Robert Ivy On The Impact Of Urbanization To The Architecture Profession

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is the organization that deals with the welfare of professionals in the architecture industry. They include architects and professional interior designers.

Robert Ivy had previously worked as an editor with architectural publications before joining AIA. His role is to steer the organization on how professionals should carry themselves around plus highlighting and promoting the issues of the profession.

Robert Ivy takes time not only to promote the profession to the outside world but also to advise the existing members in the profession. He makes predictions on the state of our society going into the future and advises the architects on areas they should take a keen eye on. One of these areas is urbanization. Robert Ivy predicts that urbanization and growth of cities will even get bigger in years to come. This is so because governments are trying to create low- carbon societies that can be efficiently controlled. With urbanization will come one problem, the people will want to want to have a good quality life. However, this will be a challenge since a majority of the population will be living in urban centers by 2025. It is considered that urbanization is the best way to control carbon emission and therefore a solution to climate change. Even more important is the that urbanization will put less pressure on the natural resources, people will be more focused on renewable sources of energy than ever before. Robert Ivy reckons that for this to happen the role of architects will play a major role. They are actually the people who will make this happen. Their innovative decision making and planning is needed now more than ever.


The growing cities and population will need to be provided with infrastructure. Who are to provide it? The architects. Governments across all nations are set to pump billions of dollars toward this development. It is only through efficient planning and setting up of requisite infrastructure that urbanization will happen in the way the governments wants it to. Robert Ivy, therefore, urges architects to embrace the change of time. It is not just in the building sector where the services are needed, it is in setting up every bit of infrastructure that our society needs.

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Jose Henrique Borghi Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi has achieved a tremendously successful career in Brazilian advertising. His ideas for his advertising campaigns are creative and marvelously unconventional. His clients continue to frequent his business due to the success and originality of the campaigns he creates. Jose Henrique Borghi was responsible for a wildlife conservation campaign that was considered one of the most inspired ever seen in Brazil. His work was titled the Mammals of Parmalat and the response was sensational.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the CEO’s for Mullen Lowe. His leadership has helped the advertising agency become the third largest in Brazil. He has secured numerous prestigious accounts and has had a significant impact on the agency’s success. He has worked with numerous companies during his career including Unilever, Fiat, and Mitsubishi. He designed an advertising campaign for Fiat Automobiles that helped launch their success when they entered the automotive market in Brazil. With his input Fiat achieved their sales target with no difficulties.

Jose Henrique Borghi attending one of the top educational institutions for marketing in Brazil. Since graduating from the Pontifical Catholic University, he has worked with the country’s best advertising agencies including DM9DDB, FCB Talent, and Leo Burnett. His profession is competitive and extremely challenging but his years spent with prestigious advertising agencies has given him the exposure and experience he needs to excel.

Jose Henrique Borghi’s career has been filled with awards for his work in advertising. He has been honored with twenty awards from the Cannes Film Festival, received seven awards from the London Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival honored him with an additional fifteen awards. He has earned his client’s loyalty with results that remain consistent and solutions that are unique to his industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is well on his way to becoming a legend in the field of advertising.

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Kate Hudson Fostering the Success of Fabletics

In every business, the power of the crowds can bring either positive or adverse impact. Many customers in today’s world make their purchases subject to crowd-sourced reviews as well as personal recommendations. Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics is one such brand, which is hugely leveraging the power that comes with the crowds. The brand has experienced over 200% growth, and it enjoys more than $235 million in revenue in addition to over one million paying members. Shawn Gold the CMO of TechStyle Fashion, a parent firm of Fabletics attributed the success of the brand to its ability to embrace the crowd or the user reviews.


The Fabletics brand fostered such fast growth by taking advantage of the prominence of reviews in the journey of today’s client. Consumer reviews can have a direct impact on customer acquisition, client loyalty, as well as client retention for brands throughout all industries. The customer of today’s world literally lives a digital life, and as such online reviews have become a substantial factor in their purchasing decision-making process. Often, individuals research a business before making a purchase and go through the reviews to determine their next move thereby effectively crowdsourcing their purchase decision.


