Freedom Checks is a vialable investment opportunity

In any investment opportunity, there is always some risks. Is the money you put going to turn a profit? Is the company trustworthy? Freedom Checks is a company that is trustworthy and gives the average person, a chance to invest in the stock market. Freedom Checks is a Master Limited Partnership. In Master Limited Partnerships, stock owners buy stock which supplies capital to the company. The stock owner will get dividend payment which is paid monthly or quarterly. These companies do not pay corporate taxes, which is defined by Statue 26-F. To get this tax break, the companies make most of their money in certain industries such as energy and oil. The companies have to pay ninety percent of their earning to investors. This tax benefit means that investors do not have to pay taxes on their dividend earnings. Investors will have to pay taxes if they sell their shares. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


The creator of Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali. Badiali talked about this program has been used for many years by former presidents to build wealth. Also, he talked about how Freedom Checks could help make United States more self sufficient. There are 568 companies that are partnered with Freedom Checks. These companies work in industries such as energy, coal and other natural resources. Baidiali estimates that these companies generate around 34 billion dollars a year. Read this article at

Investors buy small stakes in these companies and receive some of their earnings. The investors can have peace of mind that these companies’ stock is projected to rise. This rise in stock price would make their stocks even more valuable. Badiali talked about their is historical that these companies could see a increase in profits at 6000 to 40,000 percent. recommends investing in five specific Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are San Juan Basin Royalty Trust, Sabine Royalty Trust, CatchMark Timber Trust, SunCoke Energy Partners and Pembina Pipeline. Badiali picks these companies because they are billion dollar companies who deal in natural resources, oil and energy. Master Limited Companies have returns that have much larger returns than most other stocks. Some investors have made a lot of money with Freedom Checks. There are many videos out there showing Freedom Check investors getting huge returns on their investments. Tony and Jessica Rush earned about $1,257,550. Vick Strizheus earned about $2,891,125. Freedom Checks seem to have a wide network of companies. Investors can feel assured that there money will be safe and will turn a profit.


Jorge Moll Reveals Personal Insights

Jorge Moll accomplished his medical degree in Neuroscience and completed his residency at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University in Brazil. He subsequently received his Experimental Pathophysiology, Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.).


A Helping Hand

It was always innate within Jorge Moll to help individuals who are afflicted with conditions that prevent them from having a better life standard. In his desire to assist people with ailments, he aligned himself with organizations that are into the healthcare industry. Today he is the Director of the unit for Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience – a high-tech imaging and diagnostic facility; he is likewise the President and member of the board of the D’ Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR).

During a dialogue with Dr. Jorge Moll, he said that he formed the idea for the D’Or Institute of Research and Education because he wanted his country to have a first-class healthcare, education and research facility. Aside from this, he stated that his daily routine is mostly occupied by meeting schedules with various people and groups of whom he discusses multiple subject matters to establish an association and obtain an uninhibited interchange of ideas.

The ideas that Dr. Moll acquires become tangible he says when he chooses the best one that can be transformed into an actual strategy that could be a source of partnership with other individuals who are similarly interested in its implementation to make it a tangible reality.

When he was asked what habits were essential to be an efficient businessman, the astute doctor replied that to be productive one must be skillful, open and transparent at the same time. And he also remarked that if he were to advise his younger self, he would recommend that plans and ideas must not be held on for long, so the choice is either make a go for it or discard it, and move on to the next best possible one.

And as a businessman, Dr. Jorge Moll said that he had his share of failures, and he was able to hurdle them by adequately managing his strengths and weaknesses when the real solution seems to elude his grasp.



How The Medical Expertise of Dr. Johanan Rand is Changing Lives of The Ill

In the event that you need someone who has the expertise and medical passion to offer to anyone who is in need of professional consult in weight loss, terminal illness and aging concerns, it’s reassuring to know that there are doctors like Dr. Johanan Rand that can offer you the assistance that you need. Granted, you have already done your part, such as making sure that you don’t really need a doctor in the first place, and that you probably just need a good amount of rest. In the case that you do need to see a doctor if you want to be healthier and improve your weight, then the professional opinions of Dr. Johanan Rand would incredibly improve your life.


