Tweet Storm Brings Shervin Pishevar Into The Minds Of More People

There were definitely some people who did not know who Shervin Pishevar was before his recent tweet storm. This storm took place over twenty-one hours and involved some fifty tweets. They ranged in topic from Bitcoin to the rising influence and power of China on the world stage. To say that Shervin Pishevar covered a lot of ground is an understatement. He definitely made a huge impact on everyone who read what he was tweeting about.

The first tweet from Shervin Pishevar in this particular storm was like a bolt of lightening out of the blue. It was unexpected by a lot of people because he had not been tweeting for a while. In fact, just the fact that he was back on the social network surprised some people. It meant that many had their attention drawn to what he would say next.

He started it all off by talking about how a recent stock market decline should be attributed at least in part to the polices of President Donald Trump. He made the case that some investors were fleeing the market because they were concerned about the instability that the President was bringing to those markets with his unpredictable behavior. That may be true, but not everyone is willing to say it. Shervin Pishevar did not mind going there. He would continue on to talk about how China was going to become the leading world superpower and how Bitcoin was not as safe of an investment as some people may have hoped.

Shervin Pishevar did not hold back any punches at the end of the day. He was willing to go after anyone or any institution if it made sense to him to do so. Therefore, not everyone likes what Pishevar has to say or how he says it. That being said, he does have the track record to back himself up. Early investments in Airbnb and Uber are plenty of proof that the man knows a thing or two about making wise investment choices for the future. If he is that good at predicting something like that, what is to say that he doesn’t know about other economic factors as well?

Dr. Mark McKenna business ventures.

Renowned businessman gives us an insight into the inspiration behind his ideas and some of the things he has experienced in his business journey. His jour as an entrepreneur began back in Tulane University when he was studying medicine, it during this time that he discovered he could not make as much as he wanted if he just stuck with medicine. Mark thus decided to venture into other business.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s first venture was in real estate. Mark established a company that would design and construct houses this went on well for a while until the hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. This natural occurrence destroyed a large part of his business as well as his interest in the company.

However, despite the discouragement, Mark still came back to rebuild the area and help residents settle back. In 2007b he moved to Atlanta to venture into an entirely different field from real estate, he decided to establish a company that would help people achieve well -being and good health by providing the best solution in advice as well as services. This led to the birth of ShapeMed. ShapeMed aimed at ensuring Atlanta citizens had access to good healthcare solutions. His company had experts who advised their client’s on nutrition matters and the best way to achieve your desired body. They offered Botox injection just to mention a few.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been to be one of the doctors who are passionate about how people look, and this led to yet another venture the OVME company, OVME just like ShapeMed also aims at reinventing healthcare, they are a licensed aesthetics company. Mark McKenna discovered that Botox was widely recognized, but people lack a place to access the services and this also led to the establishment of OVME.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna and his team are working on an application that will help them reach to their clients better. This app will also help to provide virtual talks, this way more people will be able to access his services.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that for one to succeed in business It is essential to associate yourself with smart people, people who will help to build you to be a better person.

Just Who is Talos Energy

Oil and gas are two of the most popular natural resources on earth. Since being a natural resource, these substances are held in high regards because they can hold yield extraordinary benefits. Oil and gas is used in a number of ways, and it definitely helps to fuel the economy. One of the best areas for offshore drilling is located in the Sureste Basin. This basis is located just off the coast of Mexico’s state of Tabasco. Unfortunately, this area of the globe has been dominated by one oil and gas company, but this company hasn’t been bringing in huge results.

As of today, Mexico’ future is looking much more brighter than before thanks to Talos Energy. This Houston-based oil and gas company has strong resume of producing great work, and it’s backed by top-of-the-line investments companies. These companies just so happen to be Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Talos Energy is committed to excellence and these two investment companies has committed up to $600 million in equity for Talos to operate. Mexico has been suffering from a slumping energy market. By opening its waters to foreign oil and gas exploration, the country can expect big improvements in the years to come. In 2015, three of the top oil and gas companies won the bid for exploring Mexico’s waters, which includes:

  • Premier Oil (London)
  • Talos Energy (U.S.)
  • Sierra Oil & Gas (Mexico)

This offshore-drilling project will cost an estimated $16 million. Like the old saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” This notion rings true on so many levels. Over 24,000 square-miles of seismic-data will be implemented. If everything goes as planned, this area of the globe will have an astounding E&P company that will generate revenue in the years to come.

