Dr. Mark McKenna business ventures.

Renowned businessman gives us an insight into the inspiration behind his ideas and some of the things he has experienced in his business journey. His jour as an entrepreneur began back in Tulane University when he was studying medicine, it during this time that he discovered he could not make as much as he wanted if he just stuck with medicine. Mark thus decided to venture into other business.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s first venture was in real estate. Mark established a company that would design and construct houses this went on well for a while until the hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. This natural occurrence destroyed a large part of his business as well as his interest in the company.

However, despite the discouragement, Mark still came back to rebuild the area and help residents settle back. In 2007b he moved to Atlanta to venture into an entirely different field from real estate, he decided to establish a company that would help people achieve well -being and good health by providing the best solution in advice as well as services. This led to the birth of ShapeMed. ShapeMed aimed at ensuring Atlanta citizens had access to good healthcare solutions. His company had experts who advised their client’s on nutrition matters and the best way to achieve your desired body. They offered Botox injection just to mention a few.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been to be one of the doctors who are passionate about how people look, and this led to yet another venture the OVME company, OVME just like ShapeMed also aims at reinventing healthcare, they are a licensed aesthetics company. Mark McKenna discovered that Botox was widely recognized, but people lack a place to access the services and this also led to the establishment of OVME.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna and his team are working on an application that will help them reach to their clients better. This app will also help to provide virtual talks, this way more people will be able to access his services.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that for one to succeed in business It is essential to associate yourself with smart people, people who will help to build you to be a better person.


Waiakea Water and its Natural Benefits

Even though there are many different brands of bottled water on the market today, some people have their own preferences that they want to drink every day. For some, the reason for selecting a specific brand may be due to the taste, the ingredients that the manufacturers include, the freshness of the taste and the like. So, whatever the choice and the reasons for drinking a specific brand of water, people can pick and choose the one that suits them best. However, whenever people are looking around for a brand of water that may be considered the top coveted choice for a group of people or even for an individual, they may find that there is one brand that offers a couple of positive benefits that people should know about. The name of this water is called Waiakea Water.

Fortunately, Waiakea can be found online and other places that sell this brand. Many people prefer drinking the Waiakea Water because of the associated benefits as well as where this water can be found. Found in Hawaii, this water comes from the volcano in this area so it is one of the primary reasons why some people may refer to Waiakea Water. People may also find this water online by looking for a number of different names including hawaii volcanic water waiakea water ph, and volcanic water benefits. All of which refers to the all-natural water that is naturally purified in the process of flowing down the volcano in certain places. Hence, one of the first things that catch everyone’s attention is the fact that this water comes from a volcano that is actually located in Hawaii.

It is also important to note that this water is marketed with several great benefits. Mainly, because this water can be very healthy for the body since it has natural minerals contained in it along with alkaline. Therefore, if an individual would like to make sure that their water is serving more than one purposes, it is very important that everyone knows that this type of volcano water can be consumed to not only quench the thirst but to make sure the body is getting the minerals needed in the body.


Sussex Healthcare Audiology And Senior Living

Sussex Healthcare has been proudly serving the senior citizens in the Sussex, surrey, and Berkshire communities for many years. They offer the highest quality service through their professionally trained staff. Their goal is to provide all of their patients with the best personal and clinical care.

Sussex Healthcare has partnered with NHS to provide patients with a multi service Audiology clinic. Here, they will provide audiology services like treating hearing loss that may be due to age. They will also do assessments and diagnosis of other hearing problems. Other services include testing for hearing loss, and early detection before one loses their hearing.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology will fit for hearing aids if needed, and offer other Ear, Nose, and Throat services. Sussex Healthcare has a accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The aim of the Audiology department is to provide a high quality, and safe hearing care that will be both accountable, and effective, for an excellent experience for each patient. They strongly believe in holding the highest quality ethical and professional standard. The Audiologists are highly trained, and committed to continuous educational programs that will keep them knowledgeable of up to date improvements, and inclusions. The equipment that they use is highly efficient, modern state of the art.

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In relation to treatment, Sussex Healthcare works according to the National Good Practice Guide. This means that patients not only get the best care, they can also access their aftercare and reassessment every three years by going online. The patients are very well pleased with the service and their overall results from Sussex Healthcare Audiology. One patient is getting used to her new hearing aid, and is happy that she can now hear. Another patient is grateful for the friendly staff that assisted her. Another patient stated that the staff was helpful and friendlyy, and that she was thankful for them. Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of treatment options for older people over the age of 55, and to some people with mental disabilities.

US Health – Leading You

US Health Group is located at 2,563 SW Grapevine Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051. It is one of America’s largest and most respected life insurance companies with a proud history dating back to November of 1959. Its founding was a movement of greater things to come.

One may find much information by visiting the company Crunchbase page. There, its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page links are included as well as a link to the main website at www.UShealthfamily.com. Plus, an overview and description of the company are provided with a photo a few top contributors.

