Louis Chenevert: A Focused And Visionary Leader

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who is fondly recognized for his role as the former chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He became chairman in January 2010 but was elected President and CEO in April 2008.

After obtaining his first degree, Louis Chenevert had an extremely productive work experience at General Motors’ St. Therese operation where he served as the company’s Production General Manager. However, he had to leave GM in 1993 to join an aerospace manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney after spending 14 years at the company.

At that time, the company – Pratt and Whitney – was in dire need of an actual change of leadership in its Canadian branch. Louis Chenevert did not only prove to be fit for the job but he also showcased a strong ability to handle the job by helping to improve the organization’s processes through hard work and proper insights. Not too long afterward, he was elected as the company’s president.

Apart from helping to transform the aerospace industry, it is also interesting to know that the Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert happened to be very impactful in influencing every business organization that came along his way. One of which is a multinational corporation known as United Technologies Corporation (UTC). In 2006, a serious downturn in the market economy was observed to the extent that many companies were sustaining profit losses. The onus then lied on Mr. Chenevert to boost profitability and efficiency in the company’s productivity.

In a bid to protect the corporation from the prevailing economic downturn, Chenevert had to make a series of improvements such as encouraging teamwork in a centralized location, ignoring the conventional wisdom around outsourcing, and arranging the acquisition of other establishments like the Goodrich Corporation which did yield meaningful results.

Mr. Chenevert is an alumnus of the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management. In 2011, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the same Institution. Aside from being the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC, Chenevert also serves as Chairman of HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board.


The Real Estate Developer Behind The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a classic example of someone who took their future into their own hands and made it in the industry that they work in. Coming from a slightly humble background, Vertucci faced a number of hardships while growing up. His family struggled just to meet their basic needs, and the situation worsened after the death of his father when he was still a child. When he was eighteen, Nick Vertucci decided to start up his own company selling computer parts.

The business proved to be incredibly successful for the first few years but suddenly began to drop after the technological recession during the 2000s. This caused all of the work that Vertucci to go into a downward spiral and was something that caused a tremendous amount of strain to his business. Seeing this downfall, Vertucci decided that it was time for him to make a switch to a field that would be able to support him even during this period of crisis. The field that he turned towards was real estate, which later becomes the place where Vertucci would make his living and become a well-known name.

After spending a number of years working in real estate and building up an extensive portfolio, Vertucci realized that this was something that almost anyone with the right mindset could do. He knew a lot of people who were in tough situations, and real estate was the way to get out of them. To educate people about the profits that they can earn from this field, and also encourage people to achieve their dreams, he decided to start up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This was one venture that would go on to help thousands of people who otherwise felt like they had no way out of the tight financial situations that they are in.

The Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Academy, hosts several programs all over the country for those who want to know how to get into the industry and work towards a better future for themselves. Through the programs that are held here, Vertucci has been a saving grace, and people are now can support themselves in a better manner.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://twitter.com/nvrea?lang=en

The Philanthropy and Career of Ryan Seacrest

If there is one man who is leading the way in philanthropy inside the entertainment industry, that man would be Ryan Seacrest. Most popularly known for his hosting of American Idol, Gladiator 2000, and Fear Factor (in addition to many radio, film, sports, and production roles), Ryan started a wave of good hope for children in pediatric hospitals who are in need of an uplifted spirit. Ryan created the very first Seacrest Studios, under his nonprofit organization “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”, on the top floor of a seven-story hospital in California named The Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Children’s Hospital of Orange County, or CHOC, has been home to many celebrities who have stopped in to spread the love and lift children’s Spirits in need. Seacrest Studios is a state-of-the-art recording studio on the 7th floor of CHOC where patients of the hospital can use green screens to make music videos to songs, can listen to interviews of celebrities, can see live performances from various artists, and where doctors can make announcements to the entire hospital very easily. Some visitors to the hospital include the likes of Alessia Cara, celebrity artist Usher, Jason Derulo, actress Hilary Duff, model Gigi Hadid, the country band Florida Georgia Line, performing sensation Ed Sheeran, actor Dave Coulier from Full House, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and many more.

