Paul Mampilly Compares Stock Market of Today to 1982

Paul Mampilly has great hopes for the stock market. He believes that it will continue to rise and reach great heights. He believes that this is a result of a number of factors, which also led to the great bullish investment market between 1982 and 2000, where investors became really rich. The first thing is that new technology is coming out. In 1982, the new technology was called computers. These days, there are so many other forms of new technology that are coming out. There will be electric cars, for example. There is virtual reality, which will change the way we watch movies and television and play video games. So many other new technologies are coming to the public, such as microchip technology. The internet of things is the equivalent of personal computers. It will change the way we live our lives. The second factor is that millennials are now rising. They are spending a lot of money on these new technologies, which will boost the economy, increase the sales of the companies that produce the new technologies, and lead to the stock market soaring to new heights.

Paul Mampilly says that he forecasts the Dow Jones to rise to fifty thousand. He points to 1982, when personal computers came out and the baby boomer generation started becoming active in the economy. In 1982, the Dow Jones was only at one thousand, and now it has since reached over twenty five thousand. There is no reason to believe that it will not reach another twenty five thousand, to fifty thousand, in a decade or two. However, Paul Mampilly says that even greater heights can be expected, and that fifty thousand is really just the beginning. He believes that at the end of the day, the Dow Jones will go much higher than just fifty thousand.

Paul Mampilly believes that 1982 is playing itself over. We have the same two megatrends that are going on. Just like personal computers changed the economy, the internet of things will also change the entire economy. It will make companies be more productive. It will bring companies more profits, just like computers did. This will result in the stock market rising even more.

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the head of Profits Unlimited.

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George Soros: Donates To Charities Globally George Soros And His Philanthropy

George Soros is a famously known philanthropist all over the world. He is a Jewish born American tycoon and the owner and the founder of Open Society Foundation. The philanthropic foundation he started began three decades ago and operates in more than 100 countries. George Soros is a champion of Jewish, anti- Semitism, progressivism, globalism and capitalism. He has a strong philosophy of promoting social justice, human rights campaigns and pro-democracy.

George Soros is the general chair of OSF board that monitors the national committees possible for making charitable funds decisions. Soros applies a sprawling and decentralized model to manage many OSF offices located in different parts of the world. His efforts have made a consistent difference in the way that philanthropy is executed. It also helps address so many different opportunities for growth within existing industries and infrastructure.

All choices relating to donating funds and to promoting social justice and human rights campaigns have been made in favor of community service by OSSF. For the last few years, George Soros has donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to support his philanthropy work across the world. There are a lot of The OSF is the second largest philanthropy organization second to only the Bill Gate foundation. George has been on the forefront in helping pro-democracy governance in the world. He has also been involved in funding some of the most expensive campaigns in the United States of America. The work of OSF crosses multiple international borders and changes the way that charities take place. He was part of the front who supported the Democratic Party campaigns in 2000 American elections. It was reported by several media outlets that the philanthropist had spent approximately $27 million.

The OFS played a significant role in pioneering the establishment of the Central European University that promoted open academic inquiry in 1991. The OSF also sponsored students who were traveling abroad from Hungary. There are a lot of benefits to the missions and efforts of OFS. In the year 1984, his foundation formed an organization in Hungary that supported the shoot of liberalism growing under Communist dictatorship government. This helped change the course of history and has paved the way for future changes to a great degree.

He provided copying machines those anti-communist supporters to print samizdat literature. The initiatives of George Soros have played a huge role in the way that economies are developed and have formed consistent results throughout history. Ultimately it is evident that George Soros initiatives are valuable in helping people around the world. In Romania, the Soros foundation funded civic groups that advocated for the rights of vulnerable and minority groups. In the recent years, the famous world philanthropist has been supporting liberal immigration policy in Europe brought by refugee crisis. Indeed, George Soros, philanthropic funding foundation has in fact transformed the world politics into Pro-democracy. George’s foundational motivation is to promote philanthropy throughout the world. This is seen at multiple levels.

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Sussex Healthcare Audiology And Senior Living

Sussex Healthcare has been proudly serving the senior citizens in the Sussex, surrey, and Berkshire communities for many years. They offer the highest quality service through their professionally trained staff. Their goal is to provide all of their patients with the best personal and clinical care.

