White Shark Media Assists Businesses Improve Productivity

White Shark Media, a Search Engine Optimization Company, has its offices in Florida, Miami. It is headed by Gary Garth who serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The company has over 140 full-time employees working in different areas. It is highly rated as a result, of its powerful business strategies. Its primary objective is to assist other businesses in achieving their optimal business potential.

Currently, White shark Media enjoys a client base of about 600 companies. It has been able to retain most of these companies by demonstrating its client retention capability, which now stands at about 10%. This percentage is well within the accepted industry standards.

White Shark Media acts on behalf of its clients by providing services such as:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Pay per click management
  • Web analytical tools

The company compares favorably with other companies in the industry when it comes to the provision of these services. Among its unique services include offering free AdWords evaluation. Additionally, it also provides low monthly costs to new websites by supplying AdWords and local website services. The company is also actively involved in e-commerce AdWord management and offers services like Google analytics and Google shopping campaigns.

Furthermore, the company is also involved in the management of Bing Ads where it has carved out a 29% share in the US market. It also manages Display Adwords to target users to appropriate websites. The company has helped many businesses to do effective marketing campaigns to improve their productivity. It has formed partnerships with highly reputable and successful companies, which has increased its ratings. White Shark Media assists businesses to increase their visibility and value to their customers. It also helps them to increase their conversion rates as well as improve their Returns on Investments (ROI).

Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Is Promoting E-commerce

There are only a small number of industries that can be considered to be as competitive as e-commerce in the market right now. Not only do online retailers compete with fellow retailers as well as brick and mortar, but also they have to compete generally with the internet. We are going into a situation where the period of attention of customers is growing shorter and shorter. Consumers would not tolerate a website that takes minutes to load; that patience is no longer there. Technology has now been integrated into all aspects of a business. Artificial Intelligence continues to demonstrate value in industries such as finance, healthcare and marketing, and its splash continues to dominate online commerce.


Artificial Intelligence contributes to the growth of e-commerce in a number of ways. Visual search is one of the means in which AL is impacting positively on e-commerce. Impulse control is now not a challenge to customers. There are already software platforms that operate in e-commerce, which enable the customers to upload an image of a product they want and obtain a similar item. This means that consumers do not undergo lots of hustle to obtain precisely what they want. After establishing the product they want, clients just need to take a picture and upload it for a match.


Artificial Intelligence has also promoted personalization in the e-commerce sector. Keeping track of the tastes and preferences of consumers has become very important as far as making future recommendations is concerned. Collaborative filtering has become a very critical tool as far as e-commerce platforms are concerned. Even though collaborative filtering is only limited to a single channel, the employment of AL has made it possible to expand filtering across numerous channels. This means the recommendations would become broad in nature, which translates to more sales.


Virtual personal shopper has been made possible with the incorporation of artificial intelligence. The traditional notion by retailers that customers either have time to shop or love the act of shopping is now outdated. Having personal shopper has been made possible, and this has been hugely appreciated by consumers. Brands are now striving to create a shopping experience that is as interactive as possible. They make recommendations to their clients based on the information that they acquire from artificial intelligence. Intelligence shopping helpers are fast in analyzing data regarding recommendations and provide customers with a personalized list of their preferences. Virtual personal shopper provides an easy and faster shopping experience to customers.

Incredible Reviews Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the finest website design and content creation companies in the world, and they have a blog where their customers offer reviews. This article explains how reviews are given to the company, and there is a look at what they do to ensure that each customer is given the best experience possible. Someone who contacts White Shark Media for help will have a number of options to improve their website and online marketing campaign.

#1: The Blog

The blog is a place where people may come to share their reviews, and it is a fun place to interact with the company. White Shark Media enjoys giving their customers feedback, and they will provide the company with input that helps them grow. Growing White Shark Media has been a collaborative process, and it has seen many customers giving suggestions that made the firm better. It is important to remember that the blog is open at all time, and it is one of the easiest ways of contacting the firm.

#2: Customer Interaction

Customers may contact the company at any time, and they may schedule time to speak with their designers. The company is willing to give customers the time they need to feel comfortable, and someone who plans to speak with the company will receive regular updates on the progress of their projects. There are many projects that may be completed by White Shark Media, and they will ensure their customers know what is happening at every step.

#3: Design Adjustments

There are many aspects of a design that will be changed at any time, and the company may adjust designs given what the customer needs. Customers must feel free to ask for changes when they feel they are required, and White Shark is open to these changes. Someone who is searching for the perfect designs may go back and forth with their designer at any time.

#4: The Blog Comments

The blog comments are the best place to come for testimonials on the site, and the company allows customers to add their comments at all hours. Someone who is researching the company will find all they need to know in this place.

White Shark Media is one of the best SEO and content creation companies in the world, and their blog is open to customer comments. There are many customers who will have a better experience with this company.