A BrightLocal research conducted recently found that about 84 percent of individuals have trust on online reviews the same as personal recommendations from individuals they know, a statistic that has risen every year the analysis has been done. Authentically genuine reviews tend to boost the reach of businesses. They are successful in driving improved search rankings, leading to capturing more clients and thus propagating more revenue something Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has managed to achieve.


In around 2013, there were no stylish reasonably priced and quality athleisure brands out there. However, since the inception of Fabletics, the brand has been a fashion-oriented athleisure brand. The athleisure brand that Fabletics is designed to be empowering and inclusive. In just about three and a half years, Kate Hudson and her adept team have managed to grow the young startup into a dazzling $250 million firm. Before Hudson brought Fabletics into play, the market was flooded with a sea of grey and black highly priced workout gear for women.


Kate Hudson and her team needed to change that. According to Fabletics’ president Gregg Throgmartin, Kate Hudson was a real representation of what they aspired Fabletics to be– she is approachable, has a very active lifestyle and does not take herself too seriously. Kate Hudson was substantially involved since day one with activities ranging from picking an effective social media strategy to reviewing budgets. Kate continues to be highly involved in the design process, and she works in close association with her team to make sure the styles stay fresh.


Fabletics for the time it has been in existence proved to be beyond business. It has portrayed itself as a brand that cares about the comfort as well as the satisfaction of its customers. This has been seen through its mission to keep up to date with nouveau fashion styles. Their winning of the athleisure brand can evidence the brand’s successes. Potential clients can look up for Fabletics reviews online for a better comprehension of their overall commitment to customer satisfaction. Fabletics also features a Lifestyle Quiz, where potential and interested customers take on some few direct questions to determine the best Fabletics gear for them.

David Giertz Senior VP of Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide insurance did a survey online with a focus on people who were recently retired and those who are within ten years of retirement. What nationwide discovered was that most people’s advisors were not discussing retirement social security options with their clients. Another noted factor was that four out of five people said they would consider changing financial advisors if their advisor did not discuss social security with them.

Senior VP of Nationwide Insurance David Giertz sat for a interview and explained that the social security hand book has over 2700 rules and many advisors are not comfortable discussing social security with their clients. It is very complex to understand and a lot to take in and remember this causes some insecurity for advisors when attempting to discuss it with their clients. David Giertz has over thirty one years of experience with financial advising and feels advisors need to take an interest in discussing social security with their clients because many clients use social security as their income and advisors need to plan all income for the retirement planning process. Social security can be up to 40% of a person’s retirement income which is a major factor when assessing planning needs. Financial specialists also need to discuss with their clients the concerns of utilizing social security to early. If someone about to retire turns on their social security income to soon they could end up losing up to $300,000 during their retirement years.

David Giertz is the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David has been a part of the Nationwide team since April of 2013. Mr Giertz is also the President, Senior VP and Director at several other Nationwide companies. He has over three decades of advisory experience.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Revolutionizing The Cancer Treatment Process

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to launch a revolutionary Oncology Treatment Platform known as Clinical Pathways. This custom solution is the first of its kind and it makes it a lot easier for physicians to do their jobs.

NantOS, which is the direct interface of the clinical operating system, uses the input of hundreds of oncologists from across the nation to create a comprehensive collection of data directly related to the treatment of cancer.

According to George Daneker, Jr., MD, the Chief Medical Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, the Clinical Pathways data quickly shows doctors all appropriate treatment options for their patients. It also reduces the amount of guesswork that often goes into choosing the best treatment options.

Clinical Pathways was designed with the patient in mind. It easily integrates with the latest cancer research and provides custom treatment regimens that are specific to the patients individual needs. As a result the quality of care each patient receives is greatly improved.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network that consists of five hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Each hospital serves adults who are currently battling various forms of cancer.

