Businesses are Choosing PSI Pay for Electronic Payments

PSI Pay has been providing businesses with an electronic payment solution since 2007. With this service, the company’s partners can quickly and seamlessly make payments, and receive payments electronically. The company is based in the United Kingdom.

As a business member of MasterCard International, PSI Pay can offer its card services. These Services include both debit card as well as prepaid cards, It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), an agency which serves countries in the European Union. It must adhere to all of the regulations set forth by the FCA, and it is subject to mandated reporting and audits.

The PSI Pay solution keeps all of the deposited funds separate from each other. The money is not co-mingled, or in a pool of funds belonging to others, at any time. The company stands by its commitment to offer its partners a safe banking alternative. Any processing fees issued by MasterCard are paid directly by the partner. The company does not add any surcharge whatsoever to that amount.

PSI Pay conducts its business with full transparency. It is a viable banking alternative, with no large banking fees. The managing director of the company is Phil Davies. He has received much recognition in the industry, as has the company as well. Phil Davies was nominated for the PayExpo Europe Payments Power 10 Award in 2016. He manages the company from its headquarters in Horsham. The popularity of its services has grown to the point that it now does business in 173 countries. It deals in 44 different currencies.

Many customers prefer to use their mobile device for making payments. They have come to expect that the businesses they deal with accept some form of electronic payment. With the PSI Pay solution, businesses can easily sign up for the service, and they can provide a high quality, and safe banking alternative to their customers.

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