Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a financial services firm located in Connecticut. It has a core group of executives who look to refine a number of financial strategies which can help a number of clients reach their financial goals. The firm works to gain a thorough understanding of the financial marketplace and pass on this knowledge to assist its many clients. Since the year 1996, Southridge Capital has had the ability to facilitate both the investment and growth of many companies throughout the world. It has invested over $1.8 billion to help companies expand. What separates Southridge Capital from other financial services firms is its ability to organize financial plans and execute them for their clients without any chance of failure. As a result, the firm has been able to establish itself as a leading financial services company.

During the history of the firm, it has financed over 250 public companies. As a result, the firm has a complete understanding of the many issues that growing companies face on a regular basis. Southridge Capital’s team is able to provide advice on a number of issues pertaining to corporate finance such as becoming a public company, individual finance techniques and managing balance sheets. With a highly competent, knowledgeable and experienced management, team, Southridge Capital has the personnel to help any company that is in need of efficiently managing its growth. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

In order to help its clients, Southridge Capital offers a few services that will ensure that companies succeed in reaching their goals. These services include securitization, credit enhancing and financing solutions. With securitization, the firm helps companies that need capital and who are unable to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to them. With a number of innovative solutions, Southridge Capital will monetize assets of a company. These tasks will often include issuing loans against insider shares, capital assets and also other assets that are able to help initiate capital growth. Credit enhancing provides clients with the ability to improve their creditworthiness by eliminating their debt. Lastly the financing solutions offered by this firm include raising capital and issuing loans against common stock. All of these solutions have proven to help a number of companies prosper and reach their full potential. You can visit their website

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Meet James Dondero, a Dallas Dedicated Philanthropist

James Dondero is the CEO and chairman of the Board at Highland Acquisition Corporation. In addition, since April 2016, Dondero has been the President and Secretary of Highland Acquisition Corporation. Having founded and headed 3 organizations, James Dondero has gathered experience in many fields for several years. In the field of credit markets, James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience. The many years of experience have shown Dondero’s expertise in other areas such as hedge fund management at the Highland Capital Management. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

James Dondero who has a CFA and CPA background has managed to use his experience in the field of finance in portfolio management. Dondero also played a key role the raising and management of more than $1 billion in fixed income funds for the American Express where he took positions of Corporate Bond Analysis and also Portfolio Management. Currently, James is the portfolio manager of the Highland Capital Management, a firm which he co-founded in 1993.

On the onset of the year 2014, James Dondero became the President of NexPoint Multifamily Capital Trust. His in-depth knowledge in finance accompanied with decades of experience in the field of finance have put him in the best spot to continue holding the position of President at NexPoint. Dondero is also the founder of NexPoint Advisors which is an affiliate of HCM Fund Advisors.


James has also held different positions of leadership in different organizations such as Directorate position at NexBank SSB, Board Chairman at NexBank Capital, Chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS, Directorate position in Safety Keen for more than five years, and also directorate position at American Bank Corporation for more than a decade now.

James Dondero, a Dallas based entrepreneur, is a Certified Managerial Accountant. He graduated from the University of Virginia Mcintire School Of Commerce in 1984 having accomplished a Bachelor of Science in Commerce having specialized in Accounting and Finance. James is also a hearty philanthropist. He has offered various gifts of entrepreneurship and Philanthropy to members of the Dallas community. Dondero has been viewed as a philanthropy hero through his philanthropic support for educational access and opportunities.

James Dondero remains to resilient and industrious investor and financial advisor whose philanthropic dedication and desire to make an impact in Dallas is unwavering. Visit to know more about James.

Glen Wakeman – Innovator, Business Strategist and Leadership Guru

Glen Wakeman, the Chief executive officer of Launchpad Holdings LLC, is an internationally recognized as a successful entrepreneur and corporate governance adviser. Glen mainly offers strategic advice on how to make startup companies with technology solutions to grow exponentially.