The Innovative Solutions

It is important to note that a medical doctor has much to lose when they don’t offer the kind of help that the patient needs. All the things that a doctor does will put themselves into a lot of risks if they don’t deliver the results the clients need. That said, Dr. Johanan Rand is incredibly popular today because he’s able to address the aging questions and needs of people who really need it. He wants to curtail the issues of those who are suffering from health issues that can’t just be improved by self-help books. Dr. Johanan Rand is also a great buffer and training that would make his practice extra effective and reliable.


Nutritional Knowledge

We can learn from the Release Fact that Dr. Johanan Rand has been honed and been focused in different sections of the medical field, but right now, his focus is on nutritional issues. He wants to emphasize the fact that most of the health issues today could come from the fact that our food is affecting the way our bodies are operating.

Dr. Johanan Rand has also been practicing his medical career focused on depression, weight gain, anxiety, mood swings and treatment regimens. The innovative ideas of Dr. Rand right now have found treatment programs for memory loss, insomnia, muscle atrophy and erectile dysfunction. People have been battling with these issues, and the fact that Dr. Rand is able to help in these issues is such a reassuring thought for the patients today.



Dr. Jennifer Walden & The Medical Aesthetics Revolution

Medical aesthetics has really become a force over the past 10 years. Innovative technology has helped the medical industry grow at a dramatic rate, and these technologies has made it much easier for people to receive the services. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center & Laser Spa demonstrates the brilliance of medical aesthetics. This fine facility is located at the Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Being fully accredited, this institution provides top-of-the-line services, provides peace-of-mind and offers a nurturing environment. Former-patients has given this institution a thumbs-up on many different occasions. Dr. Jennifer Walden, founder of (WCSC), and her clinical staff is well-equipped for the job thanks to their extensive knowledge on the subject. This institution provides medical-aesthetic services such as:

  • Botox
  • Body Sculpting
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Otoplasty
  • Chemical Peel
  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek Implants
  • Lip Enhancement
  • And numerous others

Dr. Walden is one of a handful of female surgeons that are board-certified, and she has a cognizance for her patients’ ethnicity, race and culture. In other words, she has a full-understanding of how to do the best job for each unique individual. “My patients are a part of the decision making process, and I thoroughly listen to what they’re seeking,” said Dr. Walden. The staff here is composed of at least 16 individuals. These individuals are highly trained, and they do a great job of providing the most comfortable atmosphere possible.

Dr. Walden’s celebrity-appeal has transcended pop culture as she has appeared on numerous television programs like ABC’s “20/20,” E! Network’s “Dr. 90210” and CBS’s “The Moring Show.” In addition to that, she has been featured in a variety of publications such as Health,, TexasMD, Texas Monthly Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Italian Vogue, Vogue and numerous others.

The Academy Of Art

New York City is a busy time each fall when Fashion Week takes place. Designers, reporters and celebrities gather at a variety of runway shows to view some of the most creative and unique designs around that year. A well known event held in NYC each year, Fashion Week has become an iconic part of New York City culture. It takes many designers all year to come up with their Fashion Week designs and each year, the Academy of Art University sends some of its best students and graduates to present a show and their designs. This past September was the school’s twenty-first Fashion Week show and there were nine designs showcased. Five of them were women’s designs, two were men’s designs and two more were collaborative efforts. Ten students participated in these designs throughout the year, all of whom had either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from the Academy of Art University.

What’s so impressive about the Academy of Art University is not just the impressive staff of professors that are teaching classes but there is also something to be said for the demographic of students that currently are attending classes here. The campus is a melting pot of sorts, with all walks of life attending classes some of which from as far as China and others from the East Coast of the United States. It is important that the school gives off a good impression. During Fashion Week there are a number of very prominent people that attend the shows and at any given show you can see some of the top designers pop in and check out what type of clothing is being showcased. Students and graduates understand how important it is to show their stuff; their style and everything they have learned during their college experience. This one runway show could give them their big break in the fashion world and it definitely is something that looks impressive on a resume or portfolio of designs. The next year will be spent working on another show of designs.

