Dr. Rod Rohrich: Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a world-renowned and board certified plastic surgeon. He has been lending his surgical expertise to patients in the Dallas, Texas area since 1986. Dr. Rohrich earned his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine and then went on to complete his residency at the University of Michigan under the direction of some of the top plastic surgeons at that time.

During his residency, Dr. Rod Rohrich saw his passion for the ever-changing world of plastic surgery truly take off. In addition to providing superior surgical results for his patients, Dr. Rohrich also helps teach these advanced techniques to other upcoming plastic surgeons, helping to ensure there is always someone to serve as his successor.

Dr. Rohrich’s Authorship Success

In addition to passing along his unique surgical skills to other plastic surgeons, Dr. Rohrich has a long history of successful authorship ventures as well. In the area of writing, Dr. Rohrich is most well-known for his research and clinical work on rhinoplasty procedures. He has also written extensively on the successful use of plastic surgery to correct secondary facial deformities from previous surgical attempts. During the course of his professional career to this point, Dr. Rohrich has published over 700 peer-reviewed journal articles covering various basics of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich has also spent a significant portion of his professional career serving as the editor-in-chief for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a professional journal publication. Under his experienced guidance, this journal has quickly become one of the most sought-after professional publications that industry leaders rely on for accurate and up-to-date information. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal provides consistent information on technological advancements and updates relating to the field of plastic surgery, as well as general current news on these topics.

Dr. Rohrich also works as an editor for the publication Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery. This well-known academic based publication was created to supplement the current curriculum for university plastic surgery training programs around the world.

More information about the specific procedures Dr. Rohrich performs can be found on his website, social media pages, and his profile on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rod Rohrich has won many awards and continued recognition for his contributions to the exciting world of plastic surgery. Through innovative and creative thinking, he has helped create some of the most advanced techniques used in plastic surgery today. These techniques allow for faster healing time, fewer incisions, and better patient outcomes, all of which contribute to the success of plastic surgery as we know it today.

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Stream Energy Helps More People See Lower Rates

Stream Energy is an energy provider that helps people get lower rates on the electricity they already have. The company works with other people and knows there are things they can do to help them through the issues they have. The company also knows things will continue getting better since they help so many people with the issues they have with electricity rates. They spend a lot of time learning how to get the best rates and they do their best to show people things will keep getting better no matter what issues they normally run into with providers. Between the hard work the company puts into the business and the things they do for their customers, they know what they can keep doing to give back to everyone who does the best job possible. They make a lot of choices that help them see how things will always get better no matter what.

For Stream Energy, the point of helping people is part of their business. Since Stream Energy started their business based on giving back and helping others, they knew things would keep getting better. They also knew everything would continue helping other people because of the hard work they put into the business. It made sense for them to do the best job possible and the best things that would help them on their own. Stream Energy knew what they wanted to do and they always stuck to their goals no matter what they were trying to make happen.

Since Stream continues helping people and continues giving back in different situations, they’ve felt good about everything they do. They now run the Stream Cares foundation and that helps them see things will keep getting better for their business. It also gives them a chance to provide people with positive experiences. They use the foundation to keep giving back and show others the right way to get the best energy experiences. It helps them branch out and also gives them a chance to provide community outreach they wouldn’t normally offer to other people who need their help in different situations.


Anti-Aging by Jason Hope

Aging is something that all human beings have to suffer through and it isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, as people grow older, the amount of age related diseases they could potentially get also increases. Some of these diseases include: arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and, among others, high blood pressure. Among healthcare today, many doctors and companies try to treat these problems instead of preventing them from happening altogether.

However, Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has a different approach to battling these health issues. His theory and goals are to help people live longer by slowing down and even reversing the aging process.

One-way Jason Hope has helped combat the aging process is by donating large sums of money to organizations who want to fight these negative effects of aging. One organization Jason Hope has supported is known as the SENS Foundation. In December 2010 he donated $500,000 dollars to this Foundation. The SENS Foundation is committed to helping the general public have access to the technologies needed to counteract the aging process. The foundation is also highly dedicated to the use of biotechnology to find new ways to prevent diseases related to aging.