Wakeman graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from Scranton University in 1981. He then advanced his studies and graduated with an MBA in Finance from Chicago University in 1993. His perseverance and modesty are best illustrated when he had to work as a toilet cleaner to raise fees for his education. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

It is while working at GE that, the board of directors noted his potential. He was regarded as Growth model while working at GE. Glen then became a founder of Nova Four.

Glen Wakeman has worked in over six countries and managed businesses in thirty regions worldwide in a career spanning over two decades. That experience in different economies puts Glen at an advantageous position while offering advice to startup businesses.

Wakeman is a business revolutionist who mentors the entrepreneurship spirits in his clients’ staff. He mainly ideas on guidance on new businesses, developing M&As as well as coming up with new methods of doing things. He bases his advice on five key pillars of human capital, leadership, governance, risk management, power and execution in firms.

He has experience in emerging markets, corporate management which makes him a good strategist who offers insightful advice to senior level groups, fort example Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Few corporate managers have developed strategies which apply in diverse situations in recent times as Glen has done.

Glen advises companies and other businesses about different methods of raising capital, viable investment opportunities available and methods of raising business funds from international markets. He inspires people by his investments and writings on fiscal economies and leadership strategies. He normally writes about social media. His articles mainly concentrate on business transformation, emerging markets, global affairs, business transformation, and leadership. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

Glen has acquired global recognition in his executive career.

What Billionaire George Soros Says We Can Learn From Quantum Mechanics, Francis Bacon, and Our Own Mistakes

George Soros is as active and involved on the world stage as ever. In a recent article by Politico, the fact was highlighted that this octogenarian is still trading in the world market, investing in political movements, and giving voice to his ideas.

The ideas that Soros shares are deep. The political action he takes is well thought out. His ideas and his financial life are strongly correlated. Read more on

George Soros believes that human beings can not attain a state of perfect knowledge. He believes that one of the limitations of being human comes from the uncertainty principal discovered by Heisenberg, a world renown physicist who studied quantum mechanics. Heisenberg found that when man observed an experiment, the experiment was changed due to the observer. This led Soros to develop a world outlook that includes a concept he calls “refelxivity”. This means that at all times, humans deal with a state of being that involves a two way feedback mechanism. Humans are forever altering the reality that they observe. Because of reflexivity, billionaire George Soros believes that humans can never know Ultimate Truth.

This view has guided George Soros to support the concept of open society, in which all viewpoints are accepted. He finds any leader who claims to know truth to be faulty in principle. Soros supports politicians whose leadership will help to create an open society. His philanthropic efforts go towards groups that actively support open society ideals. Last year he gave $5 million dollars to Immigrant Voters Win, and another $ 5 million to Voting Rights Trust. Both groups help to create fair situations for all to vote. They encourage immigrants to vote, and move to lift restrictions and limitations that the conservative party might try to instill. Soros believes that everyone should have an equal right to vote.

Soros’ passion regarding equality and freedom of expression might come from his childhood. He writes that when he questioned his own values, he found, “Having lived through both Nazi persecution and Communist oppression, I came to the conclusion that what was paramount for me was an open society”. In his writing, he describes an open society as one which is open to new ideas, humble, and in which it is understood that no human being knows the ultimate truth. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

For Soros, politics, the economy, and philosophy blend seamlessly into one. In an essay written for The Atlantic, Soros sites a quote by Francis Bacon as a nugget of wisdom: “Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.” Soros implies that we can learn from Francis Bacon. Money should not be stagnantly hoarded in the hands of the few. It is best spread around equally, in a way that helps the good of all rather than the good of only a small percent.

Brian Bonar: A Professional Financial Specialist In San Diego

Brian worked for IBM as a manager and eventually became the director of engineering at a company called QMS. During his employment at qms he managed over a hundred people. After a few positions in the management department and director of engineering department he finally gave the experience he needed to move forward and start his own company called Bezier Systems. He continued to work for other companies like Dalrada Financial Services.Brian Bonar is among one of the top individuals in the USA financial world. He is a finance executive that has a leadership portfolio in several companies and a leading developer of imaging hardware and management applications. Brian Bonar is a businessman in the area of San Diego and during his years of education he pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree at James Watt Technical College in the 1960’s.

