A Really Grand 50th For Juan “OG” Perez, 100 Grand In Fact.

Juan “OG” Perez went out on the town for his 50th birthday over Presidents weekend. The Harlem raised businessman, and longtime friend and business partner to artist JZ, along with an entourage of local celebrities, painted the town green. Many in the news, and on social media, criticized the night as overly extravagant and indulgent. It was, actually, a tribute to their friendship and business philosophy.

Perez and JZ met in 1996. Since then, they have collaborated in many projects; they ran their own studios and opened the 40/40 club. The nightclub combined their love of music and sports. It became the hot spot for celebrities sports stars. Over the next eleven years, they opened new locations in five other cities. It was a partnership, which allowed them to share in the New York sports scene and culminated in the creation of Roc Nation Sports. Their agency combined sports and entertainment, it advocated for athletes and artists alike. As agents, JZ and Juan “OG” Perez helped to develop their client’s talents both on and off the field. They pride themselves in treating their clients the way they treated each other, like family. It was a winning combination. Roc Nations Sports was a great success.

So when it came, Juan “OG” Perez fiftieth birthday, it is hardly surprising that they celebrated it the way they lived life, and achieved success with music, nightclubs, good music, and sparing no expense. The group of birthday revelers closed several hotspots and spent over seventy thousand dollars buying champagne for everyone in the nightclub. As birthday bashes go, it was one for the record books.

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Equities First Holdings New Office In Australia

With three locations in Australia, Equities First Holdings has been able to move into this very lucrative market. In 2016, they relocated their Melbourne office to the heart of the city. This was a wise move on their part as it gave them access to new clients as well as providing easier contact with their current clients. The new offices are much larger and will allow them to expand their staff. The Sydney and Perth offices have also seen a growth in business and are looking to expand their clientele. Equities First Holdings was started in the United States but now has offices in nine countries. They recently moved their headquarters to Kenya, Africa. The company has been able to obtain funding for their clients through the use of corporate stock.

They have simplified the process for getting loans and businesses are very responsive to this. The Australian business market has been seeing an increase in recent years and obtaining loans for expansion is very important. Equities First Holdings is currently leading the way for business to grow and they are considered to be the top financial advisement company in the country. They are experienced in all aspects of business.

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OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. With more than 60 facilities in 16 countries this Aurora, Illinois based business is a $6 billion dollar company and growing. OSI has decided to purchase Flagship Europe, Baho Foods and a former Tyson Food Plant. The purchasing of these companies are really strengthening their presence and position in the marketplace and giving them access to new clients and global markets. Growing a company results in producing more product and with the demand of chicken growing they must accommodate.

OSI Food Solutions is the largest privately owned producer of meat products. Producing meats such as beef, pork, chicken, bacon ect…keeps the company very busy worldwide. With the steady increase in chicken demands OSI Food Solutions are having to double its production. The Spain location has undergone an explanation renovation adding 20,000 square feet and production line that will make it possible for the facility to accommodate high demands. In previous years this factory produced about 12,000 tons of chicken and now will be able to produce 24,000 tons.

OSI Food Solutions has purchased a former Tyson plant in Chicago. OSI already has over 60 facilities in 16 countries but with demand on the rise made this $7.4 million dollar purchase. This 200,000 square foot location being near an existing facility will help meet the vastly growing company to produce more product.

Along with purchasing the Tyson plant OSI Food Solutions has acquired  Dutch company that specializes in deli meats, convenience foods snacks called Baho Foods. OSI is strategizing to make its European market strong by also buying Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe provides frozen poultry, sous vide products and pies in the UK. The UK based supplier Calder Foods was acquired by Flagship Europe to extend its presence in the food-to-go sector. Calder Foods provides sandwich fillings, marinades, sauces, mayonnaise and dips so now OSI has their hand in all sides of the food world.

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The Method Bob Reina Uses to Train Talk Fusion Users

When people hope to train others, it is important for them to come up with a plan on what they are going to teach. They also figure out the order on what they are going to teach. One of the reasons that this is important is because a chaotic training experience is not going to be very effective. It is better for trainers to be organized in the point that they are trying to get across. When they manage this, then they are able to help their students grow in the skills they learn from the lessons that they are taught.


One person who has figured out how he is going to teach people is Bob Reina. He is the founder of the Talk Fusion company  and the creator of the Talk Fusion app. He understands that with any device, people are going to have a hard time learning how to handle the product. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to create some tutorials that can help the marketers use this product. He describes the different features of the products in ways that are simple and free of jargon. People will understand what is being taught so much that they will feel confident about using it.


The main way that Bob Reina is going to train people is through video. He has tons of videos that have been released on his website. Therefore, people who want to go through the training program that Bob Reina calls Talk Fusion University, then they are going to have to not only look at all of the videos, but also study them so that they can understand what is being taught. One good thing about these videos is that they are available to be used for reference in case one gets lost. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bobreinatalkfusion-704


Peter Briger: An Influential Investor And Entrepreneur From San Francisco

The Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest private equity firms operating in the United States today. The company was established by three visionary entrepreneurs, who are based in New York and San Francisco. One of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group is Peter Briger, who was born and raised in San Francisco. He attended some of the most prestigious schools in the United States, including the Princeton University and the University Of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business. Right after he graduated from the university, he decided to travel all across the United States and looked for a place where he could work.

