Jordan Lindsey on the Peculiar Relationship Between Rappers and Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency community is receiving a support boost from a new round of crypto promoting celebrities, hip hop stars.


Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Nas, through their backing of Robinhood, a mobile device software platform recently expanded their commission free investment trading and tracking, have begun supporting the cryptocurrency community.


Robinhood announced it would be supporting free cryptocurrency trading for bitcoin and ethereum at the end of January 2018.


Following that news release, the company signed up over 1 million new users to its trading service. Last week, rapper Jay-Z’s Arrive Venture Capital startup investment subsidiary would be providing long term support to Robinhood during their execution of their strategic vision.


Jay-Z has previously shown support for the crypto community through his acceptance of bitcoin to pay for tickets purchased to attend his July concert with Beyonce, even offering a 25 percent discount to the first 24 tickets purchased using the cryptocurreny.


Snoop Dogg’s and Nas’ investments in Robinhood was announced in 2014, when they became part of a group of high profile entertainers that included Jared Leto, investing in the the trading firm.


The relationship between rappers and cryptocurrencies has been a natural and highly profitable one. Earlier this year, 50 Cent made media headlines when he became aware that the 700 bitcoins he accepted as payment in 2014, worth tens of thousands off dollars at time had skyrocketed to $7.5 million dollars by January of this year.


The Wu Tang Clan announced their co-founding of a $30 million cryptocurrency project in October, 2017.


Former 28-year-old, real estate agent Arya Bahmnayer, known to the crypto world as “CoinDaddy” has become part of the growing trend of merging hip hop and the digital currency.


The San Francisco rapper, whose song “CryptoLife” has become somewhat of an inspirational theme within the bitcoin world, receiving coverage on sites such as “,” “” and “”


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About Jordan Lindsey


Founder of JCL Capital Jordan Lindsey announced the successful crowd sale launch of his own cryptocurrency, the Nucleus Token in the 2nd half of 2017.


While writing his own foreign exchange trading software using the MQL4 programming language, Lindsey was inspired to expand his efforts to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency markets.


The New York native has a background as a trader in the financial industry.


Today, he lives with his wife and daughters in San Francisco, where Jordan Lindsey focuses on financial solutions benefiting the crypto community.


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