Stansberry Research Sentiment Towards China

Stansberry Research is one of the world’s leading research investment firms. Their primary business is researching the causes of rising and falling prices in various asset classes (Stansberryresearch). They produce regular content that aims to inform readers of changes that are occurring across the world in hopes of allowing readers to make profitable investments. Stansberry Research releases newsletters that cover topics of economic interest from around the world. Just recently they published an editorial that was related to the economic crash that is occurring in China currently.

The current economic crash in China is a result of deregulation, lower taxes, and high levels of interest that are causing major difficulties for banks and other financial firms in the nation. Stansberry Research believes that it is possible to make a fortune by betting against the banks in China similarly to how Steve Eiseman bet against American banks during the 2008 financial crisis. Currently, Steve Eiseman is feeling bullish about the banking industry. As a result of the short-term trading vehicle, the velocity shares daily inverse increasing by over 100% in one day.

Over the last month, Chinese stocks have fallen in value following their American counterparts. This is the worst performance possible from the Chinese stock portfolio. He cautions readers to reduce the size of their portfolios with assets that are based in China. However, it is not unusual to see a pullback after seeing significant gains such as those that have been seen over the last several years based on Stansberry Research. In fact, several of the stocks that are part of his portfolio have seen greater than 100% returns in the last year which is absolutely phenomenal. This is creating a wave of volatility. Volatility is a measure of how quickly prices change. This can be a good thing as it means that prices rise quickly, but it can also be bad as it means that prices drop quickly. Currently, in China, there is a very high measure of volatility. This means that prices of all asset classes are both rising and falling incredibly rapidly. This means that is a risky investment to invest in Chinese businesses as of now.


Fortress Investment Group Profited From Sale Of Riverplace Tower In Jacksonville FL

Fortress Investment Group received a tremendous profit from the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida that is located on the St Johns River downtown. The Riverplace Tower is a 28 story tower sitting on the waterfront and has 444,000 square foot of A class space. Fortress Investment Group partnered with Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners to purchase the Riverplace Tower in 2014 for $29 million and the property sold for $53.4 million. Fortress Investment Group has established a reputation for strategically purchasing opportunistic commercial real estate opportunities that generate extremely large returns on investment for its international clients.

Fortress Investment Group created an extremely lucrative windfall with the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida and provides key insight into the intellectual analysis of commercial real estate opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has grown accustomed to investing in. Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more respected an opportunistic alternative asset investment firms in the world. They are a global investor in various asset classes including real estate, credit, illiquid credit instruments, private equity and various other alternative asset categories. The company was founded in 1998 in New York City, New York and quickly became known for their risky investments within various underperforming and distressed asset categories. More recently, they have established themselves as shrewd commercial real estate investors by capitalizing on opportunities around the world to create tremendous returns on investment in underperforming assets. The leadership of Wes Edens and Peter Briger both Co-Founders of Fortress Investment Group, the company is transitioning into the future with strong leadership and savvy investment skill sets from its experienced and knowledgeable executive staff.

Fortress Investment Group actively seeks out opportunities to invest in properties similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida. Those similar opportunities are prime for renovation and stabilization in order to generate astronomical returns on investment and relatively short periods of time. The human capital within Fortress Investment Group has created a culture of analysis and evaluation of various asset groups to determine intrinsic value and see past the surface of alternative assets that are distressed or underperforming. The Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund at Fortress Investment Group has established the resources and capital to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves anywhere on the planet. Fortress Investment Groups’ diversified global portfolio has more than $36 billion in assets under management and provides strong returns on investments for it’s over 1750 private investor and institutional clients worldwide.

Fortress Investment Group is currently owned by SoftBank group a global technology investment firm that specializes in internet services, telecommunications, smart robots, and various other forward moving technologies that are establishing the next stage of the information revolution. After the purchase of Fortress Investment Group, the entire executive staff was retained within Fortress in order to provide stability and continuity of their strategies, business approach, and other strategic blueprints to succeed within the alternative asset business. Fortress Investment Group continues to expand and thrive within the alternative asset arena by strategically purchasing assets similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida where they receive a tremendous return on investment with the purchase, stabilization, and sale of that commercial real estate opportunity.

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The Oxford Club Helps Members Successfully Invest in All Market Conditions

The Oxford Club is an international network of private investors that scour the globe for the most lucrative opportunities among the vast array found in the world’s markets. They have grown steadily over the years and now number more than 157,000 members in 131 countries. They have assembled a talented team of researchers and market analysts who produce high-level financial products that help their members build top performing portfolios.

