Desiree Perez Legacy in Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is one of the most recognized women in the music industry internationally. She works in an international entertainment company that gives services to songwriters, music producers, music design and many more services. This company is called Roc Nation. Desiree Perez has now worked for the company since the year 2009 and due to herself motivation and passion in the music industry, she has been able to be entirely dedicated and committed to her roles in the company. This has made her be among the most senior females in the company.

Desiree Perez good reputation has also made the founder of Roc Nation to maintain her as the most trusted colleague. He consults her when he is making new decisions, in planning and organization of the company’s operations. Desiree Perez shows a high sense of responsibility, and she is good at making negotiations with the customers which increases the profits that the company makes.

She also has a very excellent influencing power to the clients such as the song producers and the writers, and this helps in attracting more customers to the company’s services. She also creates the market for the company’s clients by finding ways in which she can promote their music which makes her capable of optimizing profits for both the company and the investors who invest in the company.

Desiree Perez’s reputation gave her an opportunity to be involved in the Samsung collaboration that was to promote Rihanna which made her a music superstar. After this event, Rihanna made Desiree Perez an essential member in her core circle. And it is with no doubts that when Rihanna advances to higher levels of her carrier in the music industry, she will keep Desiree Perez as one of the most important people as her advisor in making significant decisions and in strategic planning.

Desiree Perez reputation and her success in the music industry is a great inspiration to many women that they got the power to be involved in the higher positions in any given institution and industry, especially in the music industry.

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Desiree Perez Turning Tidal Into A Success Against All Odds

Online music streaming has become quite the norm since the inception of audio and video streaming sites over the past decade or so. With many tech industry players, such as Google, Apple, and Spotify, each introducing online music streaming platforms, there are numerous streaming options for music lovers. Therefore, newer players will often find themselves struggling when trying to keep up with the pioneering sites. Most of these streaming services fail to attract clients, and they throw in the towel. That was the state of Tidal when Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez was appointed to head the newly acquired audio and video subscription service.


Tidal was launched late 2014 by Aspiro, a Swedish/Norwegian-owned company which was later acquired by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in the first quarter of 2016. Tidal was a sinking ship when Roc Nation purchased it, but the company’s executive, Desiree Perez, has been able to overturn this and make Tidal one of the most popular subscription-based music streaming service in the world, and also the service that pays the highest royalties to artists in the music industry. Tidal is popular for streaming exclusive content, which gives the company an edge over its competitors and this was Desiree Perez’s idea. Most Roc Nation’s artists have released their content via Tidal, making formerly uninterested individuals want to subscribe from the service. See related source at




Jay-Z’s Roc Nation co-owns the company with a bunch of other artists signed to the label. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Usher, Alicia Keys, Madonna were all among the listed Tidal co-owners. You can access all the exclusive content from these artists and much more on Tidal. Tidal has over 500,000 paying subscribers and globally, the service is available in 31 countries.


About Desiree Perez


Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez, Roc Nation Sports executive. She is not new to the music industry. Her relationship with Roc Nation’s owner Shawn Carter goes way back to the early 90s. Desiree Perez greatly contributed to the success of the label’s artists, both musically and otherwise, and this includes Rihanna and Beyoncé. Her track record in managerial positions speaks for itself, and she’s taking Tidal places.


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