Since the creation of the first flagship Studio, ten more have been opened up across the country in major metropolitan areas, and the newest one is located at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

Seacrest, a host and producer, who has made a name for himself in the positive sense, has had his hands in many aspects of the entertainment industry. He has been the radio show host of like On Air with Ryan Seacrest, on iHeartRadio. He has also been the host of KISS FM 102.7, a Los Angeles radio station; On top of that, he has replaced Casey Kasem as the voice of American Top 40, which is a pop music countdown station. And finally, he has taken over Regis Philbin’s role on Live with Kelly and Ryan. For more news about Ryan, visit his Facebook page: facebook.com/ryanseacrest/.

Businesses that People Flock to and The Success of Vijay Eswaran

One of the factors that influence the success of a business is if it is the type of business people are going to gravitate towards. There are some businesses that take off while others could take a long time to get off the ground. There is one major difference between the two. It is not necessarily the products that are offered. It could also be the story behind the business and the products. When people are into the story, they are more likely to do business with the company. Therefore, one way to get people on board is by giving them the story behind the business.

The common types of businesses that people flock to are the ones that are unique and the ones that have a compelling story. For people that are trying to attract people without the unique products, the best thing to do is let people know the story behind the company. For instance, one type of story that can help people get behind the company owner is a story of rags to riches. People who start a successful business often start from a place where they have very little.

One example of someone who has had very little when he started his business is Vijay Eswaran. He has been working as a driver when he has started out. He has eventually surpassed the income that he was earning with his regular job. This was when he has figured out that he has a chance to work a different type of job. When he has moved his attention to his business, he and his business has experienced growth beyond what he expected. He has started running promotions and initiatives which has gotten people involved with helping people improving their circumstances. He has sent clean water to struggling communities. He has also reached out to women who are entrepreneurs.

Paul Mampilly Compares Stock Market of Today to 1982

Paul Mampilly has great hopes for the stock market. He believes that it will continue to rise and reach great heights. He believes that this is a result of a number of factors, which also led to the great bullish investment market between 1982 and 2000, where investors became really rich. The first thing is that new technology is coming out. In 1982, the new technology was called computers. These days, there are so many other forms of new technology that are coming out. There will be electric cars, for example. There is virtual reality, which will change the way we watch movies and television and play video games. So many other new technologies are coming to the public, such as microchip technology. The internet of things is the equivalent of personal computers. It will change the way we live our lives. The second factor is that millennials are now rising. They are spending a lot of money on these new technologies, which will boost the economy, increase the sales of the companies that produce the new technologies, and lead to the stock market soaring to new heights.

Paul Mampilly says that he forecasts the Dow Jones to rise to fifty thousand. He points to 1982, when personal computers came out and the baby boomer generation started becoming active in the economy. In 1982, the Dow Jones was only at one thousand, and now it has since reached over twenty five thousand. There is no reason to believe that it will not reach another twenty five thousand, to fifty thousand, in a decade or two. However, Paul Mampilly says that even greater heights can be expected, and that fifty thousand is really just the beginning. He believes that at the end of the day, the Dow Jones will go much higher than just fifty thousand.

Paul Mampilly believes that 1982 is playing itself over. We have the same two megatrends that are going on. Just like personal computers changed the economy, the internet of things will also change the entire economy. It will make companies be more productive. It will bring companies more profits, just like computers did. This will result in the stock market rising even more.

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the head of Profits Unlimited.

Learn More: dailyreckoning.com/author/pmampilly/

The contributions of Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries and his Philanthropy Work

Tony Petrello is CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Governors at Nabors Industries Ltd. The business initially was called Anglo Energy when it started in 1968. The Hamilton-Bermuda based firm is the most significant oil, geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world. The company operates in more than 25 nations across the US, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Tony, the CEO, has been pivotal in the firm’s journey to success.

