Ryan Seacrest: A Man Who is Using His Fame to Help Children

Ryan Seacrest is a magnet for views. The man has a persona that seems to float around him and follow him wherever he goes. He has a certain ability to maintain himself and conduct himself that seems in control as it does charming. His voice lights up the radio stations at night through his nationally syndicated radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest. His demeanor and cheeky jokes capture the hearts of millions on his host work with American Idol (before he hosted Idol, Seacrest actually hosted 3 children’s programs and an ESPN outdoor gameshow). Ryan Seacrest knows his way around media. He seems to dominate media in its modernity.

Of course, this is well and good. His work with production is impressive, of course. He is responsible for Keeping up with the Kardashians and the subsequent spinoffs. He is responsible for Jamie Olivers Food Revolutions. He has his on-Macy’s fashion line and his own skincare line to boot. He seems to be everywhere at once. You turn off American Idol and leave your house, only to be greeted by him the second you turn on the radio. This is all perfectly fine, but it wouldn’t mean much in the end. After all, media fades and new media comes. What is impressive is that Ryan is leveraging his media personality to make a difference in the lives of children. That, now that’s impressive.

Ryan builds Seacrest Studios in children’s hospitals across America. These Seacrest Studios are hubs that operate in the hospital and allow children to experience media first-hand. Children can produce their own TV shows, radio shows, and bond with celebrities simultaneously. These hubs can act as important places for children for both gaining insight into the industry, but more importantly as entertainment and a way to brighten their moods. Children have a chance to meet and watch celebrities live. All of this is broadcast on closed-circuit channels throughout the hospital. This gives children a chance to watch the live events and shows without having to leave their rooms. Ryan’s work with media is impressive, but his work with children is what makes him shine. More details about Ryan can be read on facebook.

Ryan Seacrest Is A Famous Television Personality with a Heart of Gold

Ryan Seacrest has become a household name over the last couple of decades as a television personality and host. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974 and moved to the L.A. area in the 90s to begin a career in radio. Ryan is known for his contributions to several highly successful television programs including American Idol and E! television. Ryan Seacrest’s worked hosting American idol sets him out as a legend and trailblazer in the realm of reality TV star making that has exploded since Idol’s 2002 debut on network television. Ryan Seacrest has also hosted shows such as American Top 40, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ and Knock Knock Live. In 2017 Ryan joined Kelly Ripa on ABC’s highly successful and long-running morning show that was renamed Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan’s outstanding work in television has seen him nominated for numerous Emmy’s including nominations for his work on Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan’s goal of winning an Emmy was realized in 2010 for his work as the producer of the Jamie Oliver show Food Revolution. 2008 saw Ryan start his own production operation with Ryan Seacrest Productions. Ryan is also the producer of the wildly popular tv series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While Ryan Seacrest is most well-known for his work in the world of television hosting and production, he deserves to be as well known for his charitable work. Ryan is passionate about giving back to the community and the world and to help facilitate his philanthropic efforts he launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010. The nonprofit focuses on improving the hospital experience for children and their families using media centers that are located within children’s hospitals. Ryan Seacrest has a firm belief that children’s healing process can be improved by the positive thoughts that are inspired by the media interaction they can participate in within the centers. These centers are in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cincinnati, Colorado and Boston. Singing star Selena Gomez is an official ambassador of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

He’s on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Stream Energy Helps More People See Lower Rates

Stream Energy is an energy provider that helps people get lower rates on the electricity they already have. The company works with other people and knows there are things they can do to help them through the issues they have. The company also knows things will continue getting better since they help so many people with the issues they have with electricity rates. They spend a lot of time learning how to get the best rates and they do their best to show people things will keep getting better no matter what issues they normally run into with providers. Between the hard work the company puts into the business and the things they do for their customers, they know what they can keep doing to give back to everyone who does the best job possible. They make a lot of choices that help them see how things will always get better no matter what.

For Stream Energy, the point of helping people is part of their business. Since Stream Energy started their business based on giving back and helping others, they knew things would keep getting better. They also knew everything would continue helping other people because of the hard work they put into the business. It made sense for them to do the best job possible and the best things that would help them on their own. Stream Energy knew what they wanted to do and they always stuck to their goals no matter what they were trying to make happen.

Since Stream continues helping people and continues giving back in different situations, they’ve felt good about everything they do. They now run the Stream Cares foundation and that helps them see things will keep getting better for their business. It also gives them a chance to provide people with positive experiences. They use the foundation to keep giving back and show others the right way to get the best energy experiences. It helps them branch out and also gives them a chance to provide community outreach they wouldn’t normally offer to other people who need their help in different situations.


