Jason Hope was brought up in Tempe. He attended Arizona University where he was studying Bachelors of Science. Jason Hope is also a businessman in the world of mobile technology and innovation. Currently, he is involved in humanitarian work and on helping other people to transform their business idea into reality.

Jason Hope has grasped an alternate approach in the world of medicine. He has enabled individuals to live longer by reducing or slowing down the aging process. Jason Hope has invested on by giving out funds and assets to organizations in the mission to change healthcare organizations battle and treat the impacts of aging on individuals everywhere throughout the world. For decades, people have considered aging to be something inescapable, a characteristic procedure of life that happens to everybody regardless of race, height, color or how active one maybe in their everyday life. At some point everyone will get old, our skin will wrinkle up, and we lose the capacity to do the things we used to do when we were more youthful.

Jason has upheld a beneficent association by the name SENS Foundation for a long period. He initially started subsidizing its essential work when he gave 500,000 dollars in the year 2010 December. This association endeavors to enable the general population access to innovation that would balance aging and help intercept previously mentioned ailments. The association has even spearheaded a term referred to as SENS approach that includes regenerating of living cells with a goal to keep the impacts of aging to its minimal. The organization performs therapeutic research and also performs continuous effort to enable people to comprehend the causes aging.

Jason Hope funding has helped the advancement of meds to facilitate positive results. AGE-breakers medication endeavors to kill propelled glycation that develops as one age. They make veins and skin turn out to be less adaptable. The increase prompts high blood pressure to other blood conditions age-related issues.

SENS Medical experts have also prevailed in creating AGE-breaking meds for animals, but are yet to establish its benefits individuals. That is one of the essential regions of a focal point of the SENS Foundation, to advance research that has demonstrated guarantee yet has not yet been approved too. Jason Hope additionally empowers individual’s interest regardless of their level of wage or accessibility, to discover approaches to help charitable causes that they propose for.

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The Philanthropy and Career of Ryan Seacrest

If there is one man who is leading the way in philanthropy inside the entertainment industry, that man would be Ryan Seacrest. Most popularly known for his hosting of American Idol, Gladiator 2000, and Fear Factor (in addition to many radio, film, sports, and production roles), Ryan started a wave of good hope for children in pediatric hospitals who are in need of an uplifted spirit. Ryan created the very first Seacrest Studios, under his nonprofit organization “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”, on the top floor of a seven-story hospital in California named The Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Children’s Hospital of Orange County, or CHOC, has been home to many celebrities who have stopped in to spread the love and lift children’s Spirits in need. Seacrest Studios is a state-of-the-art recording studio on the 7th floor of CHOC where patients of the hospital can use green screens to make music videos to songs, can listen to interviews of celebrities, can see live performances from various artists, and where doctors can make announcements to the entire hospital very easily. Some visitors to the hospital include the likes of Alessia Cara, celebrity artist Usher, Jason Derulo, actress Hilary Duff, model Gigi Hadid, the country band Florida Georgia Line, performing sensation Ed Sheeran, actor Dave Coulier from Full House, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and many more.

Since the creation of the first flagship Studio, ten more have been opened up across the country in major metropolitan areas, and the newest one is located at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

Seacrest, a host and producer, who has made a name for himself in the positive sense, has had his hands in many aspects of the entertainment industry. He has been the radio show host of like On Air with Ryan Seacrest, on iHeartRadio. He has also been the host of KISS FM 102.7, a Los Angeles radio station; On top of that, he has replaced Casey Kasem as the voice of American Top 40, which is a pop music countdown station. And finally, he has taken over Regis Philbin’s role on Live with Kelly and Ryan. For more news about Ryan, visit his Facebook page:

Jeff Aronin: Giving Back To Patients With Rare Diseases


Giving back to the world is very important. In the end we all are reliant on each other for help and guidance in one way or another. We as people are prone to getting sick and we are exposed to diseases and illnesses every day. Everyone gets sick eventually as it is a natural part of our lives. So, when someone goes down with a sickness or disease it probably best that we try to help them as that could as easily been one of us. Someone who understands this and is actively doing his part to give back especially in the medical filed is Jeff Aronin.