The primary products that they create are investing newsletters such as their flagship Oxford Communique which provides detailed market analysis as well as trading opportunities. They also deliver a wide range of trading services so that their members can have access to experts within any given segment such as income-generating strategies. Members can get a professional’s view on the best dividend stocks to own as one example.

There are three distinct membership levels available with The Oxford Club and they are Premier Membership, Director’s Circle Membership, and the Chairman’s Circle Membership. Each offers access to their market experts with varying levels of content in different price ranges.

The strategies employed by The Oxford Club enable them to prosper in all market conditions. They are well prepared for market downturns as they happen regularly and their plans have this circumstance baked into the recipe. They also have the knowledge and skills to outperform the markets while lowering risk as well. The significant advantage that their products give members can lead to life-changing wealth.

Another valuable feature that The Oxford Club provides is their educational resource called Investment U. Members can sharpen their financial knowledge with courses, videos, and conferences to give them every chance at market success. A free e-letter is also available at Investment U and gives insights into the market’s top stories.

The origins of The Oxford Club were a small network of investors who joined together looking for the best opportunities around the world. Suitably, despite their strong growth, networking is still a primary way that members profit as they gather to compare notes at club events. This can help them realize the best opportunities at an early stage which is critical for investing success.

Bob Reina CEO Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Talk Fusion which is a video marketing company. The company was established back in the year 2007 and opened with its flagship product the Video Email. Having worked in the Market and direct selling industries for about 20 years, Bob Reina has acquired a wide experience. The company’s worldwide success is attributed to Bob’s charismatic and competent leadership, innovative vision and his great passion and calling to extend a helping hand to others. He is dedicated to giving back to the community, family and even friends.


Bob Reina earlier worked as police for about 10 years but he wasn’t comfortable with the job. I search of new manner in which he could control his life he got introduced to the network marketing industry. He says that was what completely changed his life. In the year 2004 he tried to email a video clip to his family but it failed. He took that experience as an opportunity and together with Jonathan Chen IT expert they created Video Email, the Talk Fusion’s flagship product. His target was to positively influence the lives of others through coming up with accompany built on longevity and innovation.


According to Bob, what he loves most about the Talk Fusion Company is that his success fully depends on another person’s success in that he is paid once another person archives his targets. Thou at the beginning it was challenging in that the bill he paid for his phone were greater than the commission check but he didn’t despair. He said that for productivity of each and every company mainly arises from finding a problem and solving it in the best manner than anyone else.


Bob Reina is a man known for his sense of humor but it’s not a joke when he speaks of a philosophy that drives him that for one to be successful it takes commitment over a period of many years. In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, he said that he brings ideas to reality by finding the need and trying to fill it.


Bob Reina said that being thorough, consistent and persistent are the key pillars of his productivity. He added that in everything he does, he has clear expectations and sets deadlines and by so doing he rarely misses his targets. Bob admitted that he admires many people but Talk Fusion Associates inspire him the most. Learn more:





Sahm Adrangi Informs Investors That Kodak’s Involvement With Cryptocurrency Is Cause For Concern

There are always investors out there ready to jump on whatever opportunity comes their way, but sometimes opportunities can turn out to be the very opposite. Many investors have learned this the hard way, but for those who haven’t, Sahm Adrangi is doing some extra footwork to ensure they remain safe in their investing. Sahm Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, is a highly reputable investment company that issues reports on various company’s and markets by going into detail about what can be expected when investing in them for the average investor. As of late, Kodak has taken the interest of many investors, but Sahm Adrangi is warning everyone to stay clear until things have completely settled down.

Sahm Adrangi has done his research like always and found that Kodak’s recent increase in stock prices is due to their involvement in cryptocurrency. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is highly suspect when share prices increase 187 percent overnight. Also, crypto is still in a highly unstable place to be putting money at the moment, with many groups found to be scamming and others completely being drained of their value. The worst part is the company’s that Kodak has gone into business with have mixed backgrounds that are either hidden or less than ideal in terms of their business methods.

A little over five years ago, Kodak had to file for a chapter 11, and today they are in the same place despite their involvement with crypto. Despite their massive increase in stock, Sahm believes this will be short lived for a few reasons. First off, not only has the general public failed to notice Kodak’s recent exploits, but they have not changed their business methods or updated their products on the market. Sahm Adrangi says this is a shady way for a management team to behave despite the problems the company is facing, so it would be best for investors to stay clear for a while to see where things go in the future. According to Sahm, Kodak isn’t going anywhere but under.

