Has Securus Technologies Changed the Lives of the Inmates in Correctional Facilities?

There is nothing that is more disturbing than trying to reach a loved one in a correctional facility and failing. Even more troubling was the ridiculously expensive costs that people used to pay to make phone calls to their loved ones. There was also a time when the correctional facilities were known as the first place where one could quickly get killed or assaulted and violated in cruel ways. But thanks to companies such as Securus technologies, the safety, security, and quality of communications in these facilities has been improving a lot over the past few years. Below are a few of the things that customers who have used Securus services have had to say.


There was a time when we had a problem at our business. Someone was sneaking in contraband, and we could not tell who it was. One of the management people suggested that we try monitoring we approached Securus Technologies because we had been told they were great in that kind of thing. A week after installation of the monitoring equipment, we had the evidence which we needed to make an arrest and charge the man in a court of law. Thank you Securus, you made the difference.


There was a time a lot of illegal activity was being carried out at our correctional facility. We decided that we were going to involve a video monitoring service on the premises. Within three weeks, we had uncovered the culprits in the sale of firearms, illegal mobile phones and money transfer services. Our correctional facility is now safer, all thanks to the services offered by Securus.


These are all customers who have used the services offered by Securus. It is easy to see that the company has transformed the communication and safety standards in the facility and that things are getting better as a result of their innovation and service delivery.


How Chris Steven’s MB2 Seeks To Transform the Dental Business

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. Chris started this firm with the objective of championing for the best from both sides of the Dentistry divide; these are the dentists working as sole practitioners and those in the corporate industry. Considering that Chris has worked on both sides of the dentistry profession, he knew that it was vital to create a firm that would not compromise the integrity of his job. The knowledge and expertise Chris got while working on the different sides of provider business equation has been one of the vital reasons MB2 is currently flourishing. MB2 was founded with the recognition that dental professionals require highly specialized assistance that doesn’t come with any strings attached. As of now, MB2 has over 500 members of staff and also support dental practitioners from more than 70 locations spanning six states.

What makes MB2 stand out in the field of the dental practice is that the firm is owned by the dentists, for the dentists. Unlike other traditional dentist networks, MB2 is not driven by the need to increase profit margins. The primary objective of this company is to enable the provision of autonomy, personal growth, and support while having fun doing what these dentists love doing most. These are the values that have promoted and aided in the improvement of standards in the Dental Industry. Achieving all this have resulted to happier and content dental practitioners and at the same time facilitated the growth of the dental industry.

In a recent interview, Chris Steven stated that the main reason to establish MB2 was to provide dentists with the option of getting to enjoy the perks of working as a sole dental practitioner while at the same time letting these practitioners benefit from being part of a larger dentist organization. These in mind, MB2 had to be able to provide state of the art technology and a significant economy of scale for their business model to be viable and accurate to the company’s mission. This model has been championing to put the dentists first as this will result in better service provision to their clients. Having surrounded himself with positive and smart individuals, Chris was able to bring this idea to life. At a personal level, Chris shares the ideology that professionals are better together as compared to when everyone is looking out for his/her interests. Chris Steven can’t hide his fascination with the role technology is playing the Dental industry.

Jason Hope predicts that self-driving cars will revolutionize U.S. workplace

It has been estimated that up to 10 percent of the U.S. workforce is, in some way, related to driving vehicles. With this many workers tasked with some form of driving on the job, the labor costs associated with this industry are absolutely staggering. In fact, the main costs involved in the transportation of goods across America’s roadways are the labor costs associated with paying the drivers.

One of America’s foremost internet entrepreneurs, Jason Hope, has recently stepped aside from running his technological empire in order to begin blogging about issues related to technology, innovation and the coming revolution that will be spurred on by the Internet of Things. Although Hope has identified many areas that would be completely transformed forever by the coming technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things, one area in particular, the driving trades, is an area that he says will be radically and deeply revolutionized, leading to a workplace that will be much different in the future than it is today.