Jeff Aronin is the Chief executive and the chairman of the company Paragon biosciences. This company works to help find cures and remedies for different illnesses and diseases that people deal with. They like to focus on the sicknesses that don’t have regular or viable solutions. Jeff Aronin has been the leader of this company since 2010 and has helped them to with his extensive knowledge and experience as a leader to doing this more efficiently. Jeff Aronin originally had his own company which he started in 2000 Ovation Pharmaceuticals. This earlier work gave him the know how that he has definitely used in his work with Paragon. Paragon Bioscience has a careful and simple way of giving back and they may be overlooked by some. Instead of actually carrying out medical procedures they create and support companies to solve medical issues (Crunchbase). They first identify an issue or disease that they feel needs to be addressed, then they help build a company or team to combat this issue, and lastly, they develop this company through their finances and research and insure they have what they need to continue working until a solution is found for the issue at hand.


Giving back to the world doesn’t always have to directly involve physically providing or giving a service or particular item. By creating and supporting those that will solve issues Jeff Aronin and paragon biosciences are doing their part. “Improving the human experience” is what Jeff Aronin and Paragon claim to do and with the work they have done to fight the multitude of 6,000 diseases we face everyday it is hard to deny this as truth.


Investing At A Special Age with Chris Linkas

The Career History & Background of Chris Linkas

When it comes to the business and investing industry, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most confusing and grueling industries to try and understand. Not to mention the fact that it is also one of the most demanding and challenging fields to work in and, it is easy to see why not too many professionals in this field have become ultra-successful. Having said that, there is a fair share of business and investing experts that has made a name for themselves in this field like Chris Linkas.

However, perhaps no other professional in this industry has been as influential and as impactful as has Chris Linkas has remained in his career. With a career that spans decades, Chris Linkas is one of the most experienced professionals around. In addition to that, his many years of work in his fields has allowed him to become one of the most accomplished professionals as well. In fact, his many career accolades have established him as the standard of excellence to many in his field. To further get this point across, Chris Linkas has set the bar high for what it takes to thrive in the business and investing world. Needless to say, Chris Linkas is a master of his craft (Crunchbase). Furthermore, Chris Linkas has reached the top of his field in many ways. Here are some of the ways he has found success as a professional.


More on Chris Linkas & Investing

In an article on ways to start investing early, it is made very clear that the number of ways can be simplified to a solid five. Specifically, the article goes on to explain how simply starting investing early can allow one to get a head start on their financial goals. Put simply, these are just some of the many ways that Chris Linkas has been able to prosper in his career. What is more amazing than that is the fact that he has been more than willing to share his vast knowledge on investing. If this does not show what kind of individual Chris Linkas really is, who knows what else does. All in all, there is no denying that Chris Linkas will continue to succeed as he always has in his career.


Improving The Bottom Line with Collections: IC System

Most businesses don’t last long if they are unable to receive payment for work done. It is important to have some system in place to collect monies due. IC System, one of the largest collection agencies in North America understands this. Businesses run on revenue. Revenue generates jobs. These jobs then help the bottom line.

The bottom line for each business is different. A collection agency like IC System understands that treating creditors with respect goes a long way to gaining trust. Honesty and integrity are the core principles every employee abides by when doing business. The accounts receivable business requires that both the patient and the creditor feel confident enough to entrust the collection agency with personal information.

Security has to be a top priority with such high stakes involved. It can be said that monitoring receivables for collection require dexterity and transparency. The daily dealing with overdue cash and credit balances can be tiring. It does require some finesse to resolve cash flow issues with creditors.

Creditors can rely on IC System to help them resolve account receivable issues without triggering regulatory violations. Compliance issues can also loom for creditors who need to be careful to maintain their revenue recovery procedures. The fact is that creditors can improve their business’ bottom line by being receptive to alternative ways of payment. It is important that creditors feel that they can recover funds effectively (

Newer collection tools have enhanced the ability for collection agencies to recover funds. These tools have also allowed both the client and the collection agency to have a clearer picture of the patients responsibilities and ability to pay. The thorough and ethical approach that IC System employs has garnered good results for their clients. Clients trust IC System personnel to help them avoid the regulation and compliance “landmines” that can occur.

Account receivable management is not an exact science. The various stages of the revenue cycle are a testament to the fact that issues happen at each stage. Revenue management does provide some peace of mind. It also improves the bottom line for both consumer and commercial accounts.


The Chainsmokers Dark New Direction

The Chainsmokers have dominated the electronic landscape for the past three years, with a total of 6 top ten songs.

The duo launched their career into the spotlight with 2014 hit single “#SELFIE” which broke the top 20 immediately. They continued immense success through 2017, before taking a nine-month hiatus.

