Man Of Expansion, Man Of Innovation: Sheldon Lavin

In today’s world to have a leader who specializes in expansion and has a mind for innovation, you can see that results and success will follow. Because everything changes and the world is advancing at a very fast rate it only makes sense to speak of a man of innovation, and a man of expansion. Allow me to introduce you to Sheldon Lavin.

Mr Lavin join forces with one of the world’s biggest food producers OSI group more than four decades ago. Having the exclusive background in banking and investing there was clearly no better choice then Sheldon Lavin when it comes to joint ventures and acquisitions. From the beginning, most of his plans were orchestrated with a strategic purpose in mind. Due to  Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI has a Workforce of over 20,000 employees around the world with a global presence in many countries. It can be clearly seen that due to his influence OSI has a uniform and cohesive infrastructure that is sure to stand the test of time.

Along with being a very innovative individual, Mr Sheldon Lavin has no plans of stopping there. He has committed his vision to also reducing environmental impact, promoting a sustainable supply chain, and volunteering his contributions across the world. He has no discrimination and where he donates his funds. From charities for sick children to college funds, and also chronic illnesses. With a vast mental reservoir of knowledge, Sheldon Lavin is a paragon of society, a notable figure, and an example for all to behold. With such interest in green innovations, one can ascertain the importance of developing state-of-the-art institutions across the world. OSI group has state-of-the-art facilities in many countries around the world to produce food at a fast rate and not just food, but safe to eat food.

In conclusion, the world of food production has been greatly improved thanks to the innovations of the OSI group with such innovations being spearheaded by Mr Lavin. The many recipients of his philanthropic vision are able to pursue fields of interest that until then were not available to them. When you look at OSI Industries you normally would think of the beginning, the humble days, the times when OSI industries were virtually unknown. Fast forward that till today and you have the manifestation of Mr Lavin. This manifestation consists of expansion and innovation. A Model of excellence for us to behold.

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Milan Kordestani And The Many Things That Keep Him Busy

Born in Stanford, California, Milan Kordestani moved to London when he was 10 years old.

8 years later, Milan moved back to California where he attended Sacred Heart Preparatory High School and graduated.

Milan is now in college, writing for a prestigious newspaper, riding horses competitively, and running a business.

Milan’s international business, Milan Farms, is a 100% organic farm that grows eggs, saffron, and mint.

The young entrepreneur ships his eggs all across the west coast. He ships his mint and saffron, however, all over the world.

Milan raises his chickens in a humane way and is committed to always finding better, more innovative ways of running his business.

Kordestani is a great businessman in that he is as open as possible with his customers.

He feels that businessmen should keep no secrets from their customers and should always have an answer at the ready when a customer asks a question.

Milan has been horseback riding since he was 10 years old.

His first encounter with a horse didn’t go so well because the animal went wild and ran away.

Instead of becoming fearful, Milan searched for the horse and began to ride again.

This is pretty impressive behavior for a child. It showed fearlessness and determination in Milan even at such a young age.

Milan has won numerous competitions.

  • He won 4th place at the World’s Championship Horse Show in 2015.
  • Later that year, he was awarded 3rd place at the American Royal.
  • The next year, in 2016, Milan reached his highest ranking to date, earning an impressive 2nd place at the World’s Champion Horse Show.

Milan dreams of obtaining a 1st place blue ribbon.

People like Betts Coup of the National Horseman feel that he achieves huge goals in a short amount of time, and if he wants to win a blue ribbon, it is certainly possible for him.

When Milan isn’t riding horses competitively, he is hard at work writing.

The college student is a prolific writer who has a career at the Huffington Post, covering everything under the sun regarding politics, mental health, and agriculture.

Ryan Seacrest Is Such A Stud – But Has He Always Been This Way?

Long before American Idol: The Search for a Superstar, Live with Kelly and Ryan, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and the countless other television and radio shows he’s been a part of, Mr. Ryan Seacrest was once not nearly as attractive as he is today, definitely not in shape, and shy as shy can be.