Hope is quick to point out that, although things like completely autonomous semi trucks may seem farfetched or even frightening to many people, the truth is that the technology that allows this to happen is already here. Hope cites the fact that the first fully autonomous delivery through a semi truck was made in October of 2010. Not only does this prove the concept, the delivery went off so flawlessly that, Hope says, this technology could probably be deployed today, if it were not for the stringent regulations that prevent its widespread adoption. In fact, Hope believes that the main obstacle to implementing widespread automated delivery systems, including self-driving taxis in self-driving local delivery vehicles, is nothing more than the regulation lag that inevitably occurs with revolutionary new technologies.

Hope believes that the coming years will see the radical adoption of self-driving technology throughout many states. He cites the state of California as an example of a place where self driving cars are increasingly becoming the norm. Although legislation has moved slowly in the case of California, Hope believes that, once the model is proven and self-driving cars become a reality in one state, the technology and the willingness to regulate this activity will quickly spread to other states in the union.

Hope believes that self-driving technology is completely inevitable. Rather than being afraid of it or staving off what they can’t stop, people should embrace the new technology and learn to use it to their benefit.

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The life of Vincent Parascandola, an expert financial executive

He is a graduate of the Pace University. Vincent did his bachelor’s degree from the Lubin School of business. He completed his computer science degree at this institution. His first occupation was a Systems Analyst for Irving Trust Company. He dedicated two years of his time during the year 1986-1988. His likes and interests became real when he did his job at the Prudential Insurance, from 1988-1990. He continues to expand his knowledge and specialization by associating himself with friends and colleagues to ensure he maintains his focus. At a while, he left his occupation to work with a Group of professionals named Mony. His career grew in the 90’s where he creates a profile filled with various recognitions as well as awards.


Currently, Vincent works as a financial advisor with a firm titled Axa Advisors LLC; this Group does it business with persons and other companies with similar goals and objectives. He mostly operates his activities outside New York. He ensures professionalism and ethics involving activities entailing being a broker and an investor; Vincent represents a high number of individuals who believe in maximizing production. He has helped in developing various financial experts across the United States. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Responsibilities and experience

Vincent Parascandola is usually involved with the duties of training and bringing fresh, innovative minds to the firm for the sake of its prosperity. His motives are always geared towards maximizing sales as well as minimizing the production and operational costs associated with the whole chain doing business. Profit margins of his firm have always been mouth watering as well as attracting an unusually high number of investors to his company. Some of the branches in Manasquan, Morristown, and Woodbridge are doing well. He ensures the welfare of his employees and fellow board members are well catered. This helps in maintaining an excellent employer-employee relation hence the success. Vincent offers equal opportunities to all his workforce increasing their loyalty and trust. The clients are always the priority as consumer protection and satisfaction is vital. He helps on rendering tools essential hen planning on retirement’s benefits as well as profitable investments. Vincent helps in crucial and informed decisions one that helps one make effective and efficient business growth. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

Notable information regarding Vijay Eswaran

Many people recognize Dr. Vijay Eswaran as the chief executive chairman of the QI group, but he is also the co-founder. He is best known as the most renowned multi-million dollar investor along with his skills and contributions as an international public speaker and author. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.amazon.in/Sphere-Silence-Vijay-Eswaran-ebook/dp/B008VEC2UI

Since he started his involvement with the QI group, the company has seen its achievements in many and diverse sectors including direct selling, retail, education, hospitality, and financial services.

His Business Interests

The business interests of Dr. Vijay the Malaysian businessman can be recorded through his establishment of the QNET. Since the establishment of the group back in 1998, it has been in a position to win its presence in over 30 countries globally with offices in diverse countries across the globe.

Subsequently, the giant business has ever been successful in integrating traditional sales methods with the modern e-commerce structure. His initial idea was the establishment of a new company type that would bring together the people-driven aspects as well as sales approach.

The QI Group

Since he has been a member of the QI group, the company has managed to make right choices of commodities a step that has contributed a lot in making the business stand out. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Through his efforts, he helped the group come up with some of the most numismatics and precious metals model that has flourished the European market policies.

Back in the year 1998, the group made its way in purchasing the rights to complete business in the coins of Asian Pacific Rim. This was a late entry into a market that was already two years into sales, but through the efforts of DR. Vijay, they managed to make an effective competition making them emerge among the top three out of the total 42 distributors that were incorporated in the sales volume.