Shortly after donating $500,000 do the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope praised the foundation for their work. Specifically, he praised their work toward battling diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Further, Hope explains why he is so passionate about the SENS Foundation and the work they do by saying, “Foundations like SENS are taking a different approach to anti-aging. They are focused on finding cures for disease that break down the body and thus cause us to age faster than we should diseases like Alzheimer’s, and heart and lung disease affect all functions of the body. Traditional medicine looks at treating these diseases after they happen. We want to focus on stopping these diseases from ever happening.”

Jason Hope’s donation has specifically helped in the development of medications known as AGE-breakers. It is the hope that this type of medication will eliminate advanced glycation end-products. As these products build up in the skin, they cause the skin to be less flexible; thus, potentially causing higher blood pressure. The development of this medication is still in the works for humans.

Jason Hope currently resides in Arizona where he provides consulting services to businesses. Outside of work, he takes special interest in education, politics, and technology. Further, he encourages everyone, no matter their income, to find and be a part of philanthropy work they believe in.

Jason Hope info: www.amazon.com/dp/B0773WCN2L

Adam Milstein Is Paving The Way For Future Jewish Leaders To Make A Difference

Adam Milstein is an activist, philanthropist, supporter of the Jewish people and state, the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and an author on The Times Of Israel blog. He is also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), and he supports a wide range of organizations that serve to make the world a better place for the people of Israel as well as Jews all around the world. He was born in Israel and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He moved to the United States in 1981 and went on to receive his MBA while studying at USC.

Adam Milstein believes that Jewish people, in today’s world, need better leadership; the kind of leadership that helps people to get through the obstacles of the day. While it is true that many leaders have to deal with being isolated and ridiculed, what they do to inspire people can change the world. In the past, Israel and the Jewish community have had plenty of great leaders to choose from. The original leaders of the Jewish state of Israel worked very hard to create a solid foundation for the budding state. During World War II, many great leaders stepped forward, and one of these included Mordechai Anielewicz who inspired the Jewish people to not back down from the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Adam Milstein is pointing out that today the state of Israel and its people are in danger of being eradicated from hate groups and campaigns like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Adam Milstein knows that with all of the hate and division that is being put out into the world, it is important to have strong leaders that can remain stable during times of great friction. In his daily work as a philanthropist, he meets with many of the upcoming, potential future leaders of Israel, and he also works to support the Jewish American community so they can also support their heroes and leaders.

In today’s divided world, people like Adam Milstein are doing their best to create the kind of environment where the Jewish leaders of tomorrow can make an impact.


Jeremy Goldstein recommends maintaining good shareholder relations at all costs

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most well-regarded merger, acquisition and corporate-takeover attorneys in the United States today. He has also specialized in executive compensation, helping corporations from coast to coast to understand the ways in which executive compensation should be crafted in order to minimize the potential for hostile actions on the part of outside suitors.

But after a career spanning more than 15 years with famous law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Goldstein has finally decided to step away from the world of big corporate law. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: http://jlgassociates.com/ and https://www.americanconference.com/executive-compensation-836l17-nyc/speakers/jeremy-goldstein/

Although he leaves at the height of his career, while still making millions of dollars per year and taking some of the most important cases in the country, Goldstein has come to the decision that he is no longer creating utility for himself nor putting his skills to the best use, at least in terms of helping other people.

For this reason, Goldstein has decided to found his own private practice. In doing so, he has recently added Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, his new firm, to the Lawyer Referral and Information System, an important resource for New York residents in finding lawyers that are appropriate for their case and location.

Goldstein is hoping to put his extensive experience dealing with some of the most complex and important corporate deals of the last 20 years to use on behalf of small business owners.

Having worked on such deals as the Kmart acquisition of Sears Roebuck, the Verizon merger with Alltel and the Phillips Petroleum acquisition of Conoco, Goldstein has some of the most impressive credentials of any corporate attorney in the United States today.

But, he says, many small-business owners simply do not have the funds necessary to ensure that they are getting top-flight legal advice when it comes to crafting their own legal documents.

This leaves many small business owners in a state of serious vulnerability, open to hostile actions from outside shareholder activists, who can sniff out any mistake and pounce on it like a jackal.

