Southridge Capital LLC is a monetary solutions organization that provides consultative and structured fund for public organizations. The organization has a strong executive team in place that has a good and deeper understanding of the small and middle market which assists in execution of clients financial plans. The management team comprises of five people, Stephen Hicks being the founder and Chief Executive Officer. It is devoted to offering financial solutions that satisfy the client’s needs.Southridge Capital provides services such as Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice and Legal Settlement Services. Since 1996, the company has invested 1.8 billion dollars into organizations globally aiding to their growth.


Southridge Capital also offers Credit Enhancing, Financial Solution and Securitization. The team at Southridge Capital came up with this structured fund aspect after observing that organizations that are in need of funding do not maximize on their full potential. As a result Southridge came up with a solution that provides monetization of an organization existing capital. Moreover, Southridge capital teams up with organization’s creditors directly with an aim of removing debt thus favoring the common stock, and assist the organization to build their creditworthiness. Southridge Capital also provides EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement) that enables organizations to raise capital according to their desires, paying little heed to the economic conditions. In the year 2015, Southridge Capital invested 5 million dollars in Elite Data Services a technological company that offers innovative contributions to the companies they serve.


Southridge Capital indulges in philanthropic activities in various ways such as community leadership, contributing to volunteering work and giving back to the society as the group believes that these are ways of positively impacting the community at large. The company also collaborates with various NGOs that offer support to those people in need. Daystar Foundation was then formed by Stephen Hicks and his wife to assist multiple charitable organizations by putting financial resources and time to change lives thus aiding in the improvement of the society. Southridge in collaboration with Daystar foundation has offered monetary support for various organizations including the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship and the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage. To see more you can check out their website




The life of Vincent Parascandola, an expert financial executive

He is a graduate of the Pace University. Vincent did his bachelor’s degree from the Lubin School of business. He completed his computer science degree at this institution. His first occupation was a Systems Analyst for Irving Trust Company. He dedicated two years of his time during the year 1986-1988. His likes and interests became real when he did his job at the Prudential Insurance, from 1988-1990. He continues to expand his knowledge and specialization by associating himself with friends and colleagues to ensure he maintains his focus. At a while, he left his occupation to work with a Group of professionals named Mony. His career grew in the 90’s where he creates a profile filled with various recognitions as well as awards.


Currently, Vincent works as a financial advisor with a firm titled Axa Advisors LLC; this Group does it business with persons and other companies with similar goals and objectives. He mostly operates his activities outside New York. He ensures professionalism and ethics involving activities entailing being a broker and an investor; Vincent represents a high number of individuals who believe in maximizing production. He has helped in developing various financial experts across the United States. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Responsibilities and experience

Vincent Parascandola is usually involved with the duties of training and bringing fresh, innovative minds to the firm for the sake of its prosperity. His motives are always geared towards maximizing sales as well as minimizing the production and operational costs associated with the whole chain doing business. Profit margins of his firm have always been mouth watering as well as attracting an unusually high number of investors to his company. Some of the branches in Manasquan, Morristown, and Woodbridge are doing well. He ensures the welfare of his employees and fellow board members are well catered. This helps in maintaining an excellent employer-employee relation hence the success. Vincent offers equal opportunities to all his workforce increasing their loyalty and trust. The clients are always the priority as consumer protection and satisfaction is vital. He helps on rendering tools essential hen planning on retirement’s benefits as well as profitable investments. Vincent helps in crucial and informed decisions one that helps one make effective and efficient business growth. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

Brian Bonar: A Professional Financial Specialist In San Diego

Brian worked for IBM as a manager and eventually became the director of engineering at a company called QMS. During his employment at qms he managed over a hundred people. After a few positions in the management department and director of engineering department he finally gave the experience he needed to move forward and start his own company called Bezier Systems. He continued to work for other companies like Dalrada Financial Services.Brian Bonar is among one of the top individuals in the USA financial world. He is a finance executive that has a leadership portfolio in several companies and a leading developer of imaging hardware and management applications. Brian Bonar is a businessman in the area of San Diego and during his years of education he pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree at James Watt Technical College in the 1960’s.

Not only is he excellent in the financial industry, he has also decided to purchase Bellamy’s at Escondido, which is a famous restaurant using multi-cultural menus that is a favorite of many guests. The restaurant closed down during a slow period, however, Bonar was determined to purchase the restaurant and rebrand it. Brian Bonar is a good example of what one individual can do to help and impact others. Brian enjoys taking the information that he knows and applying it to purchasing restaurants in the San Diego region and turning them into productive establishments.Brian Bonar is an extremely successful financial expert and experienced investor.

He is a pioneer within the business Incorporated, Trucept. Brian Bonar is a wizard that has made a significant name for himself in the world of counseling. He is famous for several things including the impact on business growth and its process towards improvement.Brian Bonar is an investor, a mechanical engineer, and a businessman. He has worked to create solutions that were quick and successful. When he sets a goal to change a business, he is able to play an enormous part in their profits and success.

Why Equities First?

Why Equities First?