Sussex Healthcare has partnered with NHS to provide patients with a multi service Audiology clinic. Here, they will provide audiology services like treating hearing loss that may be due to age. They will also do assessments and diagnosis of other hearing problems. Other services include testing for hearing loss, and early detection before one loses their hearing.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology will fit for hearing aids if needed, and offer other Ear, Nose, and Throat services. Sussex Healthcare has a accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The aim of the Audiology department is to provide a high quality, and safe hearing care that will be both accountable, and effective, for an excellent experience for each patient. They strongly believe in holding the highest quality ethical and professional standard. The Audiologists are highly trained, and committed to continuous educational programs that will keep them knowledgeable of up to date improvements, and inclusions. The equipment that they use is highly efficient, modern state of the art.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

In relation to treatment, Sussex Healthcare works according to the National Good Practice Guide. This means that patients not only get the best care, they can also access their aftercare and reassessment every three years by going online. The patients are very well pleased with the service and their overall results from Sussex Healthcare Audiology. One patient is getting used to her new hearing aid, and is happy that she can now hear. Another patient is grateful for the friendly staff that assisted her. Another patient stated that the staff was helpful and friendlyy, and that she was thankful for them. Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of treatment options for older people over the age of 55, and to some people with mental disabilities.

Hedge Fund Manager SahmAdrangi Creates Major Hedge Fund Investments An Atypical Hedge Fund Manager

SahmAdrangi is not the typical hedge fund manager. He is the creator of Kerrisdale Capital, which is a fund that is oriented toward research. Kerrisdale, as well as Sam Adrangi, covers sectors such as biotechnology and aviation. The fund has made a total of 48+ investments, and they have openly published all of  investments on the company’s website. This reflects the investor’s commitment to openness, and is also a great source of ideas for individual investors.

An Accomplished Chief Investment Officer

SahmAdrangi serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. This makes him involved in all aspects of running the firm, as well as managing the investment portfolio. He created the firm in 2009, and did so with under $1 Million, which grew to a value of $150 Million under management by July 2017. As Chief Investment Officer, SahmAdrangi has also made activist investments and openly publishes his research.

Focused Heavily on Short Sale Investments

Many of the investments that the firm has made have been short sales. The company has also made investments in Chinese companies, seeing China as being a huge source of potential economic growth. He has also shorted Chinese companies known for fraud, such as the China Marine Food Group. These companies have also been targeted by the SEC for enforcement of securities laws.

Focused on Developing Expertise in Biotechnology

SahmAdrangi is also focused on developing expertise in specific areas. Biotech is a huge focus for the firm, along with being involved with capital allocation for a corporation. He began his career in credit, and has also spent a great deal of time working at hedge fund where he was responsible for working with distressed debt. Developing exposure to the biotechnology industry has been a huge benefit for Adrangi’s desire to focus.

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When BMG Bank Skyrocketed – the Rise of Ricardo Guimares to CEO

At Brazil, the banking industry of the country is dominated by a few big enterprises in the field, namely the BMG Bank, Itau bank, and Bradesco, some of the strongest and most successful banks that are national. Some of them, like Bradesco and CityBank, even have international influence, and that is needless to say the importance of the BMG brand.

Apart from the big corporations, the banking industry of the country, namely starting at 2015, has given space to new entities to be born, new, smaller banks are arising every year, like the “Intermedium Bank” (now named Bank Inter) and “RICO,” an agency that allows Brazilians to invest their money in national treasures.

The BGM Bank, however, has won the heart of many of the biggest investors and corporations of the country because of their easy-to-use platform and plentitude of options for customers. The BMG Bank is owned by the Guimarães Family, a very wealthy and influential family in Brazil, from where one of the most successful CEO’s of the national banking industry was born: Ricardo Guimarães, the current CEO of the BMG Bank.

Ricardo Guimarães didn’t always hold that position of prestige, and has already been nominated by the founder and owner of the bank network as the Executive President of the brand. That was before he allowed another employee of trust to assume the place so that he could become the CEO in the absense of his father. Right now, though, Ricardo Guimarães has proven his excellency at the spot of Chief Executive Officer, which has allowed him to maintain the position and lead the business decisions of the BMG Bank staff.

