Arthur Becker And His Development Career

In an article on The Real Deal, Arthur Becker has had a long and distinguished career as an investor, and he has helped make his riches in the tech industry. He has turned to real estate development in recent years, and he has been working on large projects that he is helping build himself. He is helping develop a new set of condos that will be fashioned from an old warehouse, and he has worked on a development where he lives. This article from Huffingtonpost shows how Arthur has had a fine career in many areas of investing.

#1: Investing In New York Real Estate

Arthur has begun investing in real estate that he could build a place for himself to live. He started by purchasing three condos in Soho that he planned to sell and live in. He kept one for himself while selling the other two, and he made a tidy profit that he could invest in another building he plans to work from the ground up.

#2: Eight Condos In One

There is a large new project that Arthur is working on himself, and he plans to have a sell that is well over $50 million. He is creating the eight-condo complex from a large warehouse, and he hopes to appeal to young New Yorkers who are coming to the city for the first time. He knows that people who are new to the city or working there for the first time must have better places to live, and he wishes to grow modern buildings that will help everyone with a better place to live.

#3: The Homes Are Appointed Well

Arthur knows the tech industry quite well, and he believes that all homes should be appointed well for their owners. There are many people who are unsure of where to live in he city because they have so many choices, and they may live where Arthur has built simply because these locations are guaranteed to be modern.

Everyone who is investing in New York may follow the career of Arthur Becker. He knows how to make a better building for everyone to live in comfortably.

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