Jose Henrique Borghi Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi has achieved a tremendously successful career in Brazilian advertising. His ideas for his advertising campaigns are creative and marvelously unconventional. His clients continue to frequent his business due to the success and originality of the campaigns he creates. Jose Henrique Borghi was responsible for a wildlife conservation campaign that was considered one of the most inspired ever seen in Brazil. His work was titled the Mammals of Parmalat and the response was sensational.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the CEO’s for Mullen Lowe. His leadership has helped the advertising agency become the third largest in Brazil. He has secured numerous prestigious accounts and has had a significant impact on the agency’s success. He has worked with numerous companies during his career including Unilever, Fiat, and Mitsubishi. He designed an advertising campaign for Fiat Automobiles that helped launch their success when they entered the automotive market in Brazil. With his input Fiat achieved their sales target with no difficulties.

Jose Henrique Borghi attending one of the top educational institutions for marketing in Brazil. Since graduating from the Pontifical Catholic University, he has worked with the country’s best advertising agencies including DM9DDB, FCB Talent, and Leo Burnett. His profession is competitive and extremely challenging but his years spent with prestigious advertising agencies has given him the exposure and experience he needs to excel.

Jose Henrique Borghi’s career has been filled with awards for his work in advertising. He has been honored with twenty awards from the Cannes Film Festival, received seven awards from the London Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival honored him with an additional fifteen awards. He has earned his client’s loyalty with results that remain consistent and solutions that are unique to his industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is well on his way to becoming a legend in the field of advertising.

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Alexandre Gama: Why Hire An Advertising Consultant

Are you getting ready to advertise your business in Brazil? Want to take your business promotions to the next level? Then get in touch with Alexandre Gama. He can help you make the right decision and advertise effectively.

Marketing and advertising consultants are well versed in business promotions, and can develop campaigns that produce successful results.

Alexandre Gama has been helping corporations, entrepreneurs and organizations create and convey they rad message to potential customers. He is well known for obtaining outstanding results for clients and he can help you.

Full-service ad agencies or professionals typically have the resources and connections to handle all aspects of their client’s advertising needs. They usually have several departments and advertising specialists who work cooperatively to create, implement and manage each campaign. Generally, these agencies have researchers, account managers, designers, creative services, copywriters and media placement experts.

Alexandre Gama has a renowned and largest advertising agency in Brazil where he provides outstanding marketing and advertising solutions to businesses and organizations. He has a dedicated team of advertising specialists.

Working with various enterprises and business owners, Alexandre Gama utilizes his capabilities to create attention-getting message and generate customers for his clients. His passion is to get his clients’ business or brand noticed and increase exposure tremendously.

As an experienced advertising consultant, Alexandre Gama has the tools and creative expertise to portray credibility and expertise for your brand. And, he can create advertising messages that attract attention of a massive audience and get your excellent results.