Reach For The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

Tired of trying to find the best lip balm flavor? Sick of digging in the bottom of your bag looking for a little tube? Want to know that you’re putting the best and safest products on your mouth? Look no further than eos!

Everyone has probably seen EOS and their sphere shaped lip balms at their local retail store, but may not have tried it for fear of leaving their familiar well known cherry tube. But now is the time to give them a whirl! EOS lip balm original line of Smooth Sphere Lip Balm are available in yummy summer inspired flavors like Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Strawberry Sorbet. See,

Those seeking softer lips can also try eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm! This line comes in three delicious flavors: Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar and Vanilla Mint. Each balm is made with conditioning oils, shea butter and vitamins C & E. Each sphere is also petroleum, paraban and gluten free! The one of a kind sphere shape makes it easy to locate your EOS in the bottom of your purse, bag or backpack, and are under $5 each on eBay or Amazon!

EOS, short for “Evolution Of Smooth”, is a relatively new company that burst into the lip balm scene with the goal to make the product more fun. While using all organic ingredients, the company has promised to be “The lip balm that makes you smile.” EOS lip balms are even popular with celebrities, and have been seen in the makeup bags of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian!

So the next time you’re looking for a new way to keep those lips kissably soft, reach for EOS!


Shaving Images Help Jose Borghi Learn More About Advertising Trends

Who would have thought the importance of a group of men under the age of 28 shaving would have recently had on the Brazilian advertising industry? The iconic ad agency boss Jose Borghi has recently aided in the production of an entire study aimed at bringing more success to the industry through exploring how a group of men under the age of 28 reacted to images of each other during various stages of facial hair growth.

Many may consider the choice of such a study, but Jose Borghi has already proven in the creation of his own campaigns based on the science behind the study the merit of basing advertising choices on images instead of the spoken word. Like most industries the advertising sector uses focus groups to help provide information on how best to move forward with a campaign, but Mullen Lowe Brasil executive Jose Borghi has always railed against the use of the traditional question and answer format used with focus groups for advertising campaigns.

Borghi himself has always been willing to take risks and explore new avenues to prove himself a success, which was shown by the decision he and fellow advertising executive Erh Ray took in establishing their own BorghiErh ad agency when they were riding high working with top Brazilian advertising companies. From 2006 onward Jose Borghi has also taken a number of leaps of faith in choosing investors for his advertising company, which is now known as Mullen Lowe.

The research study backed by Jose Borghi saw a group of men under 28 photographed during the various stages of shaving with these images shared with the group that was later seen to have a greater level of stimulation and empathy for their fellow group members when they viewed images to provide more detailed information for advertising industry.


Jose Borghi-An Advertising Genius in Mullen Lowe

If you haven’t heard about Jose Borghi, it’s about time that you do. Jose Borghi is one of the mastermind behinds the Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe in Brazil that has recently met with loads of success.Jose Borghi is a natural advertiser. At a young age, he realized that what he wanted to do as a career was advertising and it is this very passion that led him to become a highly successful individual in the advertising world.

After having studied publicity and advertising and receiving his degree, he has received many awards in his lifetime as an advertiser. From the Most Awarded Copywriter from the Archive Magazine in 1999 to receiving multiple awards from New York Festival, Clio, London Festival, and more, it is no wonder that Jose Borghi has made a name for himself in the advertising world.

It is with this same tenacity and persistence in being the best at what he does that has made him into a natural leader in advertising and he soon became one of the directors of what was once BorghiErh that with time became known as Mullen Lowe due to the merging with Lowe and Partners and Mullen Group.

One of the greatest things that has made Jorge Borghi a successful advertiser is that he understand the concept of hard work equals success. He may have not had the most celebratory background, but he has proven that persistence equaled with intelligence and taking opportunities does result in big dreams coming true.

Jose Borghi is known for being an extremely creative and talented advertiser. If someone has good ideas, it’s him. He is an innovative and daring individual who uses these talents in his work and is part of the main reasons why he is CEO to a highly successful advertising agency in Brazil.

Recently, Andres Gomes joined his leadership as Co-CEO in order to allow Jose Borghi to do what he does best: focus on his creative genius and continue to bring innovative and enlightened ideas to his company and for their clients. Jose Borghi is an advertising genius and it shows in his work.