Sussex Healthcare Audiology And Senior Living

Sussex Healthcare has been proudly serving the senior citizens in the Sussex, surrey, and Berkshire communities for many years. They offer the highest quality service through their professionally trained staff. Their goal is to provide all of their patients with the best personal and clinical care.

Sussex Healthcare has partnered with NHS to provide patients with a multi service Audiology clinic. Here, they will provide audiology services like treating hearing loss that may be due to age. They will also do assessments and diagnosis of other hearing problems. Other services include testing for hearing loss, and early detection before one loses their hearing.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology will fit for hearing aids if needed, and offer other Ear, Nose, and Throat services. Sussex Healthcare has a accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The aim of the Audiology department is to provide a high quality, and safe hearing care that will be both accountable, and effective, for an excellent experience for each patient. They strongly believe in holding the highest quality ethical and professional standard. The Audiologists are highly trained, and committed to continuous educational programs that will keep them knowledgeable of up to date improvements, and inclusions. The equipment that they use is highly efficient, modern state of the art.

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In relation to treatment, Sussex Healthcare works according to the National Good Practice Guide. This means that patients not only get the best care, they can also access their aftercare and reassessment every three years by going online. The patients are very well pleased with the service and their overall results from Sussex Healthcare Audiology. One patient is getting used to her new hearing aid, and is happy that she can now hear. Another patient is grateful for the friendly staff that assisted her. Another patient stated that the staff was helpful and friendlyy, and that she was thankful for them. Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of treatment options for older people over the age of 55, and to some people with mental disabilities.