The electronic titans are back on “Sick Boy,” and the sound is darker than ever. The dance anthem features sharp takes on current issues, inspired by the bands own observation.

The creative risk is executed perfectly. Although The Chainsmokers have changed direction stylistically, they still show the passion that makes them one of the best.

In a recent Forbes interview, the duo discussed the direction of the album. Andrew Taggart elaborated that a lot of what drove the album was frustration or anger at the circumstances of fame.

The frustration is apparent on “Sick Boy.” As the beautiful visuals build up, the music does as well. The track starts slow but eventually rolls into a fantastic peak of emotion. The dark theme is characterized by vocals literally describing Taggart’s struggles, “Make no mistake, I live in a prison.”

The emotional build pays off as Taggart releases the chorus, over an orchestra of dark sounds. The duo departs from there traditional romantic dance tracks and goes to a much heavier rapture of beats and synths.

The anticipation for new work is mounting. The Chainsmokers legacy is already massive, but they seem to be comfortable with pressure. Pall is making sure to keep the music true to himself, “It’s just about having fun.”

Dark tones will not be limited to “Sick Boy,” as the duo intends to have the whole album tackle much darker themes. The narrative on the current status of America on “Sick Boy” gives us some insight into the wonderful new direction of the Chainsmokers.

World Renowned NY Based Robotic Surgery Expert, Dr. David B. Samadi

If you have never heard of Dr. David B. Samadi, he is a world-famous doctor and medical celebrity that specializes in robotic surgery at the extremely well regarded, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, New York. In addition to robotic surgery, Dr. David Samadi is also the head chairman of Urology at the same hospital, due to the fact that he is a board-certified and highly respected urologist experienced in diagnosing all different types of urologic illnesses.

Dr. David Samadi grew up in the country of Iran, where he was raised by Jewish ethnic minorities within the Islamic country. Along with his entire family, he eventually immigrated to Belgium and then England where he studied hard and began to formulate a blossoming academic career. Further down the line, David’s family ventured onward to the United States where he was fortunate enough to study in Roslyn, New York.

For college, Dr. David Samadi graduated from Stony Brook University in biochemistry. He then went on to graduate with his M.D from the same university in 1994. His urology degree was attained later on at Montefiore Medical Center.

Once his studies were fully completed, David went on to become famous for developing a cutting-edge prostate cancer treatment called SMART. The technique uses robotic instruments in what is referred to as a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. The technique is more precise than manual surgery and has far less of a recovery time after the procedure is finished. SMART is an acronym for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique.

The world-famous doctor has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, such as the New York Magazine Best Doctor, Most Compassionate Doctor, New York Metro Area’s Top Doctors, Castle Connolly Top Doctors, and many others.

A noteworthy event that has kept Dr. Samadi in the limelight recently, was his public comment on Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer. Samadi went on to publically state that Mitt’s prognosis was great, a statement that was well received from many of Mitt’s supporters.

Another newsworthy event was Dr. David Samadi’s interview with Ideamensch. There he discussed many topics, including his daily life routine, his SMART method discovery, and many other aspects of staying healthy and cancer-free.

If you would like to learn more about David Samadi then he has his own television channel that airs every Sunday at 12:30 PM, EST. He can also be followed through all of the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He has a huge following of people interested in the great media that he regularly publishes.

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The Role Played by Larkin and Lacey in the Human Rights World

Lacey and Larkin have been exemplary on the matters of the human rights across the United States. The two decided to venture into the scene fully after resigning from their journalism career. The issue that made Larkin and Lacey took the direction was the states refugees had been subjected in the Arizona and most parts of the United States.

The two promoted the civil and human rights through the formation of the organization by the name Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization was formed through the money of compensation after Larkin and Lacey won the cases against the Maricopa County for arresting them against the steps of the law. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The primary effort of the body was to put the activities of the small organization fighting for the human rights to the peak point in the society.

The agendas of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to bore fruits after creating unity among many human rights bodies in fighting against discrimination of the immigrants in the community.

Larkin and Lacey through their bold step of making publication and disclosing the failure of the administration of the Sheriff faced the arrest. The information was contained in their article which had become famous, Phoenix New Times.

The matter that took the governance of the Sheriff by surprise was the disclosure of the proceeds of the grand jury by Larkin and Lacey. They then took an initiative to arrest the people who were in charge of the incident, Larkin, and Lacey.

