Rona Borre Found Amazing Success When She Started Her Placement Firm With A Human Touch

                         Rona Borre founded her firm

Rona Borre’s national temporary and permanent placement firm, Instant Alliance delivers the best IT and finance professionals for public and private sector clients. Borre told Inc. that companies need recruiters that have a human touch to help them find the best IT talent. Talking about how some startups rely on Applicant Tracking Systems, which are common in today’s highly technical IT environment, Borre says, “Never forget that you are dealing with human capital. If you rely strictly on a machine you’ll miss out on a ton of amazing talent.” Rona Borre founded her firm because she excels in finding talent that is a good fit for her client’s company, which requires building relationships with both IT talent and clients, in order to discover each one’s needs. Source:


Based on her page, since Rona Borre founded and operates Instant Alliance, her firm is a certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise with the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Rona Borre has personally earned Enterprising Woman of the Year and the Business Ledger Influential Women in Business honors, while her firm has earned multiple distinctions, including Top 20 Best Places to Work in Illinois by The Business Ledger, Inc. Magazine Top 50 Businesses in Chicagoland and Inc. Magazine Top 100 Human Resources Companies.

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