The Role Played by Larkin and Lacey in the Human Rights World

Lacey and Larkin have been exemplary on the matters of the human rights across the United States. The two decided to venture into the scene fully after resigning from their journalism career. The issue that made Larkin and Lacey took the direction was the states refugees had been subjected in the Arizona and most parts of the United States.

The two promoted the civil and human rights through the formation of the organization by the name Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization was formed through the money of compensation after Larkin and Lacey won the cases against the Maricopa County for arresting them against the steps of the law. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://james-larkin.com/press/

The primary effort of the body was to put the activities of the small organization fighting for the human rights to the peak point in the society.

The agendas of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to bore fruits after creating unity among many human rights bodies in fighting against discrimination of the immigrants in the community.

Larkin and Lacey through their bold step of making publication and disclosing the failure of the administration of the Sheriff faced the arrest. The information was contained in their article which had become famous, Phoenix New Times.

The matter that took the governance of the Sheriff by surprise was the disclosure of the proceeds of the grand jury by Larkin and Lacey. They then took an initiative to arrest the people who were in charge of the incident, Larkin, and Lacey.

Since Larkin and Lacey had gained an excellent personality in the society, most of the people took to the street demanding them two journalists to be released. The act shoved the judges to put aside their case and free them. They then clap back to the County by suing for arresting them unlawfully.

They were paid $3.75 million for the ordeal they faced. The money took their mission to a better level in combating the violation of the human rights.

Larkin and Lacey funded the small unions through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The commitment of the two in the circle of the human rights made many concerned authorities to venture in with their support. The other programs that Larkin and lacy came with were organizing the seminars for training the leaders of the small organizations on how to steer their unions to achieve the missions.

Larkin and Lacey had been against the administration of the Arpaio for a long time. After the recent pardoning of the president Trump to take over the administrative post of the county, Larkin and Lacey came forward to criticize the move. They term the leadership of the Arpaio as failed one and the one that does not put ahead of the needs of the people in the community.

There have been many recorded incidents of Arpaio discriminating the Latinos. Additionally, the conditions of the prisons in the county were not fit for the human occupation and this made most of them to commit suicide while in the jail. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Larkin and Lacey have made the refugees access the human rights through their dedication and time they invested in the field.

George Soros: Donates To Charities Globally George Soros And His Philanthropy

George Soros is a famously known philanthropist all over the world. He is a Jewish born American tycoon and the owner and the founder of Open Society Foundation. The philanthropic foundation he started began three decades ago and operates in more than 100 countries. George Soros is a champion of Jewish, anti- Semitism, progressivism, globalism and capitalism. He has a strong philosophy of promoting social justice, human rights campaigns and pro-democracy.

George Soros is the general chair of OSF board that monitors the national committees possible for making charitable funds decisions. Soros applies a sprawling and decentralized model to manage many OSF offices located in different parts of the world. His efforts have made a consistent difference in the way that philanthropy is executed. It also helps address so many different opportunities for growth within existing industries and infrastructure.

All choices relating to donating funds and to promoting social justice and human rights campaigns have been made in favor of community service by OSSF. For the last few years, George Soros has donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to support his philanthropy work across the world. There are a lot of The OSF is the second largest philanthropy organization second to only the Bill Gate foundation. George has been on the forefront in helping pro-democracy governance in the world. He has also been involved in funding some of the most expensive campaigns in the United States of America. The work of OSF crosses multiple international borders and changes the way that charities take place. He was part of the front who supported the Democratic Party campaigns in 2000 American elections. It was reported by several media outlets that the philanthropist had spent approximately $27 million.

The OFS played a significant role in pioneering the establishment of the Central European University that promoted open academic inquiry in 1991. The OSF also sponsored students who were traveling abroad from Hungary. There are a lot of benefits to the missions and efforts of OFS. In the year 1984, his foundation formed an organization in Hungary that supported the shoot of liberalism growing under Communist dictatorship government. This helped change the course of history and has paved the way for future changes to a great degree.

He provided copying machines those anti-communist supporters to print samizdat literature. The initiatives of George Soros have played a huge role in the way that economies are developed and have formed consistent results throughout history. Ultimately it is evident that George Soros initiatives are valuable in helping people around the world. In Romania, the Soros foundation funded civic groups that advocated for the rights of vulnerable and minority groups. In the recent years, the famous world philanthropist has been supporting liberal immigration policy in Europe brought by refugee crisis. Indeed, George Soros, philanthropic funding foundation has in fact transformed the world politics into Pro-democracy. George’s foundational motivation is to promote philanthropy throughout the world. This is seen at multiple levels.

