Wellness for all with IDLife

IDLife (Individually Designed Life) is a movement that is changing the way people think about their health and wellness. The company understands that it is not about a pill, or a potion, or a gimmick. It is about providing people with products that actually work using only the highest quality ingredients. Most importantly it is fun, easy, and convenient. The taste also has to be good. If it does not taste good, no one is going to look forward to staying on track with the program. These are all aspects that set IDLife a part from other health programs.

The IDLife experience is a nutritional support program that uses three simple steps that anyone can fit into their daily routine. Whether they are looking to lose weight, have more energy, or just look and feel better. It is a customized program designed uniquely for you. IDLife pushes the idea that your health is not a cost, it is an investment. If your health is not invested in, then it will cost you.

IDLife equips you with the things needed to have a better life, to get to the next level, and to change direction to a healthier direction. Many want a better quality of life, and testimonials from users who have been on the program gravitate to the easy going aura of the products, as well as the creators of the products.

The movement overall recognizes that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to nutritional needs. Everyone is unique, so that means their nutritional needs are unique. With that knowledge, the company uses the greatest products that help with energy, sleep, protein intake, and so much more. The priority is to help the body from the inside out, because health is critical. When you feel great, life typically works better.

Some users believed to have good nutrition before using the product, until they compared how they felt after using the product. Since IDLife is customized to you it is going to work. If the products are not customized to what you need, the results may not be as effective. IDNutrition, IDLife’s foundation product, takes the guess work out of what you need. It makes sure you not only get what you need, but it is also blocking things that you should not be taking. Overall it takes into effect your eating, drinking, work-out routine, and stress levels to design a quick and easy system dedicated to you.

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Tony Petrello makes a contribution of $5 million to neurological disorder research center

In one of the biggest contributions of philanthropy by a single person in the history of Texas, Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries contributed $5 million to support a medical initiative in Texas. Tony Petrello gave the money to Neurological Research Centre. This research Centre researches neurological disorders in children. This donation is supposed to help the facility create a top-notch medical research that will come up with a solution to help many children who are going through a tough time coping with the challenges created by neurological disorders. Through his donation, the Research Centre is to hire top doctors and surgeons to come up with a treatment solution that indeed works.

The reason why Tony Petrello supports this initiative is to help the society come with a solution that works for a problem that he has faced right at his own house. His daughter was born with a neurological problem which has hindered her growth as a normal child. She has problems learning movements such as chewing, talking and walking. It has taken years of training for her to finally learn how to chew food. New training is focused on having her walk and talk. To Tony Petrello, this challenge has changed the way he used to view life. Today he is more inclined to help people who are in problems. He has learned that sometimes one might have the will to accomplish a task but there are limits to what they can afford. Tony Petrello has been searching for a medical solution for her daughter but has not been successful in any of his attempts.

The problem he is facing is far beyond his capabilities to solve. However, after going around the world looking for a medical facility that could help him, he realized that there was none that could fulfill, his expectations. It was clear to him that what lacked was research in the field of brain research in children.

Tony Petrello together with his wife, Cynthia saw the gap that existed as an opportunity for them to jump in and fill. Since they were largely successful in life, they decided to use their resources and influence to fund the operations of Texas Children’s Hospital which would, in turn, conduct research in this field. Tony Petrello hopes to help thousands of children born prematurely avoid developing neurological disorders and if they do, then there would be a cure for the condition.

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