Bradesco Appoints New Chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Over

During 2017, Bradesco underwent a number of significant changes that forced the company into a position wherein its board of directors had to undertake substantial managerial decisions. In October last year, Lazaro Brandao, the chairman of Bradesco decided that he would step down from his position. Brandao had been working in the position of chairman of Bradesco for the past two decades and had contributed immensely to the growth of the company. As the chairman of Bradesco, he held one of the most vital positions, which was now going to be left vacant as a result of his leaving. The board of directors knew that to ensure no abruptions to the work that Bradesco did, they would have to elect a new chairperson to the company at the earliest. Since the company’s inception, they have always believed in choosing only members who already hold positions within the ranks of the company. No outsider is allowed to take on significant roles at Bradesco.

Bradesco had a number of people who would be able to fit the position of chairman of the bank well, and none were quite as good as the person who prior to the managerial changes, held the post of President of Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had been serving as President since 2009 and was chosen to be the new chairman of Bradesco. It was a unanimous decision undertaken by the board of directors and was one which was taken after seeing the success and development that Trabuco brought to Bradesco.


Trabuco had been a member of Bradesco since he was thirteen years old, working as a cashier at one of the outlets that Bradesco had in his city. Being a young boy in the banking sector, there was a lot for him to learn and a lot of growing up that he needed to do. In spite of his young age, he gained as much experience as he could so that he could take on better and more prestigious positions within the company. Eventually, he made it up the ranks and was ultimately given the post of CEO of Bradesco Seguros.

As Trabuco was being given the post of chairman, there was another problem that the board at Bradesco would now have to face, which is finding a new President to the company. Bradesco doesn’t allow one single member to hold two positions within the company and chooses to go in for different people to ensure that every position within the company is performed with the utmost efficiency. To this effect, the new President that the board of directors decided to choose was Octavio de Lazari.

Octavio de Lazari was only allowed to take on his position after the annual shareholders meeting, which was held in the second week of March 2018. Until then, Trabuco was asked to perform the role of the President of the company while also being the chairman of one of the biggest private banks in the entire country.

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Ronald Fowlkes and Amazing Career Strength

Ronald Fowlkes is Eagle Industries Unlimited’s current Business Development Manager. He purchased a Mophie case for his iPhone not too long ago. He honestly cannot imagine how he got by before it entered his life. He believes that other people should invest in the case, too. Ronnie Fowlkes doesn’t have a lot of spare time for reading pursuits. He’s a big fan of a book that’s called Lone Survivor, though. It was penned by an author who is called Marcus Luttrell. He suggests that others read it due to its information regarding risks people took to help individuals in the United States feel liberated.


Fowlkes isn’t a man who is unfamiliar with obstacles in this world. Life in general has been a dilemma for him at times. His career has in many cases been pretty taxing as well. Those difficulties have only functioned as major strengths for him at the end of the day, however. He takes errors of all kinds as helpful lessons. His errors have helped him understand the value of straightforwardness with the other people who are part of his career.


This man knows many techniques that can help with business expansion efforts. He knows more than anything else that he always has to concentrate on his customer base. Nothing in business is a bigger and more valuable motivating force than a solid customer base. Fowlkes consistently backs the concept of giving customers 110 percent no matter what.


Fowlkes suggests that professionals always do whatever it takes to be in the company of valuable individuals. He thinks that they should acquire information that can help them handle all sorts of tasks. No individual on the planet is capable of doing everything without any form of outside assistance. He suggests that people extract insight from colleagues. He wants people to grasp the fact that they honestly do not know everything. He thinks that they should admit that knowing everything is something that’s 100 percent impossible.


People frequently classify Fowlkes as being an individual who is both warm and open. He says that that’s exclusive to people who have been around him for quite a while, though. People who have only met him once often don’t realize just how pleasant and genial he actually is. Fowlkes doesn’t think that people should ever fixate on things that don’t make them happy. He thinks that people should put their time into nonstop advancement. Fowlkes doesn’t ever dwell on things he’s done in the past. He considers things that he may be able to improve for later efforts. He uses his thoughts as a means of raising his presence in the business world. He doesn’t settle for anything that isn’t worth his time. He’s an avid sports blogger. He deeply appreciates sports such as hockey.