However, the world hasn’t been privy to knowing how fat and out of shape Ryan Seacrest was during his younger years. During a sit-down, exclusive interview with Men’s Journal, found in both its print and digital publication, Ryan Seacrest revealed nearly everything regarding his decision to begin exercising, refrain from eating so much junk food, and also the idea of sharing with others that he was overweight as a child.

Here’s exactly why Ryan Seacrest came out of the proverbial closet of childhood unhealthiness

Most people across the Internet – at least those familiar with Ryan Seacrest, that is – are familiar with the photograph of the young, overweight Ryan Seacrest. He was very chubby – his cheeks resembled those of a human-sized, non-hairy chipmunk – he sported a far-too-large pair of aviator reading glasses, had on a short-sleeve collared polo t-shirt that had broad, navy blue and white stripes.

Everyone who has seen the picture might not even realize that its subject is none other than the now-study, well-dressed host Ryan Seacrest.

Mr. Seacrest shared in the Men’s Journal interview that he decided to come clean about his past because doing so felt like he was being true to himself. He also said that he was bullied as a kid, though all the self-doubt and verbal attacks of hate he experienced helped mold the fit Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) the entertainment business recognizes today.

The background of Mr. Seacrest

Most TV watchers, lifestyle site readers, and social media scrollers know that Seacrest is synonymous with American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, his first love came in the form of radio, which explains his long-held post as the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, during which he also broadcasts American Top 40.

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Robert Deignan – Entrepreneur and Business Man Making an Impact

Robert Deignan is a dynamic individual who is in step with the times of his life. He helped co-found Advanced Tech Support Digital Services. He is currently the company’s CEO. His company provides digital tech solutions for data storage needs, digital solutions, and mobile apps etc. Robert Deignan has an impressive background and education. He attended and received his degree from Purdue University in Business Management.

ATS was one of the nation’s first call centers to provide support for consumer applications. It is an impressive feat because the company had to acquire certification for 39 compliance parameters. The requirements are stringent to protect consumers. Robert Deignan is both an entrepreneur and business owner who is active outside of the business realm. He is quite active in sports, and has participated in the 79th sailfish derby. He competed as an angular and his team took the prize in a last-minute win. He likes to remind people that all work and no play makes people dull and uninteresting.

As such, he fits the mold of a person who knows how to balance work and life. Robert Deignan happens to be a jack of all trades in both his personal and professional life. His life is one of both competition and innovation. ATS operates on a simple, professional, platform. Based in Boca, Raton Florida, it believes that customer service is king. The company helps ensure that a person’s computer is safe, stable, and smooth running.

People visit the company’s website, and can call the company’s customer service number if they are having computer problems. Consumers consult with a company professional who is a knowledgeable technician. The company remotely accesses a customer’s computer to troubleshoot the problem. Then, the technician implements measures that protect the computer from future harm. The ATS business idea is simple, but it took a dynamic individual to pull it off and make it work. Making it work is the difficult part. Every day, Robert Deignan rises to the occasion.

OSI Group Impressive Growth under David McDonald

OSI Group is one of the leading companies in the production of food. This company provides services to both retailers and wholesale distributors in the industry. It sells packaged protein items, and some of these foods are availed in popular eateries. Despite being headquartered in Illinois, it has contributed towards the creation of employment opportunities to several people in the 17 countries where it is located. This company was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky to deal with meat trade solely. Since then, it has experienced several changes that have seen it make lots of revenues. OSI Group was once recognized by Forbes as being one of the largest private entities.

The success of OSI Group can be attributed to its President David McDonald who has uses his skills to identify growth opportunities. From an early age, David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, always had an interest in the agricultural sector. Having been raised in IOWA, David McDonald has a lot of experience working on farms. To further his knowledge in the farming sector, David McDonald pursued a degree in animal science. In 1991, he joined the OSI group and through his commitment, he is now the president of this company.