Anthony Petrello Welcomes A Broadway Performer Home To Houston

It may be considered a little unusual that an oil industry tycoon has close company with a Broadway star, but with Tony Petrello and Tommy Tune their life stories ended up in opposite places yet share a commonality. Petrello grew up in Newark, NJ and had close ties to New York City growing up, but he moved to Houston, TX upon becoming becoming a Nabors Industries executive. Tune actually was born in Houston but discovered his gift for dancing and acting and moved to New York City where he’s won several Tony awards for his Broadway performances. But Petrello and a local Houston theater board welcomed Tune home as he made a return trip to perform in his hometown. Tune was honored to be a guest at the reception party at the Petrello home, and both share a love of supporting Houston community charities.

Tony Petrello at one time was a high acumen math student who studied under Serge Lange at Yale University. He assisted the professor in number theory and was thought to be Lange’s successor in the field. But as Petrello’s old roommate recalls, he went to law school afterward and completed his J.D. at Harvard. For 13 years he served at Baker & McKenzie law firm and had several areas of financial regulations he specialized in. He assisted clients with tax compliance, foreign investing, internal investigations and other loopholes in the SEC. It was here that Anthony Petrello impressed the shareholders and executives at Nabors Industries, a client of the firms, and he joined the company upon being offered a high compensation job as Chief Operating Officer.

Petrello served as Chief Operating Officer of Nabors for 21 years and when former Chairman and CEO Eugene Isenberg died in 2011, he was chosen to succeed Isenberg in that role. Nabors Industries has built up what’s said to be the largest land-based drilling rig fleet and have been leaders in offshore modular series, and Petrello has taken the lead in development initiatives for the technology. Petrello had a contract renewal in 2013 that led to additional bonus payouts and a total compensation of $68.7 million, and though a lot of that compensation was tied to stocks and equities, it made him the highest-paid CEO on a publicly traded company that year. Petrello’s philanthropy includes support for neurological studies at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and fundraising for crisis issues including a hurricane Harvey relief effort in the fall of 2017.

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Businesses are Choosing PSI Pay for Electronic Payments

PSI Pay has been providing businesses with an electronic payment solution since 2007. With this service, the company’s partners can quickly and seamlessly make payments, and receive payments electronically. The company is based in the United Kingdom.

As a business member of MasterCard International, PSI Pay can offer its card services. These Services include both debit card as well as prepaid cards, It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), an agency which serves countries in the European Union. It must adhere to all of the regulations set forth by the FCA, and it is subject to mandated reporting and audits.

The PSI Pay solution keeps all of the deposited funds separate from each other. The money is not co-mingled, or in a pool of funds belonging to others, at any time. The company stands by its commitment to offer its partners a safe banking alternative. Any processing fees issued by MasterCard are paid directly by the partner. The company does not add any surcharge whatsoever to that amount.

PSI Pay conducts its business with full transparency. It is a viable banking alternative, with no large banking fees. The managing director of the company is Phil Davies. He has received much recognition in the industry, as has the company as well. Phil Davies was nominated for the PayExpo Europe Payments Power 10 Award in 2016. He manages the company from its headquarters in Horsham. The popularity of its services has grown to the point that it now does business in 173 countries. It deals in 44 different currencies.

Many customers prefer to use their mobile device for making payments. They have come to expect that the businesses they deal with accept some form of electronic payment. With the PSI Pay solution, businesses can easily sign up for the service, and they can provide a high quality, and safe banking alternative to their customers.

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O2PUR wants a hold of the E-cig Market Share

The E-cig market has revolutionized the traditional way of smoking cigarette. People are now embracing E-cigs as more products are being launched into the market by different manufacturers. E-cig works in a manner that the conventional heating of tobacco has been replaced by vapor.

O2Pur is one such company that is vying to make a kill in this lucrative but new market. Alpha Vending LLC, a Utah based company, is responsible for the exciting product. The company has announced its entrance with several eye-catching E-cig that is set to capture the users’ attention. Its current product is the O2Pur which uses the vape system. Users will practically get to enjoy their dose of nicotine without having to endure the chocking smoke effect. It also comes with scented and flavored taste giving users a pleasant experience. Also, the company will also be launching other products such as Vape pens with 10ml bottles of o2pur e-liquid and nicotine salts e-liquid. Their products also come with a free starter kit to aid in easy usage.