He was born in Newark, New Jersey. Tony has a J.D. degree which he got from Harvard Law School. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Besides, Tony also has a Master’s of Science in Mathematics from the same institution. He began his career in 1979 at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm. He then proceeded to work as a Managing Partner of the law firm’s office in New York.

He left this job and moved to Houston where he joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. He continued excelling and rose to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board in 2003. He became CEO and President in 2011 and had the title Chairman added to his name in 2012. Tony also serves as the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and even the present Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony’s leadership has seen Nabors Industries establish itself as an unmatched leader in the Oil industry. Though the industry has faced changes over the past decades, Tony has used his brilliance to design powerful strategies to adapt to new conditions. He was brilliant in Mathematics even as a teenager. He has combined this with his studies at Yale University and can make complex decisions that have been crucial to propelling Nabors Industries to the top.

Tony is a philanthropist and has shown dedication towards uplifting the lives of the Texas community. Tony and his wife, Cynthia, announced a $5 million advance grant to Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neurological Research Institute. They also pledged an additional $2 million to the research facility shortly. The couple’s eight-year-old daughter, Carena, was born with a neurological disorder and developed cerebral palsy. They are therefore very committed to finding a cure for all neurological disorders. The donation will go a long way in ensuring kids get advanced treatment options from leading specialists. He has also donated $150 million to Yale University where he studied.

For more info: weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/tony-petrellos-inspired-path-to-philanthropy/

David Giertz Provides Great Expertise as a Financial Advisor

David Giertz is an industry expert who is able to help his clients successfully plan for retirement and take control of their financial future. Smart retirement saving is an area that he excels in and has extensive experience to draw upon. He is very savvy about sophisticated financial strategies that can be employed to maximize retirement funds and provide a greater quality of life in the golden years.

One principle that Giertz extols is to start planning early and strongly consider adding a brokerage account to your retirement savings activities. There is a substantial opportunity in the equities markets and they outperform over time.

Another important consideration according to David Giertz is estimating how much cash you’ll have saved up for retirement. Also, having a firm understanding of your retirement needs will help you plan ahead.

For those who have their hearts set on retiring early a Roth IRA could be the answer as taxes are paid on the way in instead of when withdrawing and using the funds. Giertz has great expertise with Roth IRA’s and can help customers determine the best path forward.

David Giertz can also help his clients navigate the obscure rule which allows for early withdrawal from IRA’s, 401K’s, and 403B’s. This allows for periodic and equal payments to be accessed by account holders until the normal age of 59 and a half is reached.

Investing is an area that Giertz recommends for those seeking a secure retirement. There is greater flexibility with brokerage accounts and market opportunities abound in stocks, currencies, and commodities. This is also an area of expertise for Giertz and his experience can help make the difference for clients who hope to retire early with enough funding.

David Giertz is a registered financial advisor with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation and he has over 30 years of experience. He is also registered as a Broker who is able to help clients buy and sell securities and other financial products.

Social Security is a very important consideration for future retirees and David Giertz can navigate the labyrinthine rules that hold the organization in its grip. He is able to help clients maximize their benefits and also help them understand how it fits in with the bigger picture of their overall finances.

Eric Lefkofsky, Author, Investor and Business Innovator

To understand how Chicago Entrepreneur and Investor, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded multiple enterprises, simply take a look at his industry background. Lefkofsky has always maintained an interest in business development; after finishing law school he borrowed from family members to buy a retail outlet selling apparel. Then in 1999, he got together with a good friend to start an Internet company, Starbelly. That promotional company was a victory at the height of the Internet boom, it was later sold to Halo industries.

Eric Lefkofsky has an outstanding work ethic, which is needed to create business concepts, one right after the other and even if one fails, to continue growing. Although he’s busy as a serial entrepreneur, Lefkofsky also participates in philanthropic giving as an Angel investor. Angel investors fund business startups, helping individuals whose fundraising efforts have no other avenue. Through participation in an Angel investor group, Lefkofsky has donated a significant amount of money to numerous individuals and groups throughout the Chicago area.Acting as an Angel Investor and entrepreneurship responsibilities would seem like enough for most people to handle. Well, Eric Lefkofsky also added another career interest when he became an author in 2014. His book entitled, “Accelerated Disruption,” provides in-depth analysis of how business development and technology can operate together to “re-imagine” an industry. The book presents graphic details into the nature of building related things, ideas and the methodology of staying afloat in the fast paced business world, by creating an innovative disruption.

