George Soros Terse Warning about Trump and what he Portends

Billionaire businessman George Soros has confounded critics and supporters of President Donald Trump by claiming that he is a con artist, imposter and would-be-dictator. According to a report published in the Business Insider on January 17, Soros 86 alluded that Trump will fail terribly in his new position as Commander in Chief. This is mostly because he is against the tenets of the open society, an attribute that is common among dictators. Soros is however optimistic that strong US institutions would deter such a scenario from happening.

Soros also castigated supporters close to Trump for wrongly advising and contradicting his statements. Because of this, it has become very difficult to predict how the President Trump will act on issues, since most of his decisions appear not very well thought-out. George Soros also urged the business community to be careful when dealing with Trump, adding that he will personally stay far away from him. When asked about the President’s policy on international trade on Forbes and China in particle, Soros affirmed that Trump will unintentionally make China acceptable to the global community than the Chinese themselves.

The renowned hedge fund manager and Holocaust survivor echoed these sentiments at the annual World Economic Forum that held every year in Davos, Switzerland. This is not the first time Trump had come under heavy criticism from George Soros. It is also unlikely that this will be his last. George Soros is an avowed Democratic Party supporter; he supported Hillary Clinton in the just concluded US presidential election. He is said to have lost about 1 billion after the unexpected Trump Victory, even though his fund still made a 5% gain in 2016.

About George Soros
George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, and is best known for his philanthropic efforts and support for the Democratic Party and liberal causes. During the just concluded US Presidential Election 2016, George Soros said he will commit funds to support the victims of rising hate crimes and growing insidious rhetoric from President Elect Donald Trump. According to an excerpt published in the New York Times, on November 22, 2016, Soros has already committed an initial sum of $10 million, which will be channeled through the Open Societies Foundation.

The Hungarian born hedge fund billionaire said George Soros was particularly troubled by attacks on immigrants and minorities since the Election Day. The NYT added that donations to groups opposed to Donald Trump’s policies such as Planned Parenthood and American Civil Liberties Union have increased phenomenally following his election as President. Elsewhere, an excerpt appearing in the Open Society Foundations website indicates that Soros has so far offered $12 billion in lifetime donations through the Open Society Foundations. Soros began his philanthropic efforts back in 1979.

Dr Avi Weisfogel Sees To It That Sleep Apnea Gets Attention

For many years, sleep apnea has been overshadowed and little research has been conducted regarding the condition. In general, people have not considered it to be a serious illness until Dr Avi raised the issue. His interest for understanding sleep apnea began way back when he was in college studying dentistry. He always wanted to help his patients understand the dangers of the disease and how they can overcome and treat it.

Dr Avi spent most of his time studying the condition and when he had gathered adequate information about it he decided to launch Dentist Sleep Masters. Together with his team they come up with models that help patients deal with the condition. He also encourages physicians to talk to their patients and probe them about their sleeping patterns. This way, they can detect any patterns of the condition so that they can treat it as soon as possible.

Dr Avi is not only a researcher and a dentist but is also an excellent marketer. For years, he has worked alongside various leaders and people through which he was able to establish interpersonal and communication skills. He tells the Idea mensch that he draws his ideas and inspiration through observing and interacting with people. After which, he writes his ideas down and later reviews them. Coming up with models and having the ability to sell them to physicians and medics is highly attributed to his excellent people skills.

Outside work, Dr. Avi Weisfogel works with charity organizations. He supports the Operation Smile, which was began to support children in countries that require financial help. In order to do so, he began the Fund Me Campaign that hopes to raise thousands to bring medical supplies to children who need medical care. The money will also be used to conduct surgeries for children and to make sure that they get excellent medical coverage.

Shaving Images Help Jose Borghi Learn More About Advertising Trends

Who would have thought the importance of a group of men under the age of 28 shaving would have recently had on the Brazilian advertising industry? The iconic ad agency boss Jose Borghi has recently aided in the production of an entire study aimed at bringing more success to the industry through exploring how a group of men under the age of 28 reacted to images of each other during various stages of facial hair growth.

