A Closer Look At Eric Lefkfosky

Most people recognize Eric Lefkfosky as the current co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a technology company committed to battling Cancer. Tempus has raised millions of dollars to help them in their research. Recently, they were awarded 80 million dollars of funding by investors who believe in the Tempus mission. But that is not the beginning of the man Eric Lefkfosky. It all started when Mr.Lefkfosky had a dream about doing research on the deadly disease of Cancer. This was many years ago when he was quite younger.

At that time, Cancer didn’t have as many doctors, scientists and researchers fighting to help keep patients alive. Cancer had many in the throes of death because there were no answers to help. And the fear itself was quite debilitating. But that didn’t stop Eric Lefkfosky. He started up companies and challenged the deadly disease with teams of specialists in every area he could afford. They ran various test along with case studies and compiled data for months and years. He began receiving help in the form of funding that allowed him to get the very best data results from the various tests administered.

Eric Lefkfosky’s dream turned into a vision that he could work from all angles. He continued to work hard and never took for granted financial funding of his investors. All who have worked around him have the same testimony that he is a kindhearted person who is passionate about his goals. Cancer had never stopped raging with new strands cropping up. And neither has Eric Lefkfosky stopped in his pursuit of continuing research and data results to combat that deadly disease. On a personal level, he and his family have given to countless charities to help support causes and groups that have touched their heart. They know how important financial help along the way can be. Many applaud Mr.Eric Lefkfosky for his giant contributions to the research of Cancer. He is a humble and generous man who is focused on his goals.

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