Brian Bonar: A Talented, Successful Business Executive

Internationally known business executive Brian Bonar has developed a reputation for being successful no matter the industry in which he finds himself. Two keys to his success have been his attention to detail and his ability to continually improve his business processes. Add his 3 decades of experience developing systems to ensure his clients, staff and business partners are happy and it’s easy to understand why the now Dalrada Financial Services chairman and CEO has earned numerous awards and accolades and the respect of his peers over the course of his interesting and illustrious career.Brian Bonar earned bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in engineering, business administration and international business development in the United Kingdom. He then spent almost 20 years working with IBM. During that time he developed business relationships with companies throughout Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Central America and the United States. After leaving IBM, over the next few decades he has held leadership positions in a number of companies. His unique vision, passion, intellect, experience and leadership skills have combined to enable him to help those companies do well.

The list of companies that Brian Bonar has helped to become highly successful is long and impressive. In addition to Dalrada Financial Services, some of the companies that have benefitted from Bonar’s work are Alllegiant Professional Business Services, Imaging Technologies Corporation, Trucept, Inc., Smart-tek Automated Services, AMS Outsourcing, The Amanda Co. and The Solvis Group. At these companies Brian Bonar has held position like president, CEO, chairman and COO. His ability to provide them with guidance they needed no matter their industry is a hallmark of Brian Bonar.

In 2016, Brian Bonar received what many people perceive to be a lifetime achievement award. Cambridge Who’s Who selected him as their Executive of the Year. The award is given to people in recognition of their leadership skill, business accomplishments as well as their educational achievements. Few people familiar with Bonar’s body of work were surprised. In fact, Brian Bonar’s work in the UK was so impressive he was given the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales. And Bonar has continued to do exemplary work that has earned him the respect of his customers and staff.Brian Bonar recently became involved in yet another new industry. He is opening a series of restaurants in San Diego, California. His first restaurant, Bellamy’s, has been an unqualified success. Bonar has followed that by purchasing almost 150 acres of land and is in the process of building a combination 4-star event space and restaurant called The Ranch at Brandy Canyon. To ensure that both restaurants will become popular dining destinations, Bonar has hired famed French chef Patrick Pontasy.