The graphic details in Lefkofsky’s book includes how to pick the right industry to disrupt. He points out that the key to a business becoming successful and staying successful is using the industry as an advantage. One of the key concepts in “Accelerated Disruption” is “understanding the concept of pain in an industry and turning it to competitive advantage.” He looks at building a business as a hardcore concept, from beginning to end; that is from conceptual idea to a thriving enterprise. The book has received high praise from industry experts and it was awarded five out of five stars on Amazon.

Jason Halpern at his Best on Real Estate Business

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a wealthy man due to him building his long term career in real estate business. He started real estate business as a small entrepreneur but now he has developed. He knew about real estate business while he was still young therefore developing a lot of interest into practicing it. Due to the extensive experience in the real estate made him become the managing partner at JMH Development.


He has managed the company for more than 50 years therefore contributing to the growth of real estate constructions. Because of Jason Halpern expertise it has made the company attain more by accomplishing a lot even having branches in different states in New York City and Westchester. The company is also one of the leading and top firms in the United States.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Due to the company constructing historical buildings mostly it has made the company be exceptional in its own way. A lot of other companies they deal only with normal properties but JMH Development has its own agenda. On another hand the company has also kept a better relationship with numerous towns for better business.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The company also ensures that the buildings which they construct have important meaning. The company also associated with capitals like Williamsburg and Brooklyn whereby they do business together. JMH Development main objective is to make exceptional and comfy buildings that the customers are always happy with.

Jason Halpern is not only an entrepreneur he as well is a philanthropist who creates time to contribute to the community part of the charity work he has done including helping Joel A. Halpern through funding them and also The Westchester Medical Fraternity a medical care center that he distributes facilities that needed to do surgeries and other equipment’s that they need too.

His Family

Jason Halpern as well contributed to the introduction of the water project that distributes water to Nepal and Ethiopia whereby the project attains $20,000 million in each contract they make. Therefore transforming people lives due to them getting water to their homes. He is generous and devotes himself to helping the society at large.

Troy McQuagge Receives the Gold CEO of the Year Award From One Planet Business and Professional Awards

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of US Health Group Inc. He is passionate about the insurance industry. He was honored as the Gold winner chief executive officer of the year in 2016 by One Platinum Business and Professional Global Awards. He won after his credentials and accomplishments were nominated to the One Planet Business and Professional Award program. This is a global premier award program that acknowledges companies from all over the world for services offered, new products and services, innovation, corporate communications, and marketing. He is an insurance veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry that has strengthened his leadership skills. He acknowledged collective efforts of the entire team in the US Health Group in making the company shine in the competitive industry.

Troy Mcquagge attained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the Central Florida University. This propelled him to his first career with the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. Troy also holds a B.A in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He joined the university in 1995 and was involved in building the two largest captive career insurance sales organizations. He is a visionary leader with strong business acumen. This has been evident throughout his career journey.

Troy Mcquagge joined US Health Group as President and CEO of the company’s insurance sales subsidiary known as US Health Advisors, LLC in 2010. He led the company to its highest record of sales. He has led the company to record multiple annual sales and a significant growth of 500% since 2010. His outstanding performance eventually made him be elected the president and CEO of US Health Group Inc. in 2014. US Health Group Inc. is an insurance company based in Fort Worth Texas. Its focus is to provide innovative health insurance packages to self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their employees. It seeks to combine the team players talent and agents to market competitive tailor-made insurance products to cater for the specific needs of the clients. The company also received numerous awards for an innovative approach towards insurance delivery under his leadership. He is a record setting leader who has always produced remarkable results in every organization.

Twitter: Twitter.com/troymcquagge