When it comes to treating cancer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes an integrative approach. They use a variety of different techniques including genomic testing, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to ensure all patients can have the best possible quality of life.

To learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the services they provide visit them online at

DRAFT Promo Codes that Have Great Returns

DRAFT is the current trend in fantasy sports. It is an easier alternative to enjoying drafts developed by StarStreet founders. The app is available to all fantasy gamers who can access it from the DRAFT site, Google, and Apple store.

DRAFT has partnered with other fantasy sports stakeholders to offer you an even better experience and bonuses. If you sign up with the Rotogrinders link and Fantasy Champs using the promo code GRINDERS and BALLERS respectively, you are eligible for a 100% deposit as much as $600. For a chance to enjoy the bonuses, download the app using the links from the above site. As you create an account, there is a prompt that asks you to enter the promo code.

Better still, if you choose to download the app from the DRAFT, you will enjoy a welcome Bonus.

You will not earn the bonus automatically, but gradually it will reflect as you deposit and play. DRAFT releases the bonuses at a 4% drip. However, the bonus has a 90-day expiration period, implying that you will have to strategize on how to fulfill the 100% match. The probability of your first deposit to be matched is higher than all other attempts. Hence you should maximize on it to earn more.

MB2 Dental Services Takes Over the American Dental Scene

Getting the best dental services can be a very challenging task with the increasing numbers of quack dentists. Having in mind the sensitivity of the whole matter. This is why a group of dentist came together and formed the MB2 Dental services. So what is MB2 Dental services? This is a dental management company and dental practice firm built for the dentist by dentists. These services created as a way of giving dentists the opportunity to get back to being dentists. The founder Dr. Villanueva wanted to give dentists the opportunity to earn full profits from their clinics as they enjoy their talents.

What Makes MB2 Dental Unique?

The unique thing about these services is that they designed by the best certified dentists in the market. These dentists put the well-being of the patient fast before money. One of the dentists in this group is Dr. Akhil Reddy. He is one of the best dentists practicing in Texas. He is a general dentist; therefore, he specializes in general oral health.

Services Offered at Bliss Dental

MB2 Dental services offer affiliate services. They have over 80 affiliate clinics in 6 states. It is more of partner affiliate services whereby they offer affiliate services in different places. The unique part about MB2 is that the dentist is given the full control of the services, therefore, the dentist does not have to lower the standards in any way. Bliss dental is one of these affiliate clinics. Bliss dental is run by Dr. Akhil Reddy. With state of the art technology, the clinic offers the best services.

Why join MB2?

MB2 services are not just made up of dentists; they also have associates and trained staff. This helps the dentist to concentrate on the patient while the rest of the team ensures the doctor and the patient have the best. So why should one join? To begin with, as a dentist, you will be given clinical independence. This will help one to grow and be able to get various ownership opportunities. If that is not enough one gets to have a supportive community of colleagues working with them which has good mentors. To add to that as a dentist one is assured to get full compensation and transparency at all times. If you are self-driven, a dentist of integrity, have leadership potential, you want to be in a community that cares, and you are ready to learn as you enjoy your talent then MB2 dental services is the place to be.


Troy McQuagge Proves To Be One of the Most Sought After Insurance Executives

Troy McQuagge is a renowned entrepreneur and a corporate executive who has acquired a prominent name in the insurance industry. Currently, Troy is the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group.

McQuagge graduated in 1982 from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, and he has been working in sales related positions for over 30 years.

In 1983, McQuagge joined Allstate Insurance and handled health insurance sales. In 1995, he started working at UICI/Health Market where he led the company to accomplish sales volume of over $1 Billion.

Career Life

Later in 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors where he became the president and CEO in 2014 after Mr. Ben Cutler retired. His experience and passion in dealing with insurance matters over the years has allowed the entity to achieve its highest sales and report recommendable profits for four consecutive years. He defines his niche for his company to win and retain clients. By developing packages that target people younger than 65 years.