In conclusion, there is no suspicion that the contributions of Dr. Vijay as a leader in the QI group are incredible. The success of the group can is best attributed to the penetration of sales based online and direct selling.

The contributions he made through his business interests and QI group never marked the end of his achievements, but he has till date continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

White Shark Media Assists Businesses Improve Productivity

White Shark Media, a Search Engine Optimization Company, has its offices in Florida, Miami. It is headed by Gary Garth who serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The company has over 140 full-time employees working in different areas. It is highly rated as a result, of its powerful business strategies. Its primary objective is to assist other businesses in achieving their optimal business potential.

Currently, White shark Media enjoys a client base of about 600 companies. It has been able to retain most of these companies by demonstrating its client retention capability, which now stands at about 10%. This percentage is well within the accepted industry standards.

White Shark Media acts on behalf of its clients by providing services such as:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Pay per click management
  • Web analytical tools

The company compares favorably with other companies in the industry when it comes to the provision of these services. Among its unique services include offering free AdWords evaluation. Additionally, it also provides low monthly costs to new websites by supplying AdWords and local website services. The company is also actively involved in e-commerce AdWord management and offers services like Google analytics and Google shopping campaigns.

Furthermore, the company is also involved in the management of Bing Ads where it has carved out a 29% share in the US market. It also manages Display Adwords to target users to appropriate websites. The company has helped many businesses to do effective marketing campaigns to improve their productivity. It has formed partnerships with highly reputable and successful companies, which has increased its ratings. White Shark Media assists businesses to increase their visibility and value to their customers. It also helps them to increase their conversion rates as well as improve their Returns on Investments (ROI).

Dr. Jennifer Walden Can Not Be Stopped

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. Born to parents with a passion for helping others, she found herself dreaming of a career in the medical field. So, it came as no surprise to her family when she graduated high school and earned an undergraduate degree in biology. Shortly after, Dr. Walden applied to medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she was initially waitlisted. Determined to achieve her goal, she remained optimistic, and soon graduated salutatorian of her class.

After medical school, Walden was offered a spot in the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat fellowship program, where she worked under the supervision of some of the most successful plastic surgeons in the industry. She remained at the hospital for nearly eight years before deciding to explore the world of entrepreneurship. With the help of her mentor Sherrell Aston, she successfully opened her owned practice right in the big apple.

Always focused on reaching her goals, Dr. Walden admits that marriage and family were not at the top of her priority list. As the majority of her early years were spent chasing her dreams, family planning just didn’t seem to fit in her plan. Now a successful business woman and plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden realized she was ready to become a mother. With no prospects for marriage, and feeling the pressure to race against time, she began to explore other options for conception.

After three rounds of IVF, Dr. Walden successful conceived. In 2011, she became the proud mother of two beautiful twin boys, Houston and Rex. Having a desire to raise her children in the same close-knit family environment she was raised in, she packed up her sons, closed her practice, and returned to Austin. With the help of a strong and encouraging support system, Dr. Walden opened a new practice in her hometown, where she continues to live out her dream.

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Jose Aurelio Success In Real Estate

The real estate sector is considered to be one of the most profitable in the market. Individuals who invest in this department make a lot of wealth. The Brazilian economy is growing, and it has attracted investors in the real estate department. At the moment, there are millions of people who are coming into the country so that they can construct houses and purchase land in the prime areas. There are some prominent businessmen who have decided to invest in department, and Jose Aurelio Neto is one of them.

Jose Neto has been in the real estate department for the longest time, and he is proving to everyone that he has everything needed to make a great investor in real estate. At the moment, Jose Aurelio is serving as the chief executive director for one of the largest real estate companies in Brazil, known as JHSF. The company has been growing under his great leadership, and it has opened several branches in several areas in Brazil.

Under leadership of Jose Aurelio Neto, the private real estate company has designed several residential and commercial properties. Most of the company projects are based in Brazil while others are found abroad. The company projects are designed by professionals who understand the needs of the modern customers, and this is why they come up with the best designs.

