Robert Deignan – Entrepreneur and Business Man Making an Impact

Robert Deignan is a dynamic individual who is in step with the times of his life. He helped co-found Advanced Tech Support Digital Services. He is currently the company’s CEO. His company provides digital tech solutions for data storage needs, digital solutions, and mobile apps etc. Robert Deignan has an impressive background and education. He attended and received his degree from Purdue University in Business Management.

ATS was one of the nation’s first call centers to provide support for consumer applications. It is an impressive feat because the company had to acquire certification for 39 compliance parameters. The requirements are stringent to protect consumers. Robert Deignan is both an entrepreneur and business owner who is active outside of the business realm. He is quite active in sports, and has participated in the 79th sailfish derby. He competed as an angular and his team took the prize in a last-minute win. He likes to remind people that all work and no play makes people dull and uninteresting.

As such, he fits the mold of a person who knows how to balance work and life. Robert Deignan happens to be a jack of all trades in both his personal and professional life. His life is one of both competition and innovation. ATS operates on a simple, professional, platform. Based in Boca, Raton Florida, it believes that customer service is king. The company helps ensure that a person’s computer is safe, stable, and smooth running.

People visit the company’s website, and can call the company’s customer service number if they are having computer problems. Consumers consult with a company professional who is a knowledgeable technician. The company remotely accesses a customer’s computer to troubleshoot the problem. Then, the technician implements measures that protect the computer from future harm. The ATS business idea is simple, but it took a dynamic individual to pull it off and make it work. Making it work is the difficult part. Every day, Robert Deignan rises to the occasion.

How to Curb Data Breach by Former Employees of a Company

Businesses all over the world strive to achieve success. The best way to do so is by having the best and most talented employees. To have the best and talented employees starts with recruitment and providing them with the best working conditions and technologies. Behind such successes of such companies lurking behind that is the question about what happens when employees decide to leave the company?

In most cases, the company will find a capable replacement for the soon to be ex-employee. They will tie loose ends in any of the projects the employee was part of and will through him/her a farewell party. However, at times an employee may leave on bad terms with the company. Such a departure may not be good for the company as the employee might try to revenge against the company sometime in the future if they still have access to some of the operations of the company such as finances, login passwords and so on. In such situations, therefore, it is the role of the company to ensure that they have secured their systems against such kind of misfortunes.

We have all seen the former damage employees have done to their former companies when they leave in bad blood with the company. For instance, there was a huge data breach in OFCOM by a former employee who shared a six years’ data of the company’s activities to his new employer, who damagingly happened to be a broadcaster. Amazingly, the broadcaster decided to inform OFCOM about the breach and don’t use the information to exploit OFCOM.

In a research done by OneLogin, it was discovered that despite the threat posed by former employees, about 58% of them still have access to their former company’s corporate network even after leaving the company. It was also found that 24% of businesses experience data breaches from as a result of the actions of their ex-employees. Data breaches are very catastrophic to the reputation of the company and can be used by business competitors to know your business strategies.

Another example of a company which experienced the damage a former employee can do was the Marriott Hotels in 2016. Marriott Hotels had fired one employee in August 2016 and was ordered not to access the internal systems of the company. However, the employee was able to access the hotel’s reservation systems from their home. The employee decided to slice the company’s room booking rates from $159-$400 to merely $12-$59 costing Marriott Hotels $50,000.

A word from a former employee is not just enough; a company can use automated processes to deprovision the employee any access to the company’s corporate accounts minutes after termination of the employee’s contract. However, OneLogin’s research found out that only 50% of UK businesses have installed automated provisioning technologies. This shows how vulnerable companies are to any activities of any disgruntled former employees who have an ill motive.