Equities First Holdings has an incredibly talented team of representatives covering the United States, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. They can literally accomplish any financial goal you and/or your company wants to achieve? Why and how do they do that?

Their motto is “We do One thing so you can do Anything.” Simple but effective and true.As the global leader in alternative finance solutions, their nine worldwide offices are ready to supply capital against publicly traded shares to help you meet your goals.

As a private company since 2002 they have completed more than 650 transactions to the satisfaction and appreciation of their wide base of personal and business customers through Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon and DBS Bank.

To learn more about their team members and Terms, Policies and Disclaimer please visit their website at . You will be able to view each team member and scroll through their contact pages.

Creating a global presence, Equities First Holdings (EFH) have the knowledge and resources to find you the funding you need at reasonable terms so you can conduct your business your way.

The benefits of working with EFH include:

Low Fixed Rates

Non-Recourse Loans

High Loan to Values

Fast, efficient processes Loans can be used for any purpose Buyer keeps all upside market appreciation and credit for dividends.Their US office is located in Indianapolis, IN at 10 W. Market St, Phone (317) 429-3500. You can easily find their other office locations on their website:Equities First on linkedin and their satellite offices as well.

For premium, personal and business financing EFH is the ideal solution to help you accomplish any business or personal task with experienced professionals right beside you. They will make the process simple and easy guiding you through your questions and detailed requirements. Let EFH help you with that special new business project, plan a family wedding or fund a college education, whatever you are considering.

Contact Equities First Holdings today by Email [email protected] or you may call them toll free at 1-866-507-9160. They are ready to help you do business your way.

Benefits of Stock Based loans

Lending institutions in the recent times have changed their operating standards to adjust to the harsh economic climate. According to Equities First Holdings, one of the most prominent leaders and lenders in alternative shareholder financing services, more people are choosing the stock-based loans as an alternative to the margin loans. Most lending organizations around the globe are not as flexible as they used to be in the past, and borrowers who are interested in raising working capital quickly for their businesses or those who have proven that they do are not qualified for the conventional credit-based loans are left with very few alternatives.

According to Equities First Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy, equities lending is not gaining significant popularity as the safest alternative for most entrepreneurs. The CEO says that these borrowers still have some few options available in the current economic times, but they cannot access them because of the increased interest rates, tightened loan qualifications, and tight lending criteria.

The investor who is needs urgent capital is now left with the alternative of using the stock-based loans because they are readily available, and they do not require a lot of qualifications.

One of the main advantages of getting the stock-based loans is the fact that they have a higher credit loan value, and the borrower can benefit more when using them. The interest rates on these loans in quite reasonable, especially for individuals who do are still new in business. What the borrower needs are the stocks as collateral, and then they are ready to go.

Equities First Holdings has been serving consumers for a long time, and it one of the most trusted institutions that offer stock-based loans. The company serves high net worth individuals, organizations, and corporations who want to access money fast. The agency has made over seven thousand transactions, and most of them have turned out to be successful. Individuals who have received the services say that they had the best experiences with the company.

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The rising trend of stock-based loans as an alternative to bank loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) a renowned international lender, is taking note of the pulling power behind margin and stock loans in a financial market where banking institutions have tightened loan preconditions and increased loan interest rates. Security-based lending is fast becoming a popular alternative for borrowers who want capital as fast as possible or those who may not meet the lending criteria for traditional credit-based bank loans.

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, Jr., borrowers don’t necessarily have to sell bonds or stocks just because they need cash real quick. Alternatively, borrowers can borrow loans and use stocks, bonds or mutual funds as collateral. It’s quick, convenient and often comes at a fixed interest rate compared to conventional bank loans.

Al Christy further adds that although margin loans and stock-based loans use securities as collateral, there exist clear differences between the two financing options. In the case of margin loans, the borrower must meet the pre-conditions, similar to a traditional bank loan. Additionally, the loan may be stipulated to be used only for a particular purpose. The interest rates vary, and the lender can liquidate the borrower’s guarantee without warning due to a margin call.

On the other hand, stock-based loans come with a reduced, fixed interest rate. Borrowers can use the money for any purpose and thanks to the non-recourse feature, borrowers can walk away minus any obligation to the lender, notwithstanding the drop of the value of the collateral stock or bond.

The CEO of EFH admits that any type of financial transaction carries some sort of risk. However, he argues that security-based loans have been cast in a bad light as a viable lending alternative mainly either because several unscrupulous lenders have traded borrowers’ collateral in the open market or opted against returning stocks or bonds upon transaction maturity. In Contrast, Equities First Holdings is built on honesty and integrity, and the company strives to provide maximum benefit with minimal risk to its esteemed clients.

Since its establishment in 2002, EFH has offered its clients alternative financing solutions, giving loans against stocks and bonds traded on global exchanges as collateral in order to help clients meet their financial objectives. This unique tactic to non-purpose financing has seen over 600 dealings to date, providing customers with the reduced cost of capital at better interest rates.

EFH operates worldwide through its branch offices in Sydney, London, Perth, and Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore and provides financing arrangements tailored towards the needs of the individual borrower.

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