The Oxford Club Helps Members Successfully Invest in All Market Conditions

The Oxford Club is an international network of private investors that scour the globe for the most lucrative opportunities among the vast array found in the world’s markets. They have grown steadily over the years and now number more than 157,000 members in 131 countries. They have assembled a talented team of researchers and market analysts who produce high-level financial products that help their members build top performing portfolios.

The primary products that they create are investing newsletters such as their flagship Oxford Communique which provides detailed market analysis as well as trading opportunities. They also deliver a wide range of trading services so that their members can have access to experts within any given segment such as income-generating strategies. Members can get a professional’s view on the best dividend stocks to own as one example.

There are three distinct membership levels available with The Oxford Club and they are Premier Membership, Director’s Circle Membership, and the Chairman’s Circle Membership. Each offers access to their market experts with varying levels of content in different price ranges.

The strategies employed by The Oxford Club enable them to prosper in all market conditions. They are well prepared for market downturns as they happen regularly and their plans have this circumstance baked into the recipe. They also have the knowledge and skills to outperform the markets while lowering risk as well. The significant advantage that their products give members can lead to life-changing wealth.

Another valuable feature that The Oxford Club provides is their educational resource called Investment U. Members can sharpen their financial knowledge with courses, videos, and conferences to give them every chance at market success. A free e-letter is also available at Investment U and gives insights into the market’s top stories.

The origins of The Oxford Club were a small network of investors who joined together looking for the best opportunities around the world. Suitably, despite their strong growth, networking is still a primary way that members profit as they gather to compare notes at club events. This can help them realize the best opportunities at an early stage which is critical for investing success.

Austin Investors Turn to Richard Dwayne Blair for Advice

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor in Austin, Texas. He founded his company, wealth Solutions in 1994. He is also a registered financial planner. Richard has many years of experience, and he has his own unique approach when providing his clients with the best retirement planning advice.

Richard Dwayne Blair has developed his three pillar approach to providing the best financial advice to his clients. The first pillar is getting to know the goals and expectations of his clients. He wants to know their financial status, their strengths, their retirement dreams and desires, and even their fears. When he has gathered enough information to understand his client, Richard Dwayne Blair will proceed to the second pillar.

The next pillar involves the customized plan that Richard has in mind for his client. This is based on their dreams and their expectations. He works at this level to develop a plan that will minimize the effects of the ups and downs of the market to better protect their portfolio. His third pillar is to reinforce the client’s understanding. He explains that investment storms can strike, and it’s best to have insurances in place, such as life insurance or long-term care insurance.

Richard Dwayne Blair is the owner of wealth Solutions. The company is an investment advisory firm that serves the Austin area. Richard enjoys helping people achieve their financial goals by providing them with solid investment strategy and planning, and in helping to make a positive difference in their lives. He likes to help educate his clients financially, and Richard Dwayne Blair attributes much of this feeling to his early days of being surrounded by teachers. His mother was a teacher, his grandmother was a teacher, and Richard married a woman who is a teacher. He learned early how teachers can change lives with the knowledge they teach others. Richard’s love has always been finance, and as an adult he is teaching financial strategies and solutions to others with his three pillar approach to investing.