When comparing to the competition, the BMG Bank is surely not one of the cheapest, and maybe not one of the best ones in terms of availability in the whole territory of Brazil (one of the biggest countries in the earth, after all). However, the BMG Bank, according to the interviews with the Guimarães family and the successful Ricardo Guimarães, the BMG bank has earned their client base and most of the huge corporations that have preferred their services because of the commitment of their staff. Almost never have account owners had to wait unnecessary amounts of time to make transactions, or fail to contact one of their professionals when seeking assistance. The attendance of the BMG Bank is the priority, and it has won the choosing of many important investors in Brazil.

Folloe Ricardo:youtube.


Dr. Mark McKenna Is A Pioneer In The Medical Aesthetics Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is a motivated patient advocate and surgical specialist that is licensed to practice in Georgia and Florida by the State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduating from Tulane University Medical, he worked with his father in medicine but quickly launched a real estate investing firm. He then acquired a couple of other companies and grew them to reasonable size. He learned a lot during this time about the real estate and investing world which has benefited him throughout the rest of his life.

After the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina devastated his home town of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna stayed in the city long enough to actively help with its rebuilding. He then left for Atlanta, Georgia, and it was there that he began to build new business known as ShapeMed. In 2014, sold the aesthetic medical wellness practice to Life Time Fitness Inc., and he stayed on as National Medical Director of the company until 2016 when he began to consider making a change. The very next year he began to serve with OVME as its founder and Chief Executive Officer. The company is a tech empowered aesthetic medical company that is changing the way that elective healthcare works.

When asked how he came up with a company like OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna commented that it was a natural progression from all of his years spent in the industry of medical aesthetics. By being a part of it, and by growing and selling his other practice, he learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in his industry. It was, specifically, his intuition and experience that led him to see the many different ways that he could build a new company that could be disruptive in its industry.

Some of the methods Dr. Mark McKenna used and still uses today to bring his ideas to life includes meditation and visualization practices. He also feels that by surrounding himself with people who know more or who have a unique way of looking at the industry has helped him tremendously. This attitude is what has set many pioneers in their industry apart from others, and Dr. Mark McKenna is no different.

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Nick Vertucci and How He Beat the System

Nick Vertucci is quite a story of success. His journey was made what it was by sheer determination and a positive attitude about thriving. You have to believe in yourself no matter what comes your way. This is how he did it.

He began believing that no matter what happens, tomorrow is a new day. The determination of a person is the main concept. When you have that kind of determination you can accomplish anything that comes to your direction. That, coupled with an amazing ability to know how to play the real estate market has been his savior for Vertucci’s career. It has been so successful that he teaches other today.

He began working with computer parts. That small business was a boom until 2000 when it all folded. Anything can happen and you should always expect it if you’re going to be a success. Real wealth is never made by sitting in a completely secure place. If you want to get wealthy, then you are going to have to expand and learn. You have to take risks that can lead to success or failure. You learn from all of it. That’s what Nick Vertucci did.

His learning and struggles helped him become a success in real estate. Now he teaches it to other people to help them get out of money trouble and get into real security. It’s a system that works. The knowledge of his program teaches what he struggled through over a period of ten years. You’d have to be a fool not to see what it’s about.

Registration on the site that Nick Vertucci has online will allow you to get the information that can change your life as well. Nick Vertucci attended a seminar like this once upon a time too. Maybe you can be the next Real Estate guru as well. One thing is certain. You’ll never know if you never try. If you want to beat the system like he did, then you have to sign up and begin learning about wealth through real estate.

George Soros Continues to Do What Is Right

It is well known by now that George Soros has donated 18 billion dollars to his charitable foundation. This has been reported by the Wall Street Journal and was picked up by all the major media outlets. According to Forbes, there may be a number of reasons why George Soros decided to donate $18 billion to his charitable foundations. One reason may be in order to reduce the estate tax that his heirs would have to pay when they inherited his money. It can also be to avoid paying taxes on that money. The funds will continue to be managed by the Soros fund management office. It will continue to be donated to the causes he cares about. This includes fighting for human rights and civil rights all across the world. George Soros has been donating money to fight for democracy and freedom and open societies all around the world for many years.