Helping other people every day, otherwise called HOPE, is not simply a clever acronym that describes US Health Advisors. It is far more as it encompasses its staff, contract agents, management and even its clients and partners as a greater whole. US Health Advisors has even made the news on BBB.org. According to Crunch Base’s timeline of the site, US Health Advisors has been in the business for nearly 60 years and is considered America’s choice for healthcare at its best.

Every social media link and recent update has also been posted to the Crunch Base contrabass page, where one may stay updated on all the new movements. After many years of dedicated work and faithful persistence by top-level executives, as well as mid to lower- level staff, US Health Advisors continues to fight to improve healthcare in reinventing solutions for the modern world. At US Health Advisors, there are plenty of opportunities to get one’s foot in the door and to earn a decent salary. Top salaries range from $78,000 to $200,000 per year and do not cap at that amount – for there’s always plenty of room for potential growth at US Health Advisors, where the sky’s the limit.

Account managers, insurance agents, sales specialists, licensed agents, hourly and monthly workers, sales managers, monthly contractors, seasonal tradesmen, licensed agents, field training managers, marketing executives, sales leaders, and several other well-paid positions are welcome. US Health Advisors constantly hiring and is always on the lookout for fresh talent. Training, advancement and placement opportunities abound.

One-Stop Shop With Beneful

It’s always great to find a brand whose product line includes everything you need. There’s so much less stress when your shopping doesn’t need to be spread out over multiple brand names, and everything comes from a source you trust.

For my puppy, that source is Beneful.

Most common around my house is Beneful’s dry food. There’s always a bag of Beneful IncrediBites under the kitchen counter for quick food bowl top-offs on my way out the door. If puppy is extra lucky (and I’m not running late) he might get a handful of shredded cheese or a scoop of wet dog food on top.

The wet food line, though, is a miracle all on its own. The Beneful Chopped Blends come in convenient, easy-open plastic packaging that’s great for travel. Whether puppy and I are going on a long trip together, or I’m sending him off to doggy daycare, it’s easy to toss a couple in a bag and not have to worry about his food. No mess and no smell!

But sometimes puppy gets anxious while we’re travelling, or bored when he’s at home, and that’s where Beneful Dental Twists come in. He can chew those things for hours! It keeps him out of trouble, and his teeth are one less thing for me to worry about! There’s even a noticeable improvement in his breath, which is invaluable for a dog so intent on giving kisses.

While the Dental Twists are great, they’re a little large to be ideal for things like obedience training, and last but not least, that brings us to Beneful Baked Delights. I know puppy doesn’t care what shape is treats are, but the little heart ones are so cute! They’re easy to conceal in a fist so that puppy can smell them but isn’t tempted to grab, and he’ll happily run through all his tricks if he gets one of those at the end.

All in all, Beneful is a brand that I trust, and is diverse enough that I’ve never had to look anywhere else.

Seattle Genetics founder Clay Siegall blazes new therapeutic trails

Clay Siegall attained his Ph.D in genetics in 1988 from George Washington University. He was quickly hired by the National Institutes of Health to manage one of their many cutting-edge cancer research programs. He stayed there from 1988 to 1991. He then took a job at Bristol-Meyers-Squibb, the pharmaceutical giant, as a senior researcher on their innovative line of chemotherapeutic agents. He continued this work until 1998.


Already with 10 years participating in the vanguard of modern cancer research, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics. His idea was not to compete with existing drug manufacturers’ approach to cancer treatment research. Instead, he would focus on novel means of fighting the disease, the then-nascent industry of targeted drug therapy. Remarkably, Siegall was able to secure tens of millions in venture capital before having produced even a single research paper. In 2001, he took the company public, raising an additional $50,000,000 in capital. This all took place years before Seattle Genetics had even its first drug approved for sale.


Over the 2000s, Siegall and his team of researchers worked feverishly, pursuing different strategies for fighting tumor genesis without the brutal, and sometimes lethal, secondary effects of metal-based chemotherapeutic agents. Finally, in 2009, Seattle Genetics completed its first phase I trial of its first patented drug, Brentuximab vedotin, marketed under the name Adcetris.


This would prove to be a game-changing drug in the fight against cancer. In 2011, Adcetris received FDA approval for use as a second-line treatment in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. While this may sound like at best a modest achievement, this is the first antibody drug conjugate to be approved for cancer therapy in the United States. Dr. Siegall expects that as more phase II trials are completed, FDA approval will be extended to many other uses for the drug.


Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has also maintained at least 8 new drugs in the development pipeline. These are in every stage, from seeking patents to awaiting FDA approval. These drugs, which target tumor-specific proteins, hold the promise of replacing the existing chemotherapy regimens and making cancer treatment bearable for patients and their families. Clay Siegall has been and continues to be a leading figure in the fight against cancer.