Cancer Treatment Centers Founding and Collaboration

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts to form clinical decision support solutions that is a technical solution. This enables eviti NantHealth that is a part of what makes up the Clinical Pathways program. This is a program that helps provide an effective cancer treatment process to assist doctors. The system put into place is NantOS to help physicians with specialized data input. The system has of hundreds of oncologists nationwide for a wide-ranging amount of cutting edge cancer care treatments.

The use of Clinical Pathways can present all treatment options for the current situation and eliminate the guesswork that is often overwhelming in oncology because the data research is ready to use. Then the therapies and using the Allscripts Sunrise EHR give oncologists a way to create a list of treatment procedures. Using these systems the oncologist has the ability to build custom treatment regimens specific to the patient. It can also help with their disease progression by comparing treatment options. The Clinical Pathways therapeutic selection and care delivery system helps to provide quality care by reducing unpredictability. This is a project that began being planned in early 2016 to ensure a careful analysis of clinical work with the integrated solutions. The plan was to enhance and improves chemotherapy regimens, quality of care and the ordering process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America believe the approach to cancer is that every person is different and can benefit from an individual care plan. They use advanced technology and a personalized method to fight cancer. This is a treatment center has locations in many of the large cities with each center staffed with cancer experts using cutting edge technologies to provide advanced treatment to patients.

Richard J. Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers after with his mother in mind who died from cancer and he was no pleased with the treatment options offered to her in 1988.

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