Many may consider the choice of such a study, but Jose Borghi has already proven in the creation of his own campaigns based on the science behind the study the merit of basing advertising choices on images instead of the spoken word. Like most industries the advertising sector uses focus groups to help provide information on how best to move forward with a campaign, but Mullen Lowe Brasil executive Jose Borghi has always railed against the use of the traditional question and answer format used with focus groups for advertising campaigns.

Borghi himself has always been willing to take risks and explore new avenues to prove himself a success, which was shown by the decision he and fellow advertising executive Erh Ray took in establishing their own BorghiErh ad agency when they were riding high working with top Brazilian advertising companies. From 2006 onward Jose Borghi has also taken a number of leaps of faith in choosing investors for his advertising company, which is now known as Mullen Lowe.

The research study backed by Jose Borghi saw a group of men under 28 photographed during the various stages of shaving with these images shared with the group that was later seen to have a greater level of stimulation and empathy for their fellow group members when they viewed images to provide more detailed information for advertising industry.


A 2017 Discussion About Bernardo Chua And His Success

Very few entrepreneurs from Asia have been able to promote natural products in th West to degree as high as Bernardo Chua. This is a man that started out small and then worked his way up the industry to create a multmillion dollar company. Read further to understand how much influence has has in the world.


This man’s name is a well known name in the health care industry. This man is a talented entrepreneur currently residing in Canada. Growing up in the Philippines taught him many things amongst, which was knowledge about a herb called ganoderma lucidum.

This herb had, such a profund influence on him that he launched a direct sales company years later, which is now the 55th largest company in the world. Bernardo also known as Bernie is the head of Organo Gold, which offers some of the best beverages and personal care products in the industry.

Products & Benefits

Thanks to Orgone Gold, customers can purchase organic coffee, teas and other personal care products. Studies have shown that the herb contained in these products provides many health benefits. A single bag of tea has the capability to treat and prevent cancer.

It can boost immunity and reduce the multiplication of cancer cells and that is not all. People suffering from stress and high blood pressure will benfit immensely. Ganodera in a cup of coffee has been proven to promote blod flow and lower oxygen consumption in the muscles.

Social Media Presence

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua and Organo gold can easily be found on social media sites. A brief visit to Facebook or Twitter will reveal how much value Bernardo and his company have to offer.

For example, his Facebook profile is constantly updated with post that add a sense of lightheartedness and motivation to the web page, which has about 255 total likes. Events, such as the invitation to a coffee house meeting with guest speaker Harison Alimon has been posted for fans that would like to attend.

Bernardo Chua is perhaps one of the most influential success stories in the world. He runs a multimillion dollar company, sells healthy products and has a positive presence on social media. For this man, the sky is the limit and there is no telling how much further up the ladder he will climb.

Jose Borghi-An Advertising Genius in Mullen Lowe

If you haven’t heard about Jose Borghi, it’s about time that you do. Jose Borghi is one of the mastermind behinds the Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe in Brazil that has recently met with loads of success.Jose Borghi is a natural advertiser. At a young age, he realized that what he wanted to do as a career was advertising and it is this very passion that led him to become a highly successful individual in the advertising world.

After having studied publicity and advertising and receiving his degree, he has received many awards in his lifetime as an advertiser. From the Most Awarded Copywriter from the Archive Magazine in 1999 to receiving multiple awards from New York Festival, Clio, London Festival, and more, it is no wonder that Jose Borghi has made a name for himself in the advertising world.

It is with this same tenacity and persistence in being the best at what he does that has made him into a natural leader in advertising and he soon became one of the directors of what was once BorghiErh that with time became known as Mullen Lowe due to the merging with Lowe and Partners and Mullen Group.

One of the greatest things that has made Jorge Borghi a successful advertiser is that he understand the concept of hard work equals success. He may have not had the most celebratory background, but he has proven that persistence equaled with intelligence and taking opportunities does result in big dreams coming true.

Jose Borghi is known for being an extremely creative and talented advertiser. If someone has good ideas, it’s him. He is an innovative and daring individual who uses these talents in his work and is part of the main reasons why he is CEO to a highly successful advertising agency in Brazil.

Recently, Andres Gomes joined his leadership as Co-CEO in order to allow Jose Borghi to do what he does best: focus on his creative genius and continue to bring innovative and enlightened ideas to his company and for their clients. Jose Borghi is an advertising genius and it shows in his work.