As a result, Goldstein is offering his services at rates competitive with normal retail trial lawyers.

Although he’s taking an enormous cut in his pay, he says that he is extremely excited about beginning his new practice, and he is hoping to put his skills to use in genuinely helping mom-and-pop business owners across the state.

Lime Crime Debuts A Brand New Palette

So basically everyone is wondering what is in the palette that Lime Crime has hinted at. Customers of the brand are longing for a new Venus 3 to make its debut. The tease was dropped on Instagram by @LimeCrimeMakeup of an empty palette dropping down from heaven. Venus products by Lime Crime all have a wonderful silk like smooth feeling when applied and people just can’t wait to get their hands on the new Venus 3 if that’s what it is. These are all speculation and nobody can find out until its launch date.

If you are really curious you can sign up at the Lime Crime official website and find out what is going on before others. Fans of the brand are all playing a guessing game right now in hopes that all of their wishes about the palette being Venus 3 deems true. Lime Crime is such a successful brand that whatever it is, it will be sure to impress. By the looks of the picture it could be anything really from lip gloss, blush, toners, anything.

Customers are really hoping for it to be Venus 3 eyeshadows because all of their previous eye shadow cases have been such big hits. Lime Crime sure knows how to keep its fans and customers on its feet and they sure know how to keep us guessing. Until the launch we will just have to all sit back and wait for the unveiling of the new palette and what is going to be inside of it.

Fin d out more about Lime Crime: http://us.asos.com/women/face-body/a-to-z-of-brands/lime-crime/cat/?cid=25669

Companies Like O2Pur Are Making eCigs More Popular

Smoking has been popular for a very long time, and today there are various different ways for people to smoke, including the ever-growing eCigs. This is not surprising when looking at the facts since there is an abundance of different benefits that come along with eCigs that normal cigarettes do not provide. The eCig industry is becoming vast today and there is a lot of information out there to learn that can be a little overwhelming for those who haven’t dabbled in vaping yet.

One of the biggest differences between eCigs and normal cigarettes is the variety of different flavors to choose from. While there are different choices of cigarettes out there, they cannot compete with literally hundreds of different flavors of eJuice that can be used for vaping. O2Pur offers a wide range of flavors for all levels of vapors to try out and even flavorless for those who do not want the taste at all.

Choosing eCigs over normal cigarettes has another big advantage as well, money saving. Anyone who smokes cigarettes knows just how expensive it can be to maintain the habit, but with eCigs, this cost is significantly reduced. Companies such as O2Pur offer highly affordable rates for all their products so that even beginners can feel comfortable joining in on the vaping trend. There are plenty of user reviews on the company website for O2Pur products, which are important for determining the quality and what may be good or bad about a particular device.

Unlike smoking normal cigarettes, which are disposable and usually get littered around the house or neighborhood, eCigs are designed to be used multiple times and produce a much smaller amount of waste in comparison. There are many different options to choose from for powering a vaping device, with different rank sizes, battery lengths, and various other aspects that come in to play when using an eCig.

There are a lot of new things to discover for those who are new to the whole vaping experience, but it is not so scary after getting one foot in the door. O2Pur has some great starter equipment for beginners to start gaining experience on the eCig craze that is still growing today.

The Real Estate Developer Behind The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a classic example of someone who took their future into their own hands and made it in the industry that they work in. Coming from a slightly humble background, Vertucci faced a number of hardships while growing up. His family struggled just to meet their basic needs, and the situation worsened after the death of his father when he was still a child. When he was eighteen, Nick Vertucci decided to start up his own company selling computer parts.

The business proved to be incredibly successful for the first few years but suddenly began to drop after the technological recession during the 2000s. This caused all of the work that Vertucci to go into a downward spiral and was something that caused a tremendous amount of strain to his business. Seeing this downfall, Vertucci decided that it was time for him to make a switch to a field that would be able to support him even during this period of crisis. The field that he turned towards was real estate, which later becomes the place where Vertucci would make his living and become a well-known name.