Not only is he excellent in the financial industry, he has also decided to purchase Bellamy’s at Escondido, which is a famous restaurant using multi-cultural menus that is a favorite of many guests. The restaurant closed down during a slow period, however, Bonar was determined to purchase the restaurant and rebrand it. Brian Bonar is a good example of what one individual can do to help and impact others. Brian enjoys taking the information that he knows and applying it to purchasing restaurants in the San Diego region and turning them into productive establishments.Brian Bonar is an extremely successful financial expert and experienced investor.

He is a pioneer within the business Incorporated, Trucept. Brian Bonar is a wizard that has made a significant name for himself in the world of counseling. He is famous for several things including the impact on business growth and its process towards improvement.Brian Bonar is an investor, a mechanical engineer, and a businessman. He has worked to create solutions that were quick and successful. When he sets a goal to change a business, he is able to play an enormous part in their profits and success.

David Giertz Highlights the Importance of Social Security for Retirement Planning

Recently, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz highlighted the importance of social security. With over thirty years of experience, David Giertz is presently the President of National Financial Distributors. Apart from this, he holds several other important positions like a very reputed broker with FINRA along with being the president, senior Vice president and director for other nationwide countries. His views, opinions and suggestions carry a lot of weight for all those involved with the financial realm.

In his interview to Wall Street Journal, David pointed out how people are not optimizing their Social Security benefits properly. One big reason for it is that even advisors are not even bringing up the topic in their advisory conversation as evident from a recent survey conducted by his company reported on He said that it not only caused people to lose at least hundreds of dollars over the years but also poses a serious risk for financial advisors to lose their clients.

Respected for his expertise in various financial niches including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc, David Giertz has four certifications within the field below his belt. Many clients look up to him for some invaluable advice. In his recent interview, he advised all his fellow finance advisors to start taking about the importance of social security number. He acknowledged that many advisors could be unsure or unaware of the numerous codes and regulations that are attached to these benefits on But he encouraged them to update themselves as it would benefit both the clients and the advisors alike in the long run. He emphasized that social security was perhaps the most important topic when planning for retirement and despite it was the most misused and misunderstood tool of present times. Maximizing on this benefit can reap long term benefits for both parties.


Why AXA Advisors is a Top Insurance Firm in the World

AXA is a French multinational insurance company with its headquarters in Paris. It specializes in the provision of various services including investment management, insurance among other financial services. The firm boasts of operations around the globe, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

AXA Advisors is one of the many different subsidiaries of AXA. Together with other firms like AXA Equitable Life Insurance, Alliance Bernstein, US Financial Life, MONY and AXA Network, they help to provide AXA financial services in the US. AXA Advisors is a firm that is driven by the goal of providing financial security to its families and customers.

AXA Advisors can trace its foundation from 1859 after Henry Hyde left the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He started his firm called Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. Currently, AXA has a reputation as the 1st insurance brand globally for eight years consecutively.

Philanthropy-wise, AXA takes part in numerous philanthropic activities. Some of them include the creation of the AXA Research Fund in 2008. Through the fund, AXA has funded about 256 research projects and awarded 11 endowments to research entities of excellence such as MetOffice, University of Bristol, NUS and many others.

Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is well-known as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors, LLC. He has vast experience in the industry spanning over 25 years. Vinny embarked on his career working as an agent for Prudential in 1987. This saw him being recognized as the National Rookie of the Year. Later in 1990, he left Prudential to join MONY Life Insurance Company. During his time at MONY Life Insurance, he held numerous regional as well as local regional field management roles. This was before moving to AXA Advisors in 2004.

At AXA Advisors, Vinny Parascandola has served in numerous capacities including co-manager of AXA’s New York branch, which boasts of about 400 financial experts in the tri-state region. He has also held the position of president Advantage Group. Currently, as the senior vice president, Vinny is in charge of management development, sales, retention, recruiting and development of new financial experts. Additionally, he has attained numerous accolades throughout his career including the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards.