O2PUR wants a hold of the E-cig Market Share

The E-cig market has revolutionized the traditional way of smoking cigarette. People are now embracing E-cigs as more products are being launched into the market by different manufacturers. E-cig works in a manner that the conventional heating of tobacco has been replaced by vapor.

O2Pur is one such company that is vying to make a kill in this lucrative but new market. Alpha Vending LLC, a Utah based company, is responsible for the exciting product. The company has announced its entrance with several eye-catching E-cig that is set to capture the users’ attention. Its current product is the O2Pur which uses the vape system. Users will practically get to enjoy their dose of nicotine without having to endure the chocking smoke effect. It also comes with scented and flavored taste giving users a pleasant experience. Also, the company will also be launching other products such as Vape pens with 10ml bottles of o2pur e-liquid and nicotine salts e-liquid. Their products also come with a free starter kit to aid in easy usage.

But the market has also got existing players who have also launched their E-cig products. Reynolds American is a company that also wants to get hold of the broader market share with their E-cigs. They developed the Vuse E-Cig which has become very successful in the American market. The company also produced the Blu Cig back in 2012 which performed well before being sold to Imperial Tobacco.

British American Tobacco has also developed their IFuse glo E-cig which makes use of their HNB technology. The product has been launched in the Japanese market and has been accepted positively.

Another company aiming to make a name for itself in the E-Cig market is Philip Morris. Their favorite IQOS device has performed well in the market since being launched. The device resembles a pen with an opening where the users insert the cigarette. The device uses flavored e-liquid rather than the traditional tobacco.

E-cig market looks very appealing as companies look set to develop new and enchanting products that will appeal to the customers.

Find out more about O2pur: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-cigarettes/story?id=23445234