A 2017 Discussion About Bernardo Chua And His Success

Very few entrepreneurs from Asia have been able to promote natural products in th West to degree as high as Bernardo Chua. This is a man that started out small and then worked his way up the industry to create a multmillion dollar company. Read further to understand how much influence has has in the world.


This man’s name is a well known name in the health care industry. This man is a talented entrepreneur currently residing in Canada. Growing up in the Philippines taught him many things amongst, which was knowledge about a herb called ganoderma lucidum.

This herb had, such a profund influence on him that he launched a direct sales company years later, which is now the 55th largest company in the world. Bernardo also known as Bernie is the head of Organo Gold, which offers some of the best beverages and personal care products in the industry.

Products & Benefits

Thanks to Orgone Gold, customers can purchase organic coffee, teas and other personal care products. Studies have shown that the herb contained in these products provides many health benefits. A single bag of tea has the capability to treat and prevent cancer.

It can boost immunity and reduce the multiplication of cancer cells and that is not all. People suffering from stress and high blood pressure will benfit immensely. Ganodera in a cup of coffee has been proven to promote blod flow and lower oxygen consumption in the muscles.

Social Media Presence

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua and Organo gold can easily be found on social media sites. A brief visit to Facebook or Twitter will reveal how much value Bernardo and his company have to offer.

For example, his Facebook profile is constantly updated with post that add a sense of lightheartedness and motivation to the web page, which has about 255 total likes. Events, such as the invitation to a coffee house meeting with guest speaker Harison Alimon has been posted for fans that would like to attend.

Bernardo Chua is perhaps one of the most influential success stories in the world. He runs a multimillion dollar company, sells healthy products and has a positive presence on social media. For this man, the sky is the limit and there is no telling how much further up the ladder he will climb.

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