Equities First Holdings New Office In Australia

With three locations in Australia, Equities First Holdings has been able to move into this very lucrative market. In 2016, they relocated their Melbourne office to the heart of the city. This was a wise move on their part as it gave them access to new clients as well as providing easier contact with their current clients. The new offices are much larger and will allow them to expand their staff. The Sydney and Perth offices have also seen a growth in business and are looking to expand their clientele. Equities First Holdings was started in the United States but now has offices in nine countries. They recently moved their headquarters to Kenya, Africa. The company has been able to obtain funding for their clients through the use of corporate stock.

They have simplified the process for getting loans and businesses are very responsive to this. The Australian business market has been seeing an increase in recent years and obtaining loans for expansion is very important. Equities First Holdings is currently leading the way for business to grow and they are considered to be the top financial advisement company in the country. They are experienced in all aspects of business.

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Talos Energy Moving In New Direction With Merger

In a deal that created one of the largest energy providers in the Gulf of Mexico, Talos Energy and Stone Energy merged together as a publicly traded company in May 2018.

Talos Energy, the offshore oil and gas producer based in Houston, TX, acquired the ailing Stone Energy Corporation based in Lafayette, LA. The nearly $2 billion merger was finalized this past quarter after months of negotiations.

The focus of the merged company places Talos Energy at the forefront of the booming offshore drilling market taking place in the Gulf of Mexico. Capitalizing on new energy laws that allow for foreign oil and gas investors in Mexico, Talos Energy has plans to expand operations, especially after the company’s Zama Oil Deposit discovery last year.

The Zama discovery uncovered between 1.4 and two billion barrels of oil and is located in the Sureste Basin in Mexico. A Zama-1 well discovered the field in July 2017. The discovery is the first major one since the country began its deregulation process and an optimistic start for Talos Energy.

Currently, Talos Energy is the operator overseeing the Zama Oil discovery project, as the area requires more research and development. The full extent of the discovery is preliminary and the developers are working on ways to learn more about the site.

As both Talos Energy and Stone Energy merge, Talos Chief Executive Officer Timothy Duncan will retain his position with the company. While the new company headquarters will move to Houston, satellite offices will be located in both Lafayette and New Orleans, respectively.

Another major change for the company will be it’s public trading on the New York Stock Exchange. When Talos Energy was founded initially, it did so with financial backing from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings, two private equity firms. The plan was to make an initial public offering in 2014 or 2015, but the flailing oil market made the move too risky.

But now with the acquisition of Stone Energy, Talos Energy began trading publicly under the “TALO ” ticker late last month.

With this new move, Talos Energy is positioned to be a leader in offshore oil and gas production in the Gulf region.

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Peter Briger: An Influential Investor And Entrepreneur From San Francisco

The Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest private equity firms operating in the United States today. The company was established by three visionary entrepreneurs, who are based in New York and San Francisco. One of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group is Peter Briger, who was born and raised in San Francisco. He attended some of the most prestigious schools in the United States, including the Princeton University and the University Of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business. Right after he graduated from the university, he decided to travel all across the United States and looked for a place where he could work.

Peter Briger started his career working with financial companies, and he was able to develop skills and expertise that would allow him to gain promotions in his chosen field. During his stint as a financial partner under the BlackRock Asset Investors, he met Randal Nardone and Wesley Edens, who are from New York. The three became close friends, and they had an idea of creating their own company from scratch. The three brainstormed on what kind of business they should establish, and according to Peter Briger, they should start a business that would focus on business and finance because it would yield the most profit. The three also decided to resign from BlackRock Asset Investors before they established their company.

Right after the founders have set everything in place, the Fortress Investment Group came to be. The company was founded in 1998, and it experienced tremendous growth in a short span of time. Years after the company’s establishment, the number of assets that they are managing keeps on increasing, and in the present, around $60 billion to $70 billion worth of assets are being handled by the Fortress Investment Group.

In 2007, Peter Briger and his colleagues thought about introducing an IPO that would benefit the company. It was later on revealed at the New York Stock Exchange, and shares were offered to the public. Peter Briger is the one who decided upon the idea, and it helped the company to become a stronger and formidable one. The stocks and shares that they offered to the public accounted for more than 8% of the company, or at a value of $600 million. The selling of the company shares to the public also helped them get through the disastrous recession which paralyzed American economy in 2008.

