TheRealReal, A Burgeoning Exclusive Fashion Store

The luxury item company, TheRealReal is planning to wow loyal customers and new customers with an expansive plan to put their resources into the company’s new shop in New York. While the company has been an online staple shop for regal jewels, and elegant gifts, only last year, did they experiment with Pop-Up retail shops in New York city which turned out to be a huge success. The company owes part of it’s success to a smart marketing executive by the name of Allison Sommer. Sommer did not limit her sights to New York only, Sommer has also opened TheRealReal store pop-ups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

According to Sommer, these pop-ups help their online based store build both a brand and a rapport with customers. They offer trendy, unique, and charismatic experiences with fashionable consumers. Before launching a pop-up shop in SoHo, the company reeled in a whooping $2 million in revenue during a New York event. Sommer points out that their online revenue pales in comparison to the success of the pop-up stores in various cities. By offering trendy, neat, and fun store experiences, TheRealReal creates a lasting memory which draws their consumers to their website to get their fashion needs met online as well.

While the store has been experimenting with pop-up stores all across the US, they also have a permanent land based store in New York which sells everything from art, home decor, jewelry and watches, to fashion shoes and clothes.

One aspect of the store which is unique is that they educate the customer free of charge. Each day, TheRealReal, runs a workshop which aims to help educate the customer on style, what to wear and how to wear it. The workshop also explains authentication to customers who are buying luxury items such as high priced watches and jewelry. In doing this, TheRealReal has found itself a pioneer in the consignment and luxury item market. They offer shops online and allover the US, and provide consumers tips for how to become a retail seller themselves.

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