Troy McQuagge Receives the Gold CEO of the Year Award From One Planet Business and Professional Awards

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of US Health Group Inc. He is passionate about the insurance industry. He was honored as the Gold winner chief executive officer of the year in 2016 by One Platinum Business and Professional Global Awards. He won after his credentials and accomplishments were nominated to the One Planet Business and Professional Award program. This is a global premier award program that acknowledges companies from all over the world for services offered, new products and services, innovation, corporate communications, and marketing. He is an insurance veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry that has strengthened his leadership skills. He acknowledged collective efforts of the entire team in the US Health Group in making the company shine in the competitive industry.

Troy Mcquagge attained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the Central Florida University. This propelled him to his first career with the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. Troy also holds a B.A in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He joined the university in 1995 and was involved in building the two largest captive career insurance sales organizations. He is a visionary leader with strong business acumen. This has been evident throughout his career journey.

Troy Mcquagge joined US Health Group as President and CEO of the company’s insurance sales subsidiary known as US Health Advisors, LLC in 2010. He led the company to its highest record of sales. He has led the company to record multiple annual sales and a significant growth of 500% since 2010. His outstanding performance eventually made him be elected the president and CEO of US Health Group Inc. in 2014. US Health Group Inc. is an insurance company based in Fort Worth Texas. Its focus is to provide innovative health insurance packages to self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their employees. It seeks to combine the team players talent and agents to market competitive tailor-made insurance products to cater for the specific needs of the clients. The company also received numerous awards for an innovative approach towards insurance delivery under his leadership. He is a record setting leader who has always produced remarkable results in every organization.



The USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company based in Ft. Worth, Texas that concentrates on providing health coverage for self-employed individuals and young entrepreneurs. The company seeks to use their employees’ and agents abilities to market competitive and remunerative insurance products and also still get to offer quality customer service. The company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge was named the Gold Winner of the renowned One Planet AwardsSM as the chief executive officer of the year. The awards are held in high esteem because it is a global premier awards program that tributes business and expects excellence in every business field in the world.

Mr. McQuagge was goal-oriented from the day he joined the company in 2010 and sought to make it a better business than he found it by reconstructing its captive distribution agency, the company’s advisors. The smart move led to his election as the CEO of the company in 2014. USHEALTH Group, Inc has had recommendable profits compared to other health insurance companies under his leadership earning him recognition in a global awards program.

He appears to be a people’s man and quite humble especially when he does not hesitate to mention that the award is not only his but for the whole company as well due to their diligence and commitment in making healthcare affordable to all their customers. He also said that the corporation seeks to resolve the health care affordability issue by offering sufficient coverage as their clients’ healthcare grows. A good leader recognizes that it takes teamwork to make every activity carried out successful and Mr. McQuagge knows that. Probably that is why he got the award for CEO of the year. For his exemplary leadership qualities. This award may just be what the company needs to move steps close to achieving their goals in future since it gives them an advantage over their competitors.

The One PlanetSM awards recognize businesses for their success in their fields. The awards are separated into kinds and sections that include executives (Mr. McQuagge’s award), teams, new products and services offered by a company, Public Relations, Marketing and Cooperate Communications. The good thing about the awards is that they seek to recognize excellence in any business with no discrimination across the globe, even in Africa. All organizations are qualified to take part in the nominations by submitting them to their website where one fills a form and after that gets an online entry kit link that summarizes the steps needed to submit successful entries. ( The nominations include public and private, profit and non-profit, largest to smallest and new start-ups. The program has seven executives each heading a docket. They are led by San Madan, their president.

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The Illustrious Career of Maggie Gill as the CEO of Memorial Health

In this world, there are fewer women in leadership positions in numerous companies that that of women. For this reason, it calls upon the patience of men to work towards leading the women under them with a lot of disparity. However, there are few women in the leadership positions with disappointments. Management, as it is with leadership, has many things to do with the mind and state of the person at the position. Instead, they have made their names for themselves and owned up their management positions and roles provided that women can be trusted with such management positions in the world. As a matter of fact, Maggie Gill is one of the most influential women in this category with the capability to dispense such behaviours. She is one of the well-respected persons under the CEO position at Memorial Health.


Maggie Gill has also worked to hold numerous leadership positions in top entities and companies requiring good brains and entities which work to the betterment of positions in the world. As a matter of fact, she has proven to be a necessary instrument beyond the doubt of a noble mind in this post. Because of these attributes, he has worked to prove to many people of how he has worked to maintain a better managerial position in the company. She attained a bachelor’s degree from Florida University accompanied with an MBA from the Saint Leo University based in Florida. Moreover, she has also worked to attain a certification in management and strategic thinking from Wharton School.


Before Maggie joined the Medical Center in Memorial University in 2004 as the President and Manager at the Financial Department, she had worked to serve the CFO and the Tenet South Health System at the company for over half a decade. While she was working for the Tenet South Company as one of the managing directors, she also worked Chief Financial Officer of the Company in different perspectives in the system. For this reason, she gained all the experience she needed to run a modern medical centre in this system. While she was also serving at the Tennant Company, she got an opportunity to work in different management positions in other companies. Some of the businesses that were privileged to receive her service include the Miami North Sore Medical Center, the Coral Gobbles Hospital, and the Palmetto General Hospital based in Hialeah. She has experienced unpatrolled experiences ever since she started working in the company.