EOS Outdid Chapstick Like This

EOS beauty brand ranks 2nd overall in lip balm sales, toppling one-time leader Chapstick. In a report by fastcompany.com, EOS earns this mark with a weekly sales volume of around one-million units. The brand started selling their beauty products seven years ago, and is now a multi-million-dollar company that beat one of the most trusted names in lip balm! How was EOS lip balm able to do such amazing things in this short time?

Evolution of Smooth took the time to listen to consumers. They heard what they wanted loud and clear, and when the time comes to create their balm, they implemented the things they’d learned into the creation of the product. The result is a lip balm the people love to use to keep their lips soft and smooth.

EOS lip balms are designed to ignite all five of the senses. The orb-shaped spheres are visually appealing, while the eight fruity flavors ignite the senses and smell. The product is made using natural organic ingredients, so it is paraben free. Women who use EOS lip balm report that it soothes, softens, and moisturizes the lips perfectly.

EOS has now expanded their line to include additional beauty products. While these Racked items aren’t as popular as the EOS lip balms, consumers do enjoy using them because they contain the same high-quality ingredients as the original product. With a focus on customers and creating exceptional products, EOS is a brand sure to be around for a long time to come.

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