Peter Briger started his career working with financial companies, and he was able to develop skills and expertise that would allow him to gain promotions in his chosen field. During his stint as a financial partner under the BlackRock Asset Investors, he met Randal Nardone and Wesley Edens, who are from New York. The three became close friends, and they had an idea of creating their own company from scratch. The three brainstormed on what kind of business they should establish, and according to Peter Briger, they should start a business that would focus on business and finance because it would yield the most profit. The three also decided to resign from BlackRock Asset Investors before they established their company.

Right after the founders have set everything in place, the Fortress Investment Group came to be. The company was founded in 1998, and it experienced tremendous growth in a short span of time. Years after the company’s establishment, the number of assets that they are managing keeps on increasing, and in the present, around $60 billion to $70 billion worth of assets are being handled by the Fortress Investment Group.

In 2007, Peter Briger and his colleagues thought about introducing an IPO that would benefit the company. It was later on revealed at the New York Stock Exchange, and shares were offered to the public. Peter Briger is the one who decided upon the idea, and it helped the company to become a stronger and formidable one. The stocks and shares that they offered to the public accounted for more than 8% of the company, or at a value of $600 million. The selling of the company shares to the public also helped them get through the disastrous recession which paralyzed American economy in 2008.

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Anil Chaturvedi: A Seasoned Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is the current managing director of Hinduja Bank, who is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has experience in the banking sector for four years, and he only worked with the largest and the leading banks on the planet. He specializes in several banking types, including investment banking, private banking, commercial banking, and corporate advisory business. He also has a specialization in the transactions between European and Indian banks, making sure that everything is working correctly under his authority. His colleagues consider the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi in Hinduja as one of the best periods in the history of the bank. He focuses on keeping the bank as one of the top performers in the banking sector, and he is doing great in his job.

Anil Chaturvedi joined Hinduja Bank in November 2011, and for over six years working with the company, he is proud to say that he transformed the banking sector in several continents. He was responsible for developing corporate advisories that helped businesses and corporates across continents to establish a strong alliance and partnership. Companies operating in India, the United States, Europe, and Asia benefit so much from the style of banking that he introduced. Companies that are also engaged in mergers and acquisitions, as well as selling off assets, have also contributed dramatically from his decisions.

Before he worked with Hinduja Bank, Anil Chaturvedi worked with other banks, most of them in the United States. He was the managing director of Merrill Lynch from 1993 to 2011, the vice president and senior representative for United States operations of ANZ Grindlays bank from 1991 to 1993, and the manager for development and planning at the State Bank of India from 1987 to 1991.

His success in the field of banking inspired many bankers across the world. Today, they are also emulating his approach when it comes to banking and most of the bankers who have seen how he worked stated that his style is unique to himself. Anil Chaturvedi noted that those who wanted to become successful in the field of banking should strive harder and persevere because these are the two most important traits in the industry.


Robert Deignan – Entrepreneur and Business Man Making an Impact

Robert Deignan is a dynamic individual who is in step with the times of his life. He helped co-found Advanced Tech Support Digital Services. He is currently the company’s CEO. His company provides digital tech solutions for data storage needs, digital solutions, and mobile apps etc. Robert Deignan has an impressive background and education. He attended and received his degree from Purdue University in Business Management.

ATS was one of the nation’s first call centers to provide support for consumer applications. It is an impressive feat because the company had to acquire certification for 39 compliance parameters. The requirements are stringent to protect consumers. Robert Deignan is both an entrepreneur and business owner who is active outside of the business realm. He is quite active in sports, and has participated in the 79th sailfish derby. He competed as an angular and his team took the prize in a last-minute win. He likes to remind people that all work and no play makes people dull and uninteresting.

As such, he fits the mold of a person who knows how to balance work and life. Robert Deignan happens to be a jack of all trades in both his personal and professional life. His life is one of both competition and innovation. ATS operates on a simple, professional, platform. Based in Boca, Raton Florida, it believes that customer service is king. The company helps ensure that a person’s computer is safe, stable, and smooth running.

People visit the company’s website, and can call the company’s customer service number if they are having computer problems. Consumers consult with a company professional who is a knowledgeable technician. The company remotely accesses a customer’s computer to troubleshoot the problem. Then, the technician implements measures that protect the computer from future harm. The ATS business idea is simple, but it took a dynamic individual to pull it off and make it work. Making it work is the difficult part. Every day, Robert Deignan rises to the occasion.


Tony Petrello: Achieving The American Dream

The pursuit of success is a key component in realizing the American dream. Although to many this dream may seem increasingly elusive, Anthony Petrello has managed to go beyond simply achieving it. His early life was characterized by a working-class environment. He was able to work his way through an impressive educational career before expanding out and grasping an astounding amount of success.