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Robert Deignan – Entrepreneur and Business Man Making an Impact

Robert Deignan is a dynamic individual who is in step with the times of his life. He helped co-found Advanced Tech Support Digital Services. He is currently the company’s CEO. His company provides digital tech solutions for data storage needs, digital solutions, and mobile apps etc. Robert Deignan has an impressive background and education. He attended and received his degree from Purdue University in Business Management.

ATS was one of the nation’s first call centers to provide support for consumer applications. It is an impressive feat because the company had to acquire certification for 39 compliance parameters. The requirements are stringent to protect consumers. Robert Deignan is both an entrepreneur and business owner who is active outside of the business realm. He is quite active in sports, and has participated in the 79th sailfish derby. He competed as an angular and his team took the prize in a last-minute win. He likes to remind people that all work and no play makes people dull and uninteresting.

As such, he fits the mold of a person who knows how to balance work and life. Robert Deignan happens to be a jack of all trades in both his personal and professional life. His life is one of both competition and innovation. ATS operates on a simple, professional, platform. Based in Boca, Raton Florida, it believes that customer service is king. The company helps ensure that a person’s computer is safe, stable, and smooth running.

People visit the company’s website, and can call the company’s customer service number if they are having computer problems. Consumers consult with a company professional who is a knowledgeable technician. The company remotely accesses a customer’s computer to troubleshoot the problem. Then, the technician implements measures that protect the computer from future harm. The ATS business idea is simple, but it took a dynamic individual to pull it off and make it work. Making it work is the difficult part. Every day, Robert Deignan rises to the occasion.


The Welcoming Home Of Tommy Tune Goes To Oil Magnate Tony Petrello’s Home

Tony Petrello may be a strictly business hard negotiator while he’s up in his office at Nabors Industries, but he’s got quite a different side when he’s engaging in philanthropy or welcoming people to his home. His most recent notable guest was Broadway star Tommy Tune, the winner of several Tony awards for his role in the shows of “My One and Only,” “The Will Rogers Follies” and “Seesaw.” The star had returned home to Houston to do a performance that was somewhat autobiographical at the Miller Outdoor Theater, and afterward he was brought to the Petrello home for a reception party. The two men shared conversation in various topics, and Tune was honored to meet Petrello’s wife the former TV actress Cynthia Carrafa, and his daughter Carena. Tune is not the only one Petrello has extended his generosity to.

Tony Petrello has been among some of the world’s wealthiest executives and actually took the title of top-paid Chief Executive Officer in 2013. He has been in the CEO and chairman positions at the company since 2011, and he’s seen the rollout of M-800 and M-1000 rig series as part of the company’s large drilling portfolio. Nabors Industries is also the new partner of the Saudi Aramco company and helped start their joint SANAD company, and they also now own Tesco Corporation. Petrello has an innate ability to solve problems that those who knew him in college, such as Lloyd Grove remarked about in certain articles.

Tony Petrello first showed his abilities in solving problems as a young math student in high school and later Yale University. He was a student and later assistant of Professor Serge Lange, one of the world’s best mathematicians while getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. But his next move was to become a lawyer because he decided his problem solving skills might be better applied to financial law. Petrello excelled in tax compliance and offshore money transfers while serving as an associate and partner at Baker & McKenzie. He joined Nabors Industries in 1991.

Besides Tommy Tune, Petrello has contributed to many other music, arts and education non-profits through a family foundation. But he’s made his largest contribution to the Texas Children’s Hospital of $7 million to support neurology research. His daughter Carena who was born with periventricular leukomalacia and currently has cerebral palsy has been the primary reason he has done this, but he also hopes to see more precision medicine brought into the field to prevent CP and other disorders.

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Stream Energy Helps More People See Lower Rates

Stream Energy is an energy provider that helps people get lower rates on the electricity they already have. The company works with other people and knows there are things they can do to help them through the issues they have. The company also knows things will continue getting better since they help so many people with the issues they have with electricity rates. They spend a lot of time learning how to get the best rates and they do their best to show people things will keep getting better no matter what issues they normally run into with providers. Between the hard work the company puts into the business and the things they do for their customers, they know what they can keep doing to give back to everyone who does the best job possible. They make a lot of choices that help them see how things will always get better no matter what.

For Stream Energy, the point of helping people is part of their business. Since Stream Energy started their business based on giving back and helping others, they knew things would keep getting better. They also knew everything would continue helping other people because of the hard work they put into the business. It made sense for them to do the best job possible and the best things that would help them on their own. Stream Energy knew what they wanted to do and they always stuck to their goals no matter what they were trying to make happen.