Jose Aurelio has a great educational background and this is most probably one of the greatest reasons he has turned out to be very successful. According to his resume, Neto went to acquire his university studies at the prestigious FAAP University where he got his skills in the real estate world. Neto’s family background has been influential in his successful career. His father was a real estate guru, and he passed his knowledge to his son. The expertise he has portrayed has brought the company where it is at the moment.

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How to Curb Data Breach by Former Employees of a Company

Businesses all over the world strive to achieve success. The best way to do so is by having the best and most talented employees. To have the best and talented employees starts with recruitment and providing them with the best working conditions and technologies. Behind such successes of such companies lurking behind that is the question about what happens when employees decide to leave the company?

In most cases, the company will find a capable replacement for the soon to be ex-employee. They will tie loose ends in any of the projects the employee was part of and will through him/her a farewell party. However, at times an employee may leave on bad terms with the company. Such a departure may not be good for the company as the employee might try to revenge against the company sometime in the future if they still have access to some of the operations of the company such as finances, login passwords and so on. In such situations, therefore, it is the role of the company to ensure that they have secured their systems against such kind of misfortunes.

We have all seen the former damage employees have done to their former companies when they leave in bad blood with the company. For instance, there was a huge data breach in OFCOM by a former employee who shared a six years’ data of the company’s activities to his new employer, who damagingly happened to be a broadcaster. Amazingly, the broadcaster decided to inform OFCOM about the breach and don’t use the information to exploit OFCOM.

In a research done by OneLogin, it was discovered that despite the threat posed by former employees, about 58% of them still have access to their former company’s corporate network even after leaving the company. It was also found that 24% of businesses experience data breaches from as a result of the actions of their ex-employees. Data breaches are very catastrophic to the reputation of the company and can be used by business competitors to know your business strategies.

Another example of a company which experienced the damage a former employee can do was the Marriott Hotels in 2016. Marriott Hotels had fired one employee in August 2016 and was ordered not to access the internal systems of the company. However, the employee was able to access the hotel’s reservation systems from their home. The employee decided to slice the company’s room booking rates from $159-$400 to merely $12-$59 costing Marriott Hotels $50,000.

A word from a former employee is not just enough; a company can use automated processes to deprovision the employee any access to the company’s corporate accounts minutes after termination of the employee’s contract. However, OneLogin’s research found out that only 50% of UK businesses have installed automated provisioning technologies. This shows how vulnerable companies are to any activities of any disgruntled former employees who have an ill motive.

Can Dr.Mark Holterman Fight Obesity

Where We Stand Today

The obesity epidemic of America is beginning to lead us into an epidemic of diabetes. While type 2 diabetes is often regarded as a disease of old age, it is increasingly associated with young children and others who shouldn’t show any signs of insulin resistance. Dr.Mark Holterman has spent a good portion of his life studying diabetes. Now, he has thought of a plan to help us better counteract the dangers of it.

The Camp To Solve It

The solution according to Holterman is to create camps with the specific purpose of giving young people the ability to exercise and practice proper diet. With these new healthy habits they should be better able to fight against obesity and by extension diabetes. He bases his idea on the simple fact that American people are simply too ignorant of healthy habits. If they were better informed, it may help stave off the frequent health issues commonly seen in America. While his plans appear to be based around commonly prescribed solutions, it appears they simply haven’t been put into practice enough. Know more on markjholterman.strikingly.com.

The Hope For Young Americans

Young Americans are unfortunately falling victim to a host of diseases and diabetes will be one of the most common. It is estimated that by 2050 more than a third of all Americans will suffer from diabetes. There needs to be a way to change things in order to make things better because the consequences are already beginning to condense. In many rural parts of America obesity has shed years off the life expectancy of the residents. With the trend picking up steam it’s time for something that will help turn the tide towards a more healthful direction. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at OSF Healthcare.

How To Prevent An Epidemic

Dr. Mark Holterman is an expert on diabetes and has spent much of his life trying to fight the growth of the disease. This is only the latest example of his work, but it isn’t the end. He wants to stop an epidemic before it can begin. It’s going to take steps like this to work.

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