George Soros was born in Hungary. When he was 11 years old he started to suffer under the Nazi occupation. He later suffered when the Communists occupied Hungary. He had to flee to London. He studied economics there in the London School of economics. George Soros started donating money to charity many years ago. Because he is such a big funder of charity and because he donates money to charity on such a big scale, some politicians who did not agree with his policies put pressure on him publicly to stop funding the causes that he funds. However, George Soros has not bent to the political pressure, and he continues to donate money to the causes that he thinks are proper, which includes fighting for freedom for everyone in any country all around the world. George Soros is now 87 years old and is not as involved in his hedge fund management business as he once was. However, George Soros is still heavily involved in his charitable foundation and continues to be involved in the decisions of his foundations.

30 years ago, George Soros first appeared on the Forbes list of the 400 most wealthy people in the United States. Ever since, he has been on that list.

We mentioned that the donation to the Open Society Foundations makes them the second largest charitable foundation in the United States. In addition, according to the Guardian Magazine, it makes the Open Society Foundations the third largest charitable foundation in the entire world, after the welcome committee.

George Soros cares so much about democracy because he suffered under fascists himself. George Soros also loves giving grants to students who need money to get an education. His first charitable donations were to South African students who suffered from apartheid. George Soros sympathizes with the needy and oppressed. He fights discrimination against minorities and other marginalized people, including refugees and the LGBT community. George Soros fights abuses of power by police and by governments.

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CTCA Getting the Word Out on Cancer Information via WebMD

Almost everyone has heard of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This healthcare provider serves adult cancer patients and provides supplemental support for their families. This organization is committed to delivering the latest breakthrough cancer treatments, medications and connecting care care support services to every patient. CTCA feels that cancer education is a critical component of cancer care. A little knowledge can spur individuals that notice similar symptoms from CTCA’s website to seek qualified cancer care. This educational push is being furthered by this healthcare institutions recent partnership with a credible heath related online website called WebMD. Many recognize this online aid that gives timely, fact based and detailed informative medical educational posts.

Internet use is up from a few years ago. As computer technology evolves, the Internet users follow along. This is particularly true for younger generation groups well versed on computer terms and skills. This is a big part of why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is utilizing other Internet avenues to spread their message and educational efforts to Internet users. The Internet makes it easier to keep in contact even from far distances. WebMD has a dedicated following that includes, stay-at-home moms, working parents, healthcare providers, students and others wanting to find expert opinions on various health concerns or topics.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has remained a leading cancer education factual source. This revered healthcare institution maintains their helpful, user-friendly and easy-to-read webpages. This merging of two Internet healthcare educators is getting cancer care subjects out to a larger public forum. CTCA wants everyone to have access to credible cancer statistics, facts, research details, clinical trial information and many other current cancer related informative news. Cancer care involves many disciplines and supportive cancer care specialists to keep cancer care up to the high standards set by CTCA.

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Doctor Cameron Clokie: ‘Go See The Dentist’

For readers not up on dentistry, Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D. is a scientist, entrepreneur, and a surgeon. Clokie is one of the few to hold all three positions. He works out of Canada.


Clokie earned his doctorate at McGill University. He graduated in 1992. His area of interest at the time was in the area of bone regeneration. He focused on its relationship to developing dental implants.


Presently a practicing surgeon, he is well-known in the field of oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery. He has made additional contributions to the world of academia and his research as it related to the jaw. While employed as a professor he has written research papers and taught classes too. He even had the opportunity to serve as the official head of both oral and maxillofacial surgery at the famous University of Toronto.

A few years ago, Clokie began offering his dental patients a new procedural option to the usual reconstructive jaw surgery. Clokie offered his patients a new form of bone

regeneration that employs stem cells. This was just one of The doctor’s groundbreaking surgeries that are arguably true milestones in the field of contemporary reconstructive surgery.

Before this, dentists and oral surgeons would take tissue and bone from other sections of a patient’s body or even utilize animal bones to rebuild a patient’s damaged jaw. With Clokie’s new method, though, a subject’s jaw can regenerate similar to the way an infant grows. This method sets the stage for numerous potential options for patients suffering from the loss of a jawline or facial disfigurement.

Numerous researchers have been struggling to regenerate human tissue for a long time. None of those scientists succeeded like Doctor Cameron Clokie did. How did this happen?

Sources with Bloomberg had the answer. They noted that Cameron Clokie and his team based out of Mount Sinai Hospital and the Toronto General Hospital used specific proteins that inspire adult stem cells into changing into adult bone cells. In Addition, the stem cells have the potential to actually metamorphosize into other types of cells.