Understand The Relevance Of Hiring Dentist Management Agencies Like MB2 Dental

Building a career in dentistry is something that takes time to reach a point where you can be certain that you are a trusted dentist. The process is demanding and requires a lot of effort and dedication, which could mean you have to wait for many years before everything falls in place. However, this does not mean you have to always delay achieving the success that can give you the satisfaction you need for your life. There are professional agencies like MB2 Dental, which help dentists to handle such worries and to offer them an opportunity to handle their careers better.


What MB2 Dental does is look at the areas of operation that prove to put a stop to the progress of the career of a dentist then they come up with plans to alleviate the problem. They are there to help dentists to build their careers to become trusted professionals in the industry. Below are some of the ways they can help your career to flourish despite challenges.


Accounting and financial services

Accounting is a vital part of dentistry that should show how your career is moving. You want to know whether you will make it to expand your office and whether you can pay for the supplies you took in time. A dentist may not be in the best position to perform accounting tasks, so contracting professionals whose work is to account for the movement of money should be a priority. MB2 Dental offers accounting and finance services that are designed well to allow you to understand the problems you should first take care of to avoid falling into bad debts or getting bankrupt.



Every business needs to market its services and goods and this is a process that calls for time and resources. You may have the resources but the skills and time to market effectively may be a challenge, so the best option that remains is to work with professionals whose full-time job is to offer marketing services.


MB2 Dental is among agencies that work with dentists and dental hospitals to support their marketing needs. They offer advice after conducting research to understand the things a dentist needs to achieve marketing goals. Whether the market is small or huge, the company comes in with the required support to ensure the business reaches as many potential customers as possible and their approach increases the number of conversions.

Desiree Perez Turning Tidal Into A Success Against All Odds

Online music streaming has become quite the norm since the inception of audio and video streaming sites over the past decade or so. With many tech industry players, such as Google, Apple, and Spotify, each introducing online music streaming platforms, there are numerous streaming options for music lovers. Therefore, newer players will often find themselves struggling when trying to keep up with the pioneering sites. Most of these streaming services fail to attract clients, and they throw in the towel. That was the state of Tidal when Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez was appointed to head the newly acquired audio and video subscription service.


Tidal was launched late 2014 by Aspiro, a Swedish/Norwegian-owned company which was later acquired by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in the first quarter of 2016. Tidal was a sinking ship when Roc Nation purchased it, but the company’s executive, Desiree Perez, has been able to overturn this and make Tidal one of the most popular subscription-based music streaming service in the world, and also the service that pays the highest royalties to artists in the music industry. Tidal is popular for streaming exclusive content, which gives the company an edge over its competitors and this was Desiree Perez’s idea. Most Roc Nation’s artists have released their content via Tidal, making formerly uninterested individuals want to subscribe from the service. See related source at




Jay-Z’s Roc Nation co-owns the company with a bunch of other artists signed to the label. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Usher, Alicia Keys, Madonna were all among the listed Tidal co-owners. You can access all the exclusive content from these artists and much more on Tidal. Tidal has over 500,000 paying subscribers and globally, the service is available in 31 countries.


About Desiree Perez


Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez, Roc Nation Sports executive. She is not new to the music industry. Her relationship with Roc Nation’s owner Shawn Carter goes way back to the early 90s. Desiree Perez greatly contributed to the success of the label’s artists, both musically and otherwise, and this includes Rihanna and Beyoncé. Her track record in managerial positions speaks for itself, and she’s taking Tidal places.


Learn more here



A Serious Plumbing Problem Requires An Experienced Professional!

The Sunny Plumber Company, is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona and always ready to provide services to quickly solve your problem in most areas of Arizona, Nevada and California. They are the people who have the parachutes you need when something goes haywire in your plumbing system. And once you give Sunny Plumber a try, you’ll discover why customers choose Sunny Plumber as their brightest choice – get it? Look, folks, a handyman like your uncle Fred can usually fix the little plumbing stuff that happens more often than not. But when it comes to serious plumbing headaches, you need a professional like Sunny Plumber to come to the rescue.