Anthony Petrello’s education began at public schools in Newark, New Jersey. While a student he was described as outgoing and sociable. He had no difficulty making fast friends with anyone he was around. However, it wasn’t his typical New Jersey ‘go-getter’ mentality that originally brought him center stage in people’s minds, it was another fascinating gift. Petrello displayed an incredible ability with mathematics. This gift was so atypical that it earned him local fame.

This gift was impossible not to notice. Yale University took note and jumped at the opportunity to offer Petrello a scholarship. This opportunity was just what he needed to propel himself fuller in life. His college education was characterized with Success as Petrello explored his talent and considered how best to apply it in his life. After some time he developed close relationship with one of his professors, Serg Lang. This professor quickly took an interest in Petrello and decided to mentor him. Their friendship lasted long after Petrello left Yale.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Yale Petrello made a decision that surprised many. He would pursue law instead of Mathematics. He enrolled in Yale’s law school where he graduated in the 1970’s. From there he joined a firm specializing in business law. The world of business began to spark an interest in Petrello from the moment he began. He excelled at his position at the law firm and worked with them passionately until he was ultimately recruited by a client, Nabors Industries.

The account was serviced by Petrello’s firm and his ability to make a lasting impression convinced them that they had to have him on board. He began his work with Nabors Industries as an executive but by 1991 he was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Of course, Petrello is one to shoot for excellence and he easily managed to impress them further. It was no much longer before he was considered for more prominent roles with the company. Petrello was later named the CEO and also elected chairman of the board where he used his leadership role to guide the company to great financial success.

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Stream Energy Helps More People See Lower Rates

Stream Energy is an energy provider that helps people get lower rates on the electricity they already have. The company works with other people and knows there are things they can do to help them through the issues they have. The company also knows things will continue getting better since they help so many people with the issues they have with electricity rates. They spend a lot of time learning how to get the best rates and they do their best to show people things will keep getting better no matter what issues they normally run into with providers. Between the hard work the company puts into the business and the things they do for their customers, they know what they can keep doing to give back to everyone who does the best job possible. They make a lot of choices that help them see how things will always get better no matter what.

For Stream Energy, the point of helping people is part of their business. Since Stream Energy started their business based on giving back and helping others, they knew things would keep getting better. They also knew everything would continue helping other people because of the hard work they put into the business. It made sense for them to do the best job possible and the best things that would help them on their own. Stream Energy knew what they wanted to do and they always stuck to their goals no matter what they were trying to make happen.

Since Stream continues helping people and continues giving back in different situations, they’ve felt good about everything they do. They now run the Stream Cares foundation and that helps them see things will keep getting better for their business. It also gives them a chance to provide people with positive experiences. They use the foundation to keep giving back and show others the right way to get the best energy experiences. It helps them branch out and also gives them a chance to provide community outreach they wouldn’t normally offer to other people who need their help in different situations.


David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald was born in the northeastern part of Iowa. In 1987 he graduated from Iowa State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He also received the Warren E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He now serves as the president and the Chief Operating Officer at the OSI Group.

McDonald’s fascination with improving Iowa State led him to contribute to its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiatives. He is also involved in the church duties at St. Michael Parish, Wheaton. Aside from all this, he is the chairman of the American Meat Institute.

OSI Group is a globally known business. it majorly supplies protein products. The company has its headquarters located in Illinois. It has over 50 branches which are spread across a number of countries. The company has had major improvements in its production and processing sector. The company has started a beef processing industry in Poland and an advanced feed mill in Shandong Province. It has also focused on improving and expanding its markets and providing its consumers with high quality products.

As the COO of the company, McDonald has created interconnections between the group and locally based corporates. He has also created international networks with countries worldwide. He has also ensured that all the teams assigned in various regional offices understand their consumers’ preferences in terms of taste and culture.

The OSI group acquired Baho Food. In McDonald’s opinion, the acquisition expanded the influence of the company all across Europe. He added that Baho’s line of products has greatly enhanced ISO Group’s products and services. The Baho Foods director was as well pleased with the acquisition. Aside from Baho Foods, the OSI Group has acquired other firms such as Tyson Food and Flagship Europe, with McDonald as the president.

McDonald was interviewed by the CEOCFO Magazine. He had a lot of things to say about the OSI Group. He states that he had been working at the company for over 30 years. He also stated that ever since he became a part of the company, it has always shown great signs of seeking improvements. He also states that the company strives to improve how it serves its consumers. It also improves transparency and trust amongst its members and the consumers. He as well stated that the consumers are majorly their motivators when it comes to innovation and improvements.

When asked about how they cope with the dynamic global changes, he stated that they always react to the changes as early as they occur so as to have an upper hand competitively against other companies in the same line of production. He additionally stated that he was pleased with the tremendous growth among his team members, the company and as well his personal growth.

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