An amazing aspect of OSI Group is that over the years, it has experienced tremendous growth. Notably, its expansion strategies have increased its popularity. This year, the company has merged with Turi. David McDonald said that this merger would contribute towards the development of innovative ways to meet the needs of customers. In 2016, the company acquired a Dutch-based company known as Baho Food. It is worth noting that Baho Foods was well established and had created a customer base in 18 European countries. David McDonald asserted that this acquisition was a great deal for the company. According to him, the deal would complement the OSI Groups operations and products, and this would lead to increased revenues. David McDonald sees that the increase of chicken capacity in Spain would lead to increased growth. Under David McDonald, the company also acquired Flagship, a European based company that is involved with food production.

Undoubtedly, David McDonald is enhancing OSI Group’s sustainability. He is on the lookout for mergers and acquisitions that will promote growth for the company. His goal is to ensure that the company continues to become innovative and meet the changing consumer needs.

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Stream Energy Helps More People See Lower Rates

Stream Energy is an energy provider that helps people get lower rates on the electricity they already have. The company works with other people and knows there are things they can do to help them through the issues they have. The company also knows things will continue getting better since they help so many people with the issues they have with electricity rates. They spend a lot of time learning how to get the best rates and they do their best to show people things will keep getting better no matter what issues they normally run into with providers. Between the hard work the company puts into the business and the things they do for their customers, they know what they can keep doing to give back to everyone who does the best job possible. They make a lot of choices that help them see how things will always get better no matter what.

For Stream Energy, the point of helping people is part of their business. Since Stream Energy started their business based on giving back and helping others, they knew things would keep getting better. They also knew everything would continue helping other people because of the hard work they put into the business. It made sense for them to do the best job possible and the best things that would help them on their own. Stream Energy knew what they wanted to do and they always stuck to their goals no matter what they were trying to make happen.

Since Stream continues helping people and continues giving back in different situations, they’ve felt good about everything they do. They now run the Stream Cares foundation and that helps them see things will keep getting better for their business. It also gives them a chance to provide people with positive experiences. They use the foundation to keep giving back and show others the right way to get the best energy experiences. It helps them branch out and also gives them a chance to provide community outreach they wouldn’t normally offer to other people who need their help in different situations.

Adam Milstein Is Paving The Way For Future Jewish Leaders To Make A Difference

Adam Milstein is an activist, philanthropist, supporter of the Jewish people and state, the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and an author on The Times Of Israel blog. He is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), and he supports a wide range of organizations that serve to make the world a better place for the people of Israel as well as Jews all around the world. He was born in Israel and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He moved to the United States in 1981 and went on to receive his MBA while studying at USC.

Adam Milstein believes that Jewish people, in today’s world, need better leadership; the kind of leadership that helps people to get through the obstacles of the day. While it is true that many leaders have to deal with being isolated and ridiculed, what they do to inspire people can change the world. In the past, Israel and the Jewish community have had plenty of great leaders to choose from. The original leaders of the Jewish state of Israel worked very hard to create a solid foundation for the budding state. During World War II, many great leaders stepped forward, and one of these included Mordechai Anielewicz who inspired the Jewish people to not back down from the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Adam Milstein is pointing out that today the state of Israel and its people are in danger of being eradicated from hate groups and campaigns like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Adam Milstein knows that with all of the hate and division that is being put out into the world, it is important to have strong leaders that can remain stable during times of great friction. In his daily work as a philanthropist, he meets with many of the upcoming, potential future leaders of Israel, and he also works to support the Jewish American community so they can also support their heroes and leaders.

In today’s divided world, people like Adam Milstein are doing their best to create the kind of environment where the Jewish leaders of tomorrow can make an impact.

Companies Like O2Pur Are Making eCigs More Popular

Smoking has been popular for a very long time, and today there are various different ways for people to smoke, including the ever-growing eCigs. This is not surprising when looking at the facts since there is an abundance of different benefits that come along with eCigs that normal cigarettes do not provide. The eCig industry is becoming vast today and there is a lot of information out there to learn that can be a little overwhelming for those who haven’t dabbled in vaping yet.

One of the biggest differences between eCigs and normal cigarettes is the variety of different flavors to choose from. While there are different choices of cigarettes out there, they cannot compete with literally hundreds of different flavors of eJuice that can be used for vaping. O2Pur offers a wide range of flavors for all levels of vapors to try out and even flavorless for those who do not want the taste at all.