After spending a number of years working in real estate and building up an extensive portfolio, Vertucci realized that this was something that almost anyone with the right mindset could do. He knew a lot of people who were in tough situations, and real estate was the way to get out of them. To educate people about the profits that they can earn from this field, and also encourage people to achieve their dreams, he decided to start up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This was one venture that would go on to help thousands of people who otherwise felt like they had no way out of the tight financial situations that they are in.

The Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Academy, hosts several programs all over the country for those who want to know how to get into the industry and work towards a better future for themselves. Through the programs that are held here, Vertucci has been a saving grace, and people are now can support themselves in a better manner.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://twitter.com/nvrea?lang=en

OSI Group Spent Most Of 2016 In Global Food Production And Acquisition

Small and large businesses can reap the benefits of global expansion simultaneously. Especially when the development travels to overseas market, the company is set to gain more revenue than before. Just like with a new venture that penetrates the industry, the foreign expansion consumes time and other resources. Additionally, it requires careful planning and execution. Besides, these businesses need to be keen on cultural differences that a new business model. One company that has successfully ventured into global expansion is OSI Group. In 2016, this company built its rapport on the basis of acquiring food manufacturing plants.

OSI Group’s first purchase in that year was Tyson Foods, a facility based in Chicago and adjacent to OSI Plant. The short distance between fostered a smooth operation in the merger as it supports the continued expansion of the firm. Regarding this acquisition, the senior executive of OSI North America, Kevin Scott said that the new facility would give OSI Group an additional client base alongside the capacity to meet the ever-growing demands of the company. He also added that he was pleased by the additional production capacity.

Comments on Tyson Foods Acquisition

Although the senior executives of OSI Group withheld more details regarding the acquisition, the Tyson Foods representative admittedly stated that the company was an active operator of food division. In 2015, the facility was shut down based on the losses incurred by the company. During the acquisition, Tyson Foods transferred the entire workload to OSI Group.

Baho Foods

In August 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch-based snack, meat as well as convenience food industries. Just like with the other contracts, the executives withheld the financial details of the acquisition. However, the conglomerate has a vast client base, especially in the European market. Regarding this acquisition, David McDonald, the serving president of OSI Group said that his company has sufficient resources to invest in global expansion.
Currently, Baho Food is the sole owner of Q Smart Life, Henri van Bilt and Frischwaren. These companies have processing plants in the Netherlands.

Flagship Europe

Last but not least, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe in late 2016. The company manufactures pies, sauces, mayonnaise and dressings for the United Kingdom market. Initially, Flagship Europe purchased Calder Foods, a company that supplies mayonnaise, marinades, sandwich fillings and sauces. OSI Group is a universal food provider for meat-based products. The company partners with business-oriented firms to provide excellent services alongside enough supply to cater to demand.

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Upwork Maintain Your Online Professional Reputation by Following a To-Do List for Your Professional Commitments

As an independent professional at Upwork, it is vital that you keep your routine well-maintained in accordance with your professional commitments. The best way to do it is to maintain a to-do list that would keep you in check at all times. Maintaining a to-do list is necessary if you have too many tasks at hand and some clients are waiting for these jobs to be done at the earliest. If you do not write a to-do list down, the chances are that you would end up forgetting about some of the crucial tasks or miss deadlines. It can cause issues with your client, and he or she may end up hiring another freelancer in the future instead of you, which would be a professional loss that would be hard to fill.


At Upwork, there are many tasks that you might be working at the same time. You need to make sure that you have prepared your to-do list the night before so that you can get a head start early in the morning. It will help you utilize the next morning and start off completing the list. You also should have the time limits to each of the task at hand, so that you can get it done within the time limit. Also, there might be times when you are unable to complete some work. It is the reason why you should list all your tasks depending on the priority level. It will help you not to skip the important tasks for the day. You should not let your work overwhelm you. If you are feeling stressed out, it is best to break down the tasks into smaller ones so that they are easier to accomplish.


Even though working from home, such as on Upwork offers significant advantages, it can be challenging to separate it from your household commitments. You should set assign a time for your household work and not allow it to interfere with your tasks. By following a strict routine, you should be able to increase your productivity and get more work done within a short period.