Talkspace Reasons Why Online Therapy is Better than Traditional Therapy

The stigma of depression in the society today has made it difficult for people to talk about it. Since people are taken by surprise when someone tells them that they are suffering from depression, it creates fear in mind that being depressed is a sign of weakness. For break the myths surrounding mental illnesses such as depression or borderline personality disorder, it is essential for people to understand that there is nothing wrong with seeking help. The first step to healing is to accept that you have an issue and it is treatable. Most people need professional help to get through it, but not everyone is ready to accept it. It is where online therapy comes into the picture.

Online therapy breaks many barriers that often restrict people from seeking therapy in the first place. For people living in remote locations and rural areas, they might not have access to good therapists. Many people who are unable to leave their homes due to disability or their issues benefit from such online services. Online therapy takes away the hassle of scheduling an appointment within the working hours of the therapists and allows people to seek help at their convenience.

Talkspace is one of the leading online therapy portals that allow people who are uncomfortable speaking face to face about their issues to seek therapy. It leads people to be more honest and communicate more openly since it offers a level of anonymity. Since it is also more economical for the therapists and the client, more people are coming forward to use their services.

Talkspace is working towards breaking the social stigma surrounding mental illness and receiving therapy for it. People feel more comfortable speaking to a therapist in their homes rather than visiting the therapists in their office and are seen in the waiting room by others.