Choosing eCigs over normal cigarettes has another big advantage as well, money saving. Anyone who smokes cigarettes knows just how expensive it can be to maintain the habit, but with eCigs, this cost is significantly reduced. Companies such as O2Pur offer highly affordable rates for all their products so that even beginners can feel comfortable joining in on the vaping trend. There are plenty of user reviews on the company website for O2Pur products, which are important for determining the quality and what may be good or bad about a particular device.

Unlike smoking normal cigarettes, which are disposable and usually get littered around the house or neighborhood, eCigs are designed to be used multiple times and produce a much smaller amount of waste in comparison. There are many different options to choose from for powering a vaping device, with different rank sizes, battery lengths, and various other aspects that come in to play when using an eCig.

There are a lot of new things to discover for those who are new to the whole vaping experience, but it is not so scary after getting one foot in the door. O2Pur has some great starter equipment for beginners to start gaining experience on the eCig craze that is still growing today.

Tweet Storm Brings Shervin Pishevar Into The Minds Of More People

There were definitely some people who did not know who Shervin Pishevar was before his recent tweet storm. This storm took place over twenty-one hours and involved some fifty tweets. They ranged in topic from Bitcoin to the rising influence and power of China on the world stage. To say that Shervin Pishevar covered a lot of ground is an understatement. He definitely made a huge impact on everyone who read what he was tweeting about.

The first tweet from Shervin Pishevar in this particular storm was like a bolt of lightening out of the blue. It was unexpected by a lot of people because he had not been tweeting for a while. In fact, just the fact that he was back on the social network surprised some people. It meant that many had their attention drawn to what he would say next.

He started it all off by talking about how a recent stock market decline should be attributed at least in part to the polices of President Donald Trump. He made the case that some investors were fleeing the market because they were concerned about the instability that the President was bringing to those markets with his unpredictable behavior. That may be true, but not everyone is willing to say it. Shervin Pishevar did not mind going there. He would continue on to talk about how China was going to become the leading world superpower and how Bitcoin was not as safe of an investment as some people may have hoped.

Shervin Pishevar did not hold back any punches at the end of the day. He was willing to go after anyone or any institution if it made sense to him to do so. Therefore, not everyone likes what Pishevar has to say or how he says it. That being said, he does have the track record to back himself up. Early investments in Airbnb and Uber are plenty of proof that the man knows a thing or two about making wise investment choices for the future. If he is that good at predicting something like that, what is to say that he doesn’t know about other economic factors as well?

Jordan Lindsey’s Successful Career and Developments

Lindsey’s Background

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital. In addition, he is also the CEO of Bitcoin Growth. Lindsey grew up in New York. He was very active and involved in sports during his childhood. He described himself as an entrepreneur from a very young age. He always had a passion for competition. He is constantly seeking new ways to make improvements. He is a prominent figure in the forex market.

Lindsey attended Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. Jordan Lindsey has extensive experience with many cultures and countries including Argentina and Mexico, both of which he resided in for a period of time. Jordan Lindsey is an algo trader. He offers premier financial advisory.

During Lindsey’s adult years, he took a trip to San Francisco, and subsequently decided to reside there permanently. He took well to the atmosphere of friendly competition and encouragement. He went on to successfully create the first completely transparent cryptocurrency trading bot.

Lesson Jordan Lindsey Has Learned

Jordan Lindsey describes himself as a “self-taught” programmer. He is a system designer and experienced algo trader. Lindsey describes his past jobs as learning lessons. He says learning to be a team player and leader are important qualities. He believes any successful team must have a solid foundation of trust in order to survive. He believes in evolving as a team for long-term success.

Lindsey has learned extensive preparation is the surest way to achieve success. He believes preparation is the only way to ensure goals are met on time.

In order to increase productivity, he mentally visualized each task he needs to finish by the end of the day, as opposed to writing it down in a notebook. He mentally prioritizes the importance and urgency of the task at hand. After many years of trial and error, Jordan Lindsey knows the best path for meeting goals. He is an inspiration to many forex brokers and algo traders. His advancement in forex are greatly admired and appreciated.