Anti-Aging by Jason Hope

Aging is something that all human beings have to suffer through and it isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, as people grow older, the amount of age related diseases they could potentially get also increases. Some of these diseases include: arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and, among others, high blood pressure. Among healthcare today, many doctors and companies try to treat these problems instead of preventing them from happening altogether.

However, Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has a different approach to battling these health issues. His theory and goals are to help people live longer by slowing down and even reversing the aging process.

One-way Jason Hope has helped combat the aging process is by donating large sums of money to organizations who want to fight these negative effects of aging. One organization Jason Hope has supported is known as the SENS Foundation. In December 2010 he donated $500,000 dollars to this Foundation. The SENS Foundation is committed to helping the general public have access to the technologies needed to counteract the aging process. The foundation is also highly dedicated to the use of biotechnology to find new ways to prevent diseases related to aging.

Shortly after donating $500,000 do the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope praised the foundation for their work. Specifically, he praised their work toward battling diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Further, Hope explains why he is so passionate about the SENS Foundation and the work they do by saying, “Foundations like SENS are taking a different approach to anti-aging. They are focused on finding cures for disease that break down the body and thus cause us to age faster than we should diseases like Alzheimer’s, and heart and lung disease affect all functions of the body. Traditional medicine looks at treating these diseases after they happen. We want to focus on stopping these diseases from ever happening.”

Jason Hope’s donation has specifically helped in the development of medications known as AGE-breakers. It is the hope that this type of medication will eliminate advanced glycation end-products. As these products build up in the skin, they cause the skin to be less flexible; thus, potentially causing higher blood pressure. The development of this medication is still in the works for humans.

Jason Hope currently resides in Arizona where he provides consulting services to businesses. Outside of work, he takes special interest in education, politics, and technology. Further, he encourages everyone, no matter their income, to find and be a part of philanthropy work they believe in.

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