From Actor to Author, Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Is a Must Read

Sean Penn has never been afraid of controversy or speaking his mind no matter how delicate the subject may be. His new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is getting mixed reviews. You either love it, or hate it, there is no in between. About a simple man who sells septic tanks for a living and does a few government assassinations on the side for extra money, the story appears to reflect modern American Culture, and many are saying Penn nailed it.

When Trevor Noah of the Daily Show asked him was the story supposed to be a metaphor Penn didn’t answer him directly but went on to defend his characters seeming need to shame women whenever possible. So, is Penn simply trying to say this is life, but we can change it? Time will answer that question and the verdict is still out on whether or not the idea of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff can begin to cure our culture of all its ills or maybe make things a little bit worse.

People are saying Penn has simply written a biography with his book and the main character “Bob Honey” is Penn himself by another name. In a phone interview with Vogue when Penn was asked if he set out intending to “but heads with” the #MeToo movement he replied the “#MeToo thing” was part of a whole. Any movement that creates equality is a good thing but in Penn’s opinion this movement may be compared to a “toddlers’ crusade” and he asks has “due process lost its sheen?”

This movement is seen by some as nothing more than a platform for well-known men to be railroaded on and that false accusers do so with impunity using the #MeToo movement as a legal cover. He says his book is not an opinion piece but still, the American President in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” sure sounds a lot like President Trump, and the climate of the times seem to clearly reflect what we live with in the real world.

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