Robert Ivy On The Impact Of Urbanization To The Architecture Profession

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is the organization that deals with the welfare of professionals in the architecture industry. They include architects and professional interior designers.

Robert Ivy had previously worked as an editor with architectural publications before joining AIA. His role is to steer the organization on how professionals should carry themselves around plus highlighting and promoting the issues of the profession.

Robert Ivy takes time not only to promote the profession to the outside world but also to advise the existing members in the profession. He makes predictions on the state of our society going into the future and advises the architects on areas they should take a keen eye on. One of these areas is urbanization. Robert Ivy predicts that urbanization and growth of cities will even get bigger in years to come. This is so because governments are trying to create low- carbon societies that can be efficiently controlled. With urbanization will come one problem, the people will want to want to have a good quality life. However, this will be a challenge since a majority of the population will be living in urban centers by 2025. It is considered that urbanization is the best way to control carbon emission and therefore a solution to climate change. Even more important is the that urbanization will put less pressure on the natural resources, people will be more focused on renewable sources of energy than ever before. Robert Ivy reckons that for this to happen the role of architects will play a major role. They are actually the people who will make this happen. Their innovative decision making and planning is needed now more than ever.


The growing cities and population will need to be provided with infrastructure. Who are to provide it? The architects. Governments across all nations are set to pump billions of dollars toward this development. It is only through efficient planning and setting up of requisite infrastructure that urbanization will happen in the way the governments wants it to. Robert Ivy, therefore, urges architects to embrace the change of time. It is not just in the building sector where the services are needed, it is in setting up every bit of infrastructure that our society needs.

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