A Closer Look At Eric Lefkfosky

Most people recognize Eric Lefkfosky as the current co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a technology company committed to battling Cancer. Tempus has raised millions of dollars to help them in their research. Recently, they were awarded 80 million dollars of funding by investors who believe in the Tempus mission. But that is not the beginning of the man Eric Lefkfosky. It all started when Mr.Lefkfosky had a dream about doing research on the deadly disease of Cancer. This was many years ago when he was quite younger.

At that time, Cancer didn’t have as many doctors, scientists and researchers fighting to help keep patients alive. Cancer had many in the throes of death because there were no answers to help. And the fear itself was quite debilitating. But that didn’t stop Eric Lefkfosky. He started up companies and challenged the deadly disease with teams of specialists in every area he could afford. They ran various test along with case studies and compiled data for months and years. He began receiving help in the form of funding that allowed him to get the very best data results from the various tests administered.

Eric Lefkfosky’s dream turned into a vision that he could work from all angles. He continued to work hard and never took for granted financial funding of his investors. All who have worked around him have the same testimony that he is a kindhearted person who is passionate about his goals. Cancer had never stopped raging with new strands cropping up. And neither has Eric Lefkfosky stopped in his pursuit of continuing research and data results to combat that deadly disease. On a personal level, he and his family have given to countless charities to help support causes and groups that have touched their heart. They know how important financial help along the way can be. Many applaud Mr.Eric Lefkfosky for his giant contributions to the research of Cancer. He is a humble and generous man who is focused on his goals.

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Dr. Mark McKenna business ventures.

Renowned businessman gives us an insight into the inspiration behind his ideas and some of the things he has experienced in his business journey. His jour as an entrepreneur began back in Tulane University when he was studying medicine, it during this time that he discovered he could not make as much as he wanted if he just stuck with medicine. Mark thus decided to venture into other business.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s first venture was in real estate. Mark established a company that would design and construct houses this went on well for a while until the hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. This natural occurrence destroyed a large part of his business as well as his interest in the company.

However, despite the discouragement, Mark still came back to rebuild the area and help residents settle back. In 2007b he moved to Atlanta to venture into an entirely different field from real estate, he decided to establish a company that would help people achieve well -being and good health by providing the best solution in advice as well as services. This led to the birth of ShapeMed. ShapeMed aimed at ensuring Atlanta citizens had access to good healthcare solutions. His company had experts who advised their client’s on nutrition matters and the best way to achieve your desired body. They offered Botox injection just to mention a few.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been to be one of the doctors who are passionate about how people look, and this led to yet another venture the OVME company, OVME just like ShapeMed also aims at reinventing healthcare, they are a licensed aesthetics company. Mark McKenna discovered that Botox was widely recognized, but people lack a place to access the services and this also led to the establishment of OVME.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna and his team are working on an application that will help them reach to their clients better. This app will also help to provide virtual talks, this way more people will be able to access his services.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that for one to succeed in business It is essential to associate yourself with smart people, people who will help to build you to be a better person.


CTCA Getting the Word Out on Cancer Information via WebMD

Almost everyone has heard of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This healthcare provider serves adult cancer patients and provides supplemental support for their families. This organization is committed to delivering the latest breakthrough cancer treatments, medications and connecting care care support services to every patient. CTCA feels that cancer education is a critical component of cancer care. A little knowledge can spur individuals that notice similar symptoms from CTCA’s website to seek qualified cancer care. This educational push is being furthered by this healthcare institutions recent partnership with a credible heath related online website called WebMD. Many recognize this online aid that gives timely, fact based and detailed informative medical educational posts.

Internet use is up from a few years ago. As computer technology evolves, the Internet users follow along. This is particularly true for younger generation groups well versed on computer terms and skills. This is a big part of why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is utilizing other Internet avenues to spread their message and educational efforts to Internet users. The Internet makes it easier to keep in contact even from far distances. WebMD has a dedicated following that includes, stay-at-home moms, working parents, healthcare providers, students and others wanting to find expert opinions on various health concerns or topics.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has remained a leading cancer education factual source. This revered healthcare institution maintains their helpful, user-friendly and easy-to-read webpages. This merging of two Internet healthcare educators is getting cancer care subjects out to a larger public forum. CTCA wants everyone to have access to credible cancer statistics, facts, research details, clinical trial information and many other current cancer related informative news. Cancer care involves many disciplines and supportive cancer care specialists to keep cancer care up to the high standards set by CTCA.

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