Sahm Adrangi of Kerisdale

Sahm Adrangi recently published a negative report citing that Eastman Kodak Company was taking a short position when they announce a partnership move to launch a blockchain that enables photo-centric cryptocurrency and image licensing platform. Sahm Adrangi believes that the launch is a malicious attempt to chase the ICO frenzy that has nothing to offset the weak fundamentals exhibited by Kodak’s unsustainable capital structure. However, since the announcement the commercial imaging and printing company (Kodak) stock has been raising close to 190 percent. Sahm Adrangi believes the company will not provide material benefit to their shareholders. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Benzinga.

Sahm Adrangi views the raise on shares as unjustified hype which will eventually fall because the company behind the launch have a record of dubious background. The day before the launch, board members from Kodak took for themselves restricted stock on suspicion of bearing material risk. Adrangi has emphasized that the announcement will not save the Kodak firm from declining revenue rates, mounting default risk and the negative free cash flow. Nevertheless, Adrangi being the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Company stand to reap tremendous benefits if the share price falls because they hold a short position at the Kodak Company. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

Mr. Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and also the Founder of Kerrisdale capital management that deal with long-term investment value and special event-driven situation. The company was started in the year 2009 and is well known for selling publishing research that sought to demystify misconceptions brought forth by fraudulent business. Adrangi often shares his research on the company website, Twitter handle or third-party investing sites. Sahm Adrangi has managed to expose several fraudulent companies such as China-Biotics, China Marine Food Group, and Lihua International.

In addition to publishing report based on research, Sahm Adrangi is an active investor and a renowned public speaker. He graduated from Yale University with a B.A in economics; thus he has been very passionate about building a financial career in credit. However, Adrangi has lately been featured in several publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, the Washington Post and many more. Additionally, he has been invited as the guest speaker at various conferences, including the Value Investing Conference, Trade 4 a Cause, Sohn Conference and many other.



Game Changer

In the year 2017 Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, has taken over the investing world by storm. Using the technology of blockchain, buisneess are becoming more decentralized, and offering new safe exchanges. One of the most under rated currencies on the market today is WAX. WAX is a peer to peer decentralized platform that allows the trading of virtual assets, to be safe and secure. Wax solves many problems in the gaming world, and has came out at the perfect time with the rise of virtual reality and advanced gaming. WAX is looking to revolutionize the virtual reality world and with help from their president, Malcolm CasSelle, they can very well do so. Malcolm CasSelle Is the current president of WAX, and CIO of OPSkins, which is the number one place for buying and selling gaming items. Malcolm CasSelle, has many years of experience with start up companies. He was the former president and CTO of Tronc, and CEO of his company timeline. Malcolm CasSelle not only has experience with growing businesses but really understanding the exponential growth of technology, which is why he is a perfect fit for WAX and OPSkind. If you’re a fan of the WAX coin and you’re worried because you’ve seen this before, a guy with a ton of experience and history, but you’re still skeptical about investing, Malcolm CasSelle, not only knows and understand what buisness he’s a part of, but he’s been great at seeing the future of buisness, with great investments in companies like Facebook and Zynga, it’s easy to see that whatever he’s a part of, it succeeds. Malcolm CasSelle has also been great with networking and creating relationships, especially in the gaming world, having advisors like Dave Anthony, creator of “Call Of Duty”, and Ken Cron, who is an excecutive at World of Warcraft. With his team of advisors and founders, Malcolm CasSelle and WAX will change the game, literally.


TheRealReal, A Burgeoning Exclusive Fashion Store

The luxury item company, TheRealReal is planning to wow loyal customers and new customers with an expansive plan to put their resources into the company’s new shop in New York. While the company has been an online staple shop for regal jewels, and elegant gifts, only last year, did they experiment with Pop-Up retail shops in New York city which turned out to be a huge success. The company owes part of it’s success to a smart marketing executive by the name of Allison Sommer. Sommer did not limit her sights to New York only, Sommer has also opened TheRealReal store pop-ups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

According to Sommer, these pop-ups help their online based store build both a brand and a rapport with customers. They offer trendy, unique, and charismatic experiences with fashionable consumers. Before