many people don’t know about depression:

People can develop depression without any outside factors involved. They can just be coming out of a stressful period of life, recovering from illness, or even if they have a history of depression in their families.

Signs and symptoms may not be obvious right away. Early signs can be: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, change in sleeping and eating patterns, and general irritability. Some people are very high functioning and may not show an outside struggle, but have daily, negative thoughts.

Daily depression can cause bad health: headaches, shortness of breath, stomach issues, and unrelieved tension.

Depression affects more people age 15 – 44 and is the second leading cause of suicide in the younger people affected.

Depression is highly treatable. For those that admit to their depression and seek treatment, they have a great chance of minimizing or even eliminating the depression from their lives.

Neurocore is a state of the art treatment option for those that want to try a different path to treating their depression. Neurocore treats depression and many other mental health issues using a form of biofeedback. The brain is not a thing set in stone, the misfiring of the brain is what can cause depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues. What biofeedback does is rewards the brain for making many positive choices, in other words the program re-trains the brain into stopping the misfiring, and causing positive neuro pathways.

Neurocore has facilities across Michigan and Florida. Getting started with their program is easy. People can call or fill out a brief survey online. Counselors will call the potential client and talk them through a simple assessment. The results of the assessment are made into a personalized care plan for the patient. To read more about Neurocore, please clickth the link here.

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Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Shares Racquetball Tips

     When a person is looking to get better at a particular sport, they do what they can to improve the way that they play. Those individuals who are looking to get better at racquetball look for advice from others. Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur who has advice to share with those people who are seeking to improve their racquetball game. This young man suggests that an individual who is looking to get better at racquetball creates a plan of some sort that they will use to improve their game. He believes that a person has to know what it is that they are going to be fixing – and how they will be doing that – to get better at the sport. Sawyer Howitt suggests that the one who wants to improve their racquetball game should get help from a coach and that they should focus on workouts that will enhance their game.

Sawyer Howitt is a young person who works hard to help others grow. He is someone who has helped many businesses improve. This man encourages companies and entrepreneurs and helps them to change the way that they are doing all that they do. He helps those who are looking to grow by giving them advice that will lead them to success.

Sawyer Howitt is a young person who has accomplished a lot in his short life. He has not been working for as long as some other individuals, and yet, he has done great things with his life. He is someone who has helped a variety of causes in the short time that he has been working. Sawyer Howitt has supported various philanthropic organizations. Sawyer Howitt is a fan of racquetball, he is a businessman, and he is someone who cares about the world around him and those living in it.

Impressionable facts about Dr. Chris Villanueva

Dr. Chris Villanueva is one of the major contributors to the revolutionization of the health sector due to the significant transformations he has brought to the field through his firm MB2 Dental. Dr. Villanueva has always had a determination towards supporting health practitioners and bringing them together as he believes it motivates them to perform better in their daily activities. Villanueva believes that all health professionals require specialized support and help to motivate them to carry out their activities with ease and also to enable them to share ideas for individual development. MB2 Dental has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people, and due to its unique services, the firm has successfully established its operations in over six states and close to seventy-five affiliated locations.
Dr. Chris has always believed in the invention and thinks that people ought to change their daily norms to more modernized ones to ensure that they change the old ways of doing things and adopt new ones that make day-to-day operations much easier. Through MB2 Dental, dentists have a lot of support from the other workers and freely share the everyday problems and experiences that they go through at work. Besides, the firm has profoundly enhanced the lives of most health practitioners as they can now encourage each other in times of trouble and give each other encouragement at their darkest hours.
The firm has also benefited patients as they can now acquire highly technologized services from their dentists that put into consideration their safety. Various dentists have also gained knowledge on the most modern equipment to use in their operations that are more efficient for the particular tasks.
Besides, the firm has seen a significant number of dentists make informed decisions concerning specific issues that may be another to them. Dr. Chris encourages dentists always to place a high value to their clients as they are the basis of their development. Chris insists that dentists should pay close attention to their client’s claims and find solutions to their grievances to ensure that they are fully satisfied with their services. With satisfaction, Villanueva believes that the patients are likely to gain trust for the health practitioner and always be determined to seek their services at any time. Dr. Villanueva also encourages people always to be prepared to learn from their failures as it helps them not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Neurocore Can Help People Struggling With Depression

Depression is a common illness in the United States, yet it continues to be poorly understood. There is also a stigma associated with seeking help for depression. It is estimated that almost 16 million Americans suffer from some kind of depression each year. Below are some facts about depression that you may have never known or thought about.

Researchers now believe that genetics and biology can play a role in the development of depression. Some people may be more prone to develop depression than others. If someone in your family suffered depression, you might be more likely to suffer from it as well.

There are several forms of depression. Seasonal affective disorder is when a person becomes depressed in the winter time because of short days and little sunlight. There is also postpartum depression, which can occur after a woman gives childbirth. A chronic form of depression is called persistent depressive disorder, which lasts for over 2 years. A person can be categorized as suffering from a major depressive disorder when they are sad or lose interest in activities for at least two weeks.

Depression not only impacts your mood, but also your physical health. It can weaken the immune system leading to sickness. Headaches, stomachaches, irritability, tension and shortness of breath are additional symptoms. Depression also causes significant loss of productivity at work. It has also been linked to an increase in workplace accidents and sickness among workers as well.

Neurocore is providing an alternative way to treat depression and other mental health issues such as anxiety, attention deceit disorder, insomnia and autism. There are eight Neurocore brain performance centers. Six of them are in Michigan and two are located in Florida.

One of the ways that Neurocore helps treat mental health issues and improve brain function is neurofeedback training. This involves monitoring the person’s brain activity while they are watching a movie or TV show. When a person’s brain activity is positive it is reinforced. When it is showing negative signs such as stress, the activity is stopped until the brain waves are once again more positive. Biofeedback training is also used at Neurocore to help relive stress, anxiety and improve attention.

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