But the market has also got existing players who have also launched their E-cig products. Reynolds American is a company that also wants to get hold of the broader market share with their E-cigs. They developed the Vuse E-Cig which has become very successful in the American market. The company also produced the Blu Cig back in 2012 which performed well before being sold to Imperial Tobacco.

British American Tobacco has also developed their IFuse glo E-cig which makes use of their HNB technology. The product has been launched in the Japanese market and has been accepted positively.

Another company aiming to make a name for itself in the E-Cig market is Philip Morris. Their favorite IQOS device has performed well in the market since being launched. The device resembles a pen with an opening where the users insert the cigarette. The device uses flavored e-liquid rather than the traditional tobacco.

E-cig market looks very appealing as companies look set to develop new and enchanting products that will appeal to the customers.

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Waiakea Water and its Natural Benefits

Even though there are many different brands of bottled water on the market today, some people have their own preferences that they want to drink every day. For some, the reason for selecting a specific brand may be due to the taste, the ingredients that the manufacturers include, the freshness of the taste and the like. So, whatever the choice and the reasons for drinking a specific brand of water, people can pick and choose the one that suits them best. However, whenever people are looking around for a brand of water that may be considered the top coveted choice for a group of people or even for an individual, they may find that there is one brand that offers a couple of positive benefits that people should know about. The name of this water is called Waiakea Water.

Fortunately, Waiakea can be found online and other places that sell this brand. Many people prefer drinking the Waiakea Water because of the associated benefits as well as where this water can be found. Found in Hawaii, this water comes from the volcano in this area so it is one of the primary reasons why some people may refer to Waiakea Water. People may also find this water online by looking for a number of different names including hawaii volcanic water waiakea water ph, and volcanic water benefits. All of which refers to the all-natural water that is naturally purified in the process of flowing down the volcano in certain places. Hence, one of the first things that catch everyone’s attention is the fact that this water comes from a volcano that is actually located in Hawaii.

It is also important to note that this water is marketed with several great benefits. Mainly, because this water can be very healthy for the body since it has natural minerals contained in it along with alkaline. Therefore, if an individual would like to make sure that their water is serving more than one purposes, it is very important that everyone knows that this type of volcano water can be consumed to not only quench the thirst but to make sure the body is getting the minerals needed in the body.

Real Estate Entrepreneur Todd Lunar Shares The Secret To His Success

Today, Todd Lubar is a successful real estate investor, but he reveals that he had an entrepreneurial spirit all of his life. Whether he was shoveling snow, selling hot chocolate or lemonade, or pursuing some other money-making venture, Todd Lubar recalls that he was always looking for a new way to make money.

As he grew older, he developed a goal-oriented personality that compelled him to pursue entrepreneurship as a means of making money. Even before the field of real estate called to him, Mr. Lubar invested in a number of business ventures. Todd says he’s had opportunities to participate in creating new businesses, as well as acting as a mentor and consultant for other new entrepreneurs.

Lubar says he grew up learning a strong work ethic. He also learned to appreciate the sense of accomplishment that came from creating something. Over time, that feeling evolved into a desire to provide products and services that others would enjoy as well. Todd says he loves to make others happy, but also enjoys inspiring others to succeed. For more details visit LinkedIn.

That desire to please others has defined Todd Lubar’s workplace philosophy, as well. He treats everyone on his team as an equal member and encourages absolute transparency. He believes this type of positive environment influences his team to be more productive and efficient. Todd credits his ability to engender trust in his team for helping him achieve success as both an entrepreneur and a leader. Lubar says building trust and confidence is vital in any relationship, whether it’s personal or professional.

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Additionally, he serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. In the past, Todd worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Lubar helped the Maryland office of Legacy Financial expand. Under his guidance, the office produced several hundred million dollars in new loan business. From there, Todd moved on to become the senior vice president of Charter Funding.

Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University. He earned a B.A. in speech communication, before launching his first entrepreneurial enterprises. You can visit their Instagram page.

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