In the Southwest part of this country, there are many senior citizens who live or rent, and the last thing they need is to have a sewer or drain backup or a water heater that hasn’t seen a repair or replacement since Bush was president. Older people need to have a plumbing company they can trust as well as afford. Sunny Plumber is that company that suggests that there is no substitute for experience and has an ongoing motto: “if you’re not satisfied, Sunny Plumber is not satisfied.” So it all boils down to this. If you want a plumber who provides quick response, is professional, most often same day service, no hassle as well as no nonsense and really do know what they are doing plus be there when you need them, perhaps it’s time to switch plumbers and get on board the Sunny Plumber service train that shines.

Note: Sunny Plumber is licensed, bonded and insured and has a A+ and BBB certification. Yes, folks, this is the place where you’ll get all the plumbing services you’ll ever require. Got plumbing problems? Sunny Plumber has the parachute you need.

March Madness Betting At

Anyone who enjoys betting on sports will enjoy what they see when they come to The website has been set up for everyone who gambles on sports, and it reads like an ultimate sportsbook of every event that someone may want to bet on. This article explains how someone may come to to bet on sports, and they will learn how to place the wisest bets on each game.

#1: March Madness Betting Is Massive

There are quite a few March Madness odds that may be bet during the tournament, and they change as the tournament progresses. No matchup is set past the first set of games, and there are quite a few people who will wait through the entirety of the tournament to place bets on each game. The games have their own dynamics, and players will change during games depending on their performance.

#2: How Long Are March Madness Odds Open?

Games close a few hours before they tip off, and everyone who wishes to place bets on each game must ensure they have taken a look at what they may bet on, when it closes and how much they wish to bet. The bets are changing all the time, and someone who is checking back often may run across something that will be enticing. Gamblers who have done their research will uncover many fun bets, and they may place their wagers just before the betting window closes.

#3: How Many Games Are Open?

There are 67 games in the tournament, and the games will play over the course of three weekends. Gamblers may do their research as the weekends close, and they will be ready for the next set of games that come on. Each new game will help gamblers ensure they have more chances to win, and they may look over the schedule to learn which games are most-likely to produce results. Every game closes on the website with bets from the customer recorded, and they may check back for a final tally on the game.

Players may bet on any game they like, and they will find it quite simple to place new bets on every game they believe will offer a profit. Gamblers must find games that make them feel comfortable, and they may place their bets on today. Each bet has the potential to win quite a lot of money.

Why AXA Advisors is a Top Insurance Firm in the World

AXA is a French multinational insurance company with its headquarters in Paris. It specializes in the provision of various services including investment management, insurance among other financial services. The firm boasts of operations around the globe, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

AXA Advisors is one of the many different subsidiaries of AXA. Together with other firms like AXA Equitable Life Insurance, Alliance Bernstein, US Financial Life, MONY and AXA Network, they help to provide AXA financial services in the US. AXA Advisors is a firm that is driven by the goal of providing financial security to its families and customers.

AXA Advisors can trace its foundation from 1859 after Henry Hyde left the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He started his firm called Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. Currently, AXA has a reputation as the 1st insurance brand globally for eight years consecutively.

Philanthropy-wise, AXA takes part in numerous philanthropic activities. Some of them include the creation of the AXA Research Fund in 2008. Through the fund, AXA has funded about 256 research projects and awarded 11 endowments to research entities of excellence such as MetOffice, University of Bristol, NUS and many others.

Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is well-known as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors, LLC. He has vast experience in the industry spanning over 25 years. Vinny embarked on his career working as an agent for Prudential in 1987. This saw him being recognized as the National Rookie of the Year. Later in 1990, he left Prudential to join MONY Life Insurance Company. During his time at MONY Life Insurance, he held numerous regional as well as local regional field management roles. This was before moving to AXA Advisors in 2004.

At AXA Advisors, Vinny Parascandola has served in numerous capacities including co-manager of AXA’s New York branch, which boasts of about 400 financial experts in the tri-state region. He has also held the position of president Advantage Group. Currently, as the senior vice president, Vinny is in charge of management development, sales, retention, recruiting and development of new financial experts. Additionally, he has attained numerous accolades throughout his career including the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards.