Who is George Soros and What is he doing to Create a Better Society?

It is common for extremely wealthy people to want to use some of their fortune to create a better society. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg has already pledged 99 percent of his share at Facebook to be given out to different charitable causes in the future; Bill and Melinda gates have their foundation, and many others. George Soros, the sixth Wealthiest man on the planet has pledged more than $18 Billion to the Soros Foundation. This will make his foundation the second largest in the country and in the world.

George was born in Hungary. At 87 years, he has seen a lot of what many read in history books. He lived in the country during a time when it was occupied by Germans. He has had to run for his life during the Holocaust. He has worked as a porter and a bus boy to pay for his college tuition. Instead of letting his circumstances break him, he chose to rise above them. He started his first hedge fund and was able to make millions of dollars in profits within a very short period of time. The event that defined his future by catapulting him to billionaire status was the 1993 Black Wednesday sale in the UK stock market. He made a billion dollars in profit on a single day. Shortly after, he moved to New York.

George is a liberal thinker. He has always been against ideas such as communism that are prevalent in Eastern Europe. He played an instrumental role in the fall of the communist empire that led to the establishment of different and sovereign states in the region.

Back home in Hungary, there is a university that is named after him. He funds the learning of the institution ensures that progressive agendas are part of the learning curriculum. He has also influenced a number of progressive discussions locally. For instance, in 2014, an African American was killed in cold blood by a white officer. The police force in Ferguson, Missouri tried to mask the crime as a self-defense move. However, protestors started a movement on social media and soon, the protests were taken to the streets. Soros funded the transport to the venue and by the end of the three weeks; the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement had been born.

These are the types of ideals and agendas that Soros funds and advocates for. He has always supported the Democratic Party because it respects the rights of all people despite their race, religion or sexual orientation and other differences. There are people who think that he involves himself too much with the politics of the day, but Soros feels that this is the most effective way to create change in the society. George Soros hopes that in the future, all the causes that he is supporting will achieve their goal. He foresees a world where all people are treated equal by law. He believes that peaceful methods can be used to raise alarm when something is wrong. George is a true legend. and more information click here

George Soros Terse Warning about Trump and what he Portends

Billionaire businessman George Soros has confounded critics and supporters of President Donald Trump by claiming that he is a con artist, imposter and would-be-dictator. According to a report published in the Business Insider on January 17, Soros 86 alluded that Trump will fail terribly in his new position as Commander in Chief. This is mostly because he is against the tenets of the open society, an attribute that is common among dictators. Soros is however optimistic that strong US institutions would deter such a scenario from happening.

Soros also castigated supporters close to Trump for wrongly advising and contradicting his statements. Because of this, it has become very difficult to predict how the President Trump will act on issues, since most of his decisions appear not very well thought-out. George Soros also urged the business community to be careful when dealing with Trump, adding that he will personally stay far away from him. When asked about the President’s policy on international trade on Forbes and China in particle, Soros affirmed that Trump will unintentionally make China acceptable to the global community than the Chinese themselves.

The renowned hedge fund manager and Holocaust survivor echoed these sentiments at the annual World Economic Forum that held every year in Davos, Switzerland. This is not the first time Trump had come under heavy criticism from George Soros. It is also unlikely that this will be his last. George Soros is an avowed Democratic Party supporter; he supported Hillary Clinton in the just concluded US presidential election. He is said to have lost about 1 billion after the unexpected Trump Victory, even though his fund still made a 5% gain in 2016.

About George Soros
George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, and is best known for his philanthropic efforts and support for the Democratic Party and liberal causes. During the just concluded US Presidential Election 2016, George Soros said he will commit funds to support the victims of rising hate crimes and growing insidious rhetoric from President Elect Donald Trump. According to an excerpt published in the New York Times, on November 22, 2016, Soros has already committed an initial sum of $10 million, which will be channeled through the Open Societies Foundation.

The Hungarian born hedge fund billionaire said George Soros was particularly troubled by attacks on immigrants and minorities since the Election Day. The NYT added that donations to groups opposed to Donald Trump’s policies such as Planned Parenthood and American Civil Liberties Union have increased phenomenally following his election as President. Elsewhere, an excerpt appearing in the Open Society Foundations website indicates that Soros has so far offered $12 billion in lifetime donations through the Open Society Foundations. Soros began his philanthropic efforts back in 1979.