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What Billionaire George Soros Says We Can Learn From Quantum Mechanics, Francis Bacon, and Our Own Mistakes

George Soros is as active and involved on the world stage as ever. In a recent article by Politico, the fact was highlighted that this octogenarian is still trading in the world market, investing in political movements, and giving voice to his ideas.

The ideas that Soros shares are deep. The political action he takes is well thought out. His ideas and his financial life are strongly correlated. Read more on nytimes.com

George Soros believes that human beings can not attain a state of perfect knowledge. He believes that one of the limitations of being human comes from the uncertainty principal discovered by Heisenberg, a world renown physicist who studied quantum mechanics. Heisenberg found that when man observed an experiment, the experiment was changed due to the observer. This led Soros to develop a world outlook that includes a concept he calls “refelxivity”. This means that at all times, humans deal with a state of being that involves a two way feedback mechanism. Humans are forever altering the reality that they observe. Because of reflexivity, billionaire George Soros believes that humans can never know Ultimate Truth.

This view has guided George Soros to support the concept of open society, in which all viewpoints are accepted. He finds any leader who claims to know truth to be faulty in principle. Soros supports politicians whose leadership will help to create an open society. His philanthropic efforts go towards groups that actively support open society ideals. Last year he gave $5 million dollars to Immigrant Voters Win, and another $ 5 million to Voting Rights Trust. Both groups help to create fair situations for all to vote. They encourage immigrants to vote, and move to lift restrictions and limitations that the conservative party might try to instill. Soros believes that everyone should have an equal right to vote.

Soros’ passion regarding equality and freedom of expression might come from his childhood. He writes that when he questioned his own values, he found, “Having lived through both Nazi persecution and Communist oppression, I came to the conclusion that what was paramount for me was an open society”. In his writing, he describes an open society as one which is open to new ideas, humble, and in which it is understood that no human being knows the ultimate truth. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

For Soros, politics, the economy, and philosophy blend seamlessly into one. In an essay written for The Atlantic, Soros sites a quote by Francis Bacon as a nugget of wisdom: “Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.” Soros implies that we can learn from Francis Bacon. Money should not be stagnantly hoarded in the hands of the few. It is best spread around equally, in a way that helps the good of all rather than the good of only a small percent.

The Determination of Betsy DeVos

In today’s era, more and more women continue to enjoy the luxuries that once remained exclusive to men. Both historically and systematically, women have remained disenfranchised from numerous processes of society. Moreover, these women have remained marginalized. During this time, men considered women as a form of property. Also, women played traditional roles such as caretakers and subservient housewives during this time. Fortunately, times have changed. To expound further, women continue to fight for their equal rights. Moreover, they continue to get closer to their goals every year. In particular, women such as Hillary Clinton have defied the stereotypical roles of women and won the popular vote during her presidential campaign. In parallel, other women have also opened doors for their gender. With that being said, Betsy DeVos remains one of these women.

For those unaware, Betsy DeVos remains a sophisticated and educated business professional. Today, her worth remains valued in the billions. Also, Betsy DeVos remains the daughter of a billionaire. As a woman of Dutch ancestry, Betsy DeVos grew up in a privileged and nurturing household. Aside from being raised by two great parents, Betsy DeVos also remained a devout Christian. Due to her religious beliefs, Betsy stayed out of trouble and she remained able to practice Christianity. As a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, Betsy DeVos tirelessly serves her community. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos used the values that she learned in church and applied them to the real world. Also, DeVos hails from an educational background.To expound further, she attended Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During her tenure at Calvin College, Betsy earned a bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, Betsy remained an outspoken student. To expound further, she remained actively involved in politics pertaining to her campus. According to Forbes, the DeVos family remains one of America’s wealthiest families in America. To remain exact, their net worth hovers around $5.4 billion dollars. Since the 1980s, DeVos has remained a loyal Republican. In fact, she became a delegate at the Michigan Republican Party. Moreover, she remains popular withing her party. For sixteen consecutive two-year terms, DeVos remained elected within her party.Due to her favorability in the Republican Party, DeVos currently holds the position as the United States Secretary of Education. Moreover, Betsy DeVos has held numerous high-profile positions such as being a chairwoman. Aside from her business successes, Betsy has remained a prolific philanthropist. Since the 1980’s, DeVos and her family have donated over $139 million to charitable causes. As a result, her family ranks among America’s top philanthropist. In particular, Betsy remains an advocate for education. Due to her views and regarding education, DeVos has garnered the support of her political party.