McQuagge Achievements

McQuagge manages the health insurance sales profitability. USHEALTH Advisors unit monitors the sales of USHEALTH Group, and McQuagge is a member. Learn more about Troy McQuagge: and

He was able to aid the organization in producing different insurance covers for various segments. The innovative CEO won a gold award that recognized the best leaders globally who have outstanding skills in innovation, leadership, company performance, corporate social responsibility, new commodities and services, and CEO case studies.

About USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group commitment to innovation and excellence contributed to McQuagge winning the award. The packages provided incredible value to all clients and a significant opportunity for the captive career agents. He takes pride in working for such an innovative firm.

The CEO values all employees by showing appreciation and motivating them to produce better results. The outlet offers an exceptionally outstanding working environment and good family oriented products.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. located in Fort Worth focuses on serving the US market. It deals with insurance products and particularly health covers for small business owners and self-employed individuals.

The establishment aims at combining talents of its workers and agents to lead in the market. Consumers receive superior services from trained and committed professionals. All staffs work as a team to achieve the company goals and adhere to the motto of the organization of helping everyone who comes to the premises.

USHEALTH provides the individual health cover, critical illness covers, dental insurance, income protection policy, and accident premiums. Agents bring the products to the market.

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Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards CEO of the Year: Insurance

Alexandre Gama: Why Hire An Advertising Consultant

Are you getting ready to advertise your business in Brazil? Want to take your business promotions to the next level? Then get in touch with Alexandre Gama. He can help you make the right decision and advertise effectively.

Marketing and advertising consultants are well versed in business promotions, and can develop campaigns that produce successful results.

Alexandre Gama has been helping corporations, entrepreneurs and organizations create and convey they rad message to potential customers. He is well known for obtaining outstanding results for clients and he can help you.

Full-service ad agencies or professionals typically have the resources and connections to handle all aspects of their client’s advertising needs. They usually have several departments and advertising specialists who work cooperatively to create, implement and manage each campaign. Generally, these agencies have researchers, account managers, designers, creative services, copywriters and media placement experts.

Alexandre Gama has a renowned and largest advertising agency in Brazil where he provides outstanding marketing and advertising solutions to businesses and organizations. He has a dedicated team of advertising specialists.

Working with various enterprises and business owners, Alexandre Gama utilizes his capabilities to create attention-getting message and generate customers for his clients. His passion is to get his clients’ business or brand noticed and increase exposure tremendously.

As an experienced advertising consultant, Alexandre Gama has the tools and creative expertise to portray credibility and expertise for your brand. And, he can create advertising messages that attract attention of a massive audience and get your excellent results.

Honey Birdette Brings Attention To The Subject Of Marriage Equality

In Australia, a large majority often reported to reach 70 percent have declared themselves in favor of marriage equality and equal marriage rights for all, despite this fact the national government has agreed to a postal vote on the subject. For the majority, the vote is not needed for the campaign in support of marriage equality taking an unusual turn with a flash mob organized by the Honey Birdette luxury lingerie brand making its way through the streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Honey Birdette founder, Eloise Monaghan has always been keen to see her brand take positive steps towards building a fairer and more equal society with its support of not only the marriage equality campaign but the popular social media protest movement, “#freethenipple”. As with all great brands, the marketing experts at Honey Birdette are always looking to make their mark on the controversies and good causes affecting the world and pushing the boundaries of what the public sees as decent as they do so; a good example of the work of Honey Birdette is the impressive work done with a marketing billboard at the flagship Rundle Mall location drawing attention to both Honey Birdette and the “#freethenipple” campaign.

Eloise Monaghan believes it is the social duty of her brand to support the good causes affecting the majority of customers who feel marriage equality is a right for all. The Honey Birdette brand has now stepped firmly into the upper echelons of social justice and community activism with the creation of a flash mob designed to highlight the support the brand has for all members of the community who wish to exercise their wish to develop a fair system of marriage equality within Australia.