Since Larkin and Lacey had gained an excellent personality in the society, most of the people took to the street demanding them two journalists to be released. The act shoved the judges to put aside their case and free them. They then clap back to the County by suing for arresting them unlawfully.

They were paid $3.75 million for the ordeal they faced. The money took their mission to a better level in combating the violation of the human rights.

Larkin and Lacey funded the small unions through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The commitment of the two in the circle of the human rights made many concerned authorities to venture in with their support. The other programs that Larkin and lacy came with were organizing the seminars for training the leaders of the small organizations on how to steer their unions to achieve the missions.

Larkin and Lacey had been against the administration of the Arpaio for a long time. After the recent pardoning of the president Trump to take over the administrative post of the county, Larkin and Lacey came forward to criticize the move. They term the leadership of the Arpaio as failed one and the one that does not put ahead of the needs of the people in the community.

There have been many recorded incidents of Arpaio discriminating the Latinos. Additionally, the conditions of the prisons in the county were not fit for the human occupation and this made most of them to commit suicide while in the jail. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Larkin and Lacey have made the refugees access the human rights through their dedication and time they invested in the field.

David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald; Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group

David McDonald was born in the northeastern part of Iowa. In 1987 he graduated from Iowa State University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He also received the Warren E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He now serves as the president and the Chief Operating Officer at the OSI Group.

McDonald’s fascination with improving Iowa State led him to contribute to its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiatives. He is also involved in the church duties at St. Michael Parish, Wheaton. Aside from all this, he is the chairman of the American Meat Institute.

OSI Group is a globally known business. it majorly supplies protein products. The company has its headquarters located in Illinois. It has over 50 branches which are spread across a number of countries. The company has had major improvements in its production and processing sector. The company has started a beef processing industry in Poland and an advanced feed mill in Shandong Province. It has also focused on improving and expanding its markets and providing its consumers with high quality products.

As the COO of the company, McDonald has created interconnections between the group and locally based corporates. He has also created international networks with countries worldwide. He has also ensured that all the teams assigned in various regional offices understand their consumers’ preferences in terms of taste and culture.

The OSI group acquired Baho Food. In McDonald’s opinion, the acquisition expanded the influence of the company all across Europe. He added that Baho’s line of products has greatly enhanced ISO Group’s products and services. The Baho Foods director was as well pleased with the acquisition. Aside from Baho Foods, the OSI Group has acquired other firms such as Tyson Food and Flagship Europe, with McDonald as the president.

McDonald was interviewed by the CEOCFO Magazine. He had a lot of things to say about the OSI Group. He states that he had been working at the company for over 30 years. He also stated that ever since he became a part of the company, it has always shown great signs of seeking improvements. He also states that the company strives to improve how it serves its consumers. It also improves transparency and trust amongst its members and the consumers. He as well stated that the consumers are majorly their motivators when it comes to innovation and improvements.

When asked about how they cope with the dynamic global changes, he stated that they always react to the changes as early as they occur so as to have an upper hand competitively against other companies in the same line of production. He additionally stated that he was pleased with the tremendous growth among his team members, the company and as well his personal growth.

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From Actor to Author, Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Is a Must Read

Sean Penn has never been afraid of controversy or speaking his mind no matter how delicate the subject may be. His new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is getting mixed reviews. You either love it, or hate it, there is no in between. About a simple man who sells septic tanks for a living and does a few government assassinations on the side for extra money, the story appears to reflect modern American Culture, and many are saying Penn nailed it.

When Trevor Noah of the Daily Show asked him was the story supposed to be a metaphor Penn didn’t answer him directly but went on to defend his characters seeming need to shame women whenever possible. So, is Penn simply trying to say this is life, but we can change it? Time will answer that question and the verdict is still out on whether or not the idea of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff can begin to cure our culture of all its ills or maybe make things a little bit worse.

People are saying Penn has simply written a biography with his book and the main character “Bob Honey” is Penn himself by another name. In a phone interview with Vogue when Penn was asked if he set out intending to “but heads with” the #MeToo movement he replied the “#MeToo thing” was part of a whole. Any movement that creates equality is a good thing but in Penn’s opinion this movement may be compared to a “toddlers’ crusade” and he asks has “due process lost its sheen?”

This movement is seen by some as nothing more than a platform for well-known men to be railroaded on and that false accusers do so with impunity using the #MeToo movement as a legal cover. He says his book is not an opinion piece but still, the American President in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” sure sounds a lot like President Trump, and the climate of the times seem to clearly reflect what we live with in the real world.

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