Cancer Treatment Centers of America hope of providing evidence-based treatment options

The fight against the world-top killer, Cancer just got better thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America® for bringing together the main players in this fight.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America collaborated with Allscripts and NanHealth to implement a revolutionary technology Clinical Pathways. This solution brought together eveti® (NanHealth program) and Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (HER), enabling them to communicate easily.

This program has made it possible for a seamless flow of crucial information without interrupting the physician’s responsibilities.

NanHealth’s eveti can now access appropriate medication options from evidence-based medical libraries. Meaning the treatment options will now be based on unbiased research and available data phasing out days of guesswork.

Medical Libraries are maintained by a circle of highly skilled oncologists, government agencies, and clinical informatics professionals ensuring its quality and transparency. They are making sure that the library stays up to date with peer-reviewed information and even their research findings.

NanHealth’s eveti will use its recommendations to search for matching information inside EHR and order sets at Cancer Treatment Centers of America to output most appropriate treatment therapies that are customized t meet patient’s needs.

With such information, the patients and their clinical teams will now have confidence with the prescription provided since they can now discuss as they compare the most appropriate options available.

Patients will be getting personalized and high-quality treatment. The system will be able to determine the cancer type and even the subtype and provide appropriate prescription options, the expected clinical outcomes, costs and even its side effects.

George Daneker, Chief Medical Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, noted that the program is now reliving the physician’s lots of trials and errors and instead of giving them a chance to access the latest information.

Clinical Pathways is already in use in all the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals.

About CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It’s an umbrella of five hospitals that are dedicated to treating cancer patients all in the United States.

Founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson, is fully accredited by Joint Commission, National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. They have also gained recognition because of its high-quality services and patient’s satisfaction.

They provide services such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation as well as containing its side effects.