Since Stream continues helping people and continues giving back in different situations, they’ve felt good about everything they do. They now run the Stream Cares foundation and that helps them see things will keep getting better for their business. It also gives them a chance to provide people with positive experiences. They use the foundation to keep giving back and show others the right way to get the best energy experiences. It helps them branch out and also gives them a chance to provide community outreach they wouldn’t normally offer to other people who need their help in different situations.


OSI Group Spent Most Of 2016 In Global Food Production And Acquisition

Small and large businesses can reap the benefits of global expansion simultaneously. Especially when the development travels to overseas market, the company is set to gain more revenue than before. Just like with a new venture that penetrates the industry, the foreign expansion consumes time and other resources. Additionally, it requires careful planning and execution. Besides, these businesses need to be keen on cultural differences that a new business model. One company that has successfully ventured into global expansion is OSI Group. In 2016, this company built its rapport on the basis of acquiring food manufacturing plants.

OSI Group’s first purchase in that year was Tyson Foods, a facility based in Chicago and adjacent to OSI Plant. The short distance between fostered a smooth operation in the merger as it supports the continued expansion of the firm. Regarding this acquisition, the senior executive of OSI North America, Kevin Scott said that the new facility would give OSI Group an additional client base alongside the capacity to meet the ever-growing demands of the company. He also added that he was pleased by the additional production capacity.

Comments on Tyson Foods Acquisition

Although the senior executives of OSI Group withheld more details regarding the acquisition, the Tyson Foods representative admittedly stated that the company was an active operator of food division. In 2015, the facility was shut down based on the losses incurred by the company. During the acquisition, Tyson Foods transferred the entire workload to OSI Group.

Baho Foods

In August 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch-based snack, meat as well as convenience food industries. Just like with the other contracts, the executives withheld the financial details of the acquisition. However, the conglomerate has a vast client base, especially in the European market. Regarding this acquisition, David McDonald, the serving president of OSI Group said that his company has sufficient resources to invest in global expansion.
Currently, Baho Food is the sole owner of Q Smart Life, Henri van Bilt and Frischwaren. These companies have processing plants in the Netherlands.

Flagship Europe

Last but not least, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe in late 2016. The company manufactures pies, sauces, mayonnaise and dressings for the United Kingdom market. Initially, Flagship Europe purchased Calder Foods, a company that supplies mayonnaise, marinades, sandwich fillings and sauces. OSI Group is a universal food provider for meat-based products. The company partners with business-oriented firms to provide excellent services alongside enough supply to cater to demand.

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David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald was born in the northeastern part of Iowa. In 1987 he graduated from Iowa State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He also received the Warren E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He now serves as the president and the Chief Operating Officer at the OSI Group.

McDonald’s fascination with improving Iowa State led him to contribute to its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiatives. He is also involved in the church duties at St. Michael Parish, Wheaton. Aside from all this, he is the chairman of the American Meat Institute.

OSI Group is a globally known business. it majorly supplies protein products. The company has its headquarters located in Illinois. It has over 50 branches which are spread across a number of countries. The company has had major improvements in its production and processing sector. The company has started a beef processing industry in Poland and an advanced feed mill in Shandong Province. It has also focused on improving and expanding its markets and providing its consumers with high quality products.

As the COO of the company, McDonald has created interconnections between the group and locally based corporates. He has also created international networks with countries worldwide. He has also ensured that all the teams assigned in various regional offices understand their consumers’ preferences in terms of taste and culture.

The OSI group acquired Baho Food. In McDonald’s opinion, the acquisition expanded the influence of the company all across Europe. He added that Baho’s line of products has greatly enhanced ISO Group’s products and services. The Baho Foods director was as well pleased with the acquisition. Aside from Baho Foods, the OSI Group has acquired other firms such as Tyson Food and Flagship Europe, with McDonald as the president.

McDonald was interviewed by the CEOCFO Magazine. He had a lot of things to say about the OSI Group. He states that he had been working at the company for over 30 years. He also stated that ever since he became a part of the company, it has always shown great signs of seeking improvements. He also states that the company strives to improve how it serves its consumers. It also improves transparency and trust amongst its members and the consumers. He as well stated that the consumers are majorly their motivators when it comes to innovation and improvements.

When asked about how they cope with the dynamic global changes, he stated that they always react to the changes as early as they occur so as to have an upper hand competitively against other companies in the same line of production. He additionally stated that he was pleased with the tremendous growth among his team members, the company and as well his personal growth.

