Advocate Jeff Herman offers advice on how to reduce child sexual abuse

Jeff Herman is a well-known advocate and lawyer for rape victims, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse victims. He became a child protector against sexual abuse 20 years ago when some parents started complaining to him about their worst nightmare, a preschool teacher touching a 4-year-old ‘pee pee’. The teacher was an imprisoned pedophile who had moved to the state of Florida from California where he hoped to have a different record.

From that moment, Jeff Herman decided to focus on shaming those institutions that don’t protect the most vulnerable in the society. He used his legal prowess to hold the sexual molesters in institutions like churches, schools and other institutions accountable for their actions by filing suit and contesting these cases in a court of law.

Jeff Herman advised the parents to their kids about sex, sex molesters, and predators. Although it’s a difficult topic, it’s very important that they bring it up. Many sexual predators use the innocence of kids to trap and manipulate them. The child is later sexually abused and might not know he or she has been hurt and allows the abuse to continue or they realize what has happened but feel ashamed thus leading to emotional complications.

Jeff Herman says that no parent can fully protect a child against the sex predators. Thus, good communication is essential in ensuring healthy boundaries between people. He suggests that;

Communication with kids should be kept age appropriate; parents and guardians should start talking to their kids at an early age with regards to their bodies but using the most appropriate language and terms. The kids should understand the parts that are private and should not be touched by anybody inappropriately.

‘NO’ should mean NO. kids and children should know that they have a right to say no in a situation that somebody is making them uncomfortable and should not fear because they’ve been taught to respect adults.

Keep talking to them about sexual abuse. The talk should not be done once, the proper and continuous conversation should be maintained with the children with regards to their daily lives and happenings.

Parents should be able to spot a predator, should avoid leaving kids with adults spending time alone, should track their children gifts and control their social media use.

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