Avi Weisfogel: Advancements in Sleep Apnea

Physicians are learning more and more about sleep apnea. Recent studies indicate there is a connection between sleep apnea and such serious medical conditions as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, is said to have a rather “extensive background” in sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and their treatment.

Approximately 90 percent of those who have sleep apnea are not yet even diagnosed. Dental Sleep Masters has come up with a new model for doctors. It reveals the big picture of the disorder and therefore has better results.

The new tool, THN Sleep Therapy, was built by ImThera Medical. It was greenlighted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2014 for experimental use in clinical trials. The new device is a tiny implantable device that does not require the additional use of uncomfortable masks or disruptive equipment.

Essentially, It stimulates the muscles of the airway in order to keep them open. It has thus far had good results. Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s model is said by some online sources to be integral in finding sleep disorder solutions for the overall population.

Weisfogel has a lot of experience in the fields of both sleep disorders and sleep treatments. But where did it all begin? It began with an education.

After high school, He earned a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He then earned a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. In 1999 when he founded his first dental practice–Old Bridge Dental Care.

He ran the office for more than 15 years. More than once he was deemed “Best Dentist” by the community. More importantly, it was then that he first started to research the subject of sleep and how both physicians and dentists can treat sleep disorders.

That brings us to 2014. It was that year that he officially launched Dental Sleep Masters. His goal was to help dentists work in the area of sleep disorder treatments via the use of advanced oral appliances.

Keith Mann Is Changing All Of New York

Keith Mann is the leader at Dynamic Search Partners where makes sure that his clients can find the leaders they need for the future, but he is also a leader in his city. He believes in a strong education for the kids that are in the city, and he believes that we all have to live in harmony with the police. It is really a matter of choices to support the city, and that is why Keith Mann is so impressive.

The things that Keith Mann has done for the city are numerous, and he has shown everyone that there is a way to make the city better with small gestures. He has been good to the police in a news story that everyone heard about when he sent lunch to his precinct. He has been helping to raise money in the schools in Brooklyn, and he has been trying to make sure that all the kids in the city are given a chance at college with his scholarship. He is a superman who is living in the city and trying to do all that he can to make things better.

The best thing that people can do is to follow what Keith Mann is doing. He wants to be a very good example for the city. He wants to make it easy for the people of the city of the city to enjoy living there, and he also wants to be sure that people are going to know that there is a better way to live in the city.

The Educational Choice Movement Advocacy by Mrs. DeVos

An interview that was conducted by a Philanthropist had Mrs. DeVos share her thoughts on the role the Government plays in the education sector. She expressed her optimism regarding the high number of students in both public and privately funded academic programs in the Colombian district. She revealed how visiting the Potter’s House Christian School – a school that serves students from low-income families – had continuously inspired her and her husband Dick DeVos to support those students.
Dick’s ambition to run for the Michigan’s State Board of Education in 1990, showed their commitment to expanding the support to more students. That is how Mrs. DeVos got involved in the educational choice movement. Being active in politics, she initiated a political action committee named the Great Education Project in Michigan aimed at expanding charter schools in Michigan State. Mrs. DeVos stated that the program had managed to get more students to attend schools of their family’s choice, Florida being the best case study.
Indiana and Louisiana had also shown remarkable advances. The program was taken to the grassroots to raise awareness among community leaders and public officials. She stated that her main focus was not only to increase educational choice but also focused on assigning students to school basing on their family’s zip code. She also added her view on how digital learning would contribute in promoting learning among the students. She also added her voice to homeschooling and charter schools, stating that the educational choice movement also aimed at involving them. On the thought that charter schools endangered the educational reforms agenda she was advocating for, she thinks of them as very great schools and even stated that her husband opened a charter high school – West Michigan Aviation Academy – that presents opportunities for the students in Aviation. Mrs. DeVos also stated that she liked focusing on what she and her husband are doing in their effort to make American Education better. Her desires are that all children get the best educational setting and fulfill their potential given by God.

About Dick DeVos and His Charity Work

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and business person from Michigan, born on October 21, 1955. He studied at Northwood University for Business Administration, and later, to Harvard Business School and Executive Study Programs at Wharton School. Dick received an honorary doctorate from Northwood University, Central Michigan University, and Grove City College. He has been participating in business and politics in Michigan contributing to various state acts and proposals.
Mr. DeVos is also a philanthropist I admire owing to their great service to the community. He and his wife have played a great role in various foundation activities, arts funding, scholarships, leadership among other philanthropic acts.

Learn more about Dick DeVos on newnetherlandinstitute.org.