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OSI Group Bolsters European Presence With Acquisition Of Baho Food

One of America’s largest meat processing companies has purchased Baho Food of The Netherlands. OSI Group, with international headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois, saw a perfect fit in Baho, a manufacturer of deli meat, convenience foods and snacks sold in retail outlets across Europe.

The purchase increases the already considerable and burgeoning international presence for OSI which has 65 facilities operating in 17 countries around the world. The company has a strong presence in Europe, including Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. OSI enjoys 10 locations in China. It also operates in Japan, the Philippines, India and Taiwan. It operates in South America, as well.

OSI Group President David McDonald said the Baho Foods acquisition gives his company significant leverage to compete in European markets. He called Baho a “perfect fit with OSI” because Baho’s brands are highly compatible with OSI processing capabilities. He also said it puts OSI in a better position to focus on specific customer needs, especially in The Netherlands and Germany.

Baho Food has five facilities in Germany and The Netherlands. The original Baho management team is expected to stay at the helm of the Baho operation. They say they are looking forward to working with their new parent company on marketing strategy and plotting out new venues for growth.

John Balvers is managing director of Baho Food. He said that becoming part of the OSI Group is a major step forward for his operation and employees – not to mention the superior capability it will provide in servicing customers with more diverse and exciting products.

OSI Group has been moving aggressively to grow and expand in recent years. Consider that in 2011 the company was listed as the 136th largest privately-held company in the U.S. with annual revenues of about $3 billion. By 2016, Forbes had it at No. 58 on its list with annual revenues of $6 billion.

OSI Group has been operating in the greater Chicago area for more than a century. It was established as a simple, family-owned meat market shop in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. It became Otto & Sons in 1928 – the business thrived under the family ownership of the Kolschowsky family because they developed a reputation for high quality meats and fair dealings with customers.

Today OSI Group is an international leader in meat processing. It is recognized to be among the world’s most innovative company in terms of adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

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Fortress Investment Group Profited From Sale Of Riverplace Tower In Jacksonville FL

Fortress Investment Group received a tremendous profit from the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida that is located on the St Johns River downtown. The Riverplace Tower is a 28 story tower sitting on the waterfront and has 444,000 square foot of A class space. Fortress Investment Group partnered with Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners to purchase the Riverplace Tower in 2014 for $29 million and the property sold for $53.4 million. Fortress Investment Group has established a reputation for strategically purchasing opportunistic commercial real estate opportunities that generate extremely large returns on investment for its international clients.

Fortress Investment Group created an extremely lucrative windfall with the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida and provides key insight into the intellectual analysis of commercial real estate opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has grown accustomed to investing in. Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more respected an opportunistic alternative asset investment firms in the world. They are a global investor in various asset classes including real estate, credit, illiquid credit instruments, private equity and various other alternative asset categories. The company was founded in 1998 in New York City, New York and quickly became known for their risky investments within various underperforming and distressed asset categories. More recently, they have established themselves as shrewd commercial real estate investors by capitalizing on opportunities around the world to create tremendous returns on investment in underperforming assets. The leadership of Wes Edens and Peter Briger both Co-Founders of Fortress Investment Group, the company is transitioning into the future with strong leadership and savvy investment skill sets from its experienced and knowledgeable executive staff.

Fortress Investment Group actively seeks out opportunities to invest in properties similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida. Those similar opportunities are prime for renovation and stabilization in order to generate astronomical returns on investment and relatively short periods of time. The human capital within Fortress Investment Group has created a culture of analysis and evaluation of various asset groups to determine intrinsic value and see past the surface of alternative assets that are distressed or underperforming. The Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund at Fortress Investment Group has established the resources and capital to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves anywhere on the planet. Fortress Investment Groups’ diversified global portfolio has more than $36 billion in assets under management and provides strong returns on investments for it’s over 1750 private investor and institutional clients worldwide.

Fortress Investment Group is currently owned by SoftBank group a global technology investment firm that specializes in internet services, telecommunications, smart robots, and various other forward moving technologies that are establishing the next stage of the information revolution. After the purchase of Fortress Investment Group, the entire executive staff was retained within Fortress in order to provide stability and continuity of their strategies, business approach, and other strategic blueprints to succeed within the alternative asset business. Fortress Investment Group continues to expand and thrive within the alternative asset arena by strategically purchasing assets similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida where they receive a tremendous return on investment with the purchase, stabilization, and sale of that commercial real estate opportunity.

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