Brown Agency: Standing Out In Texas’ Fashion Industry

The Fashion Industry is big and vast, and incredibly hard to break into. There are countless people trying to make it there every day, doing their best to stand out to hopefully one day make it to the big stage. For models especially, making it big without a talent agency on your side can be hard, but for a talent agency to stand out, the job is even harder.



One person that knows this all too well is Justin Brown, founder of Brown Modelling Agency. Justin Brown started out as a model back in college, but he was more interested in the process that went on behind the scenes. Having studied business management in college, he decided to start working at a talent recruiting company. He was given a position in the model development department, which was a job in one would have to train models to make them seem presentable to designers and brands, and to give them he run down of how they are supposed to appear on camera, and on the runway. Justin worked in California for a while, collaborating on some of the most significant runway shows, before he decided to uproot everything and move to Austin.



Even though California was a good place for him to be in the fashion industry, it would be harder for him to make it big there because of how saturated the market was. He did his research and realized that if he were to set up a business in a place that needs modeling agencies, he would stand to b more well known and achieve his goals.



But the task of setting up a modeling agency in Texas was no easy task. One of the main challenges that Brown faced when trying to set up his agency was finding the right kind of services and target audiences that he wanted to commit to. People weren’t too keen to pay for model training services, which is mainly what Brown wanted to be able to offer. However, the regulations within the state worked in his favor in that regard, allowing the people to accept better the company and what they offered.



Today, Brown Agency is one of the most sought-after modeling Agencies in Texas. The company has had its talent go up on some of the biggest runways in the state, and have been featured by various brands in several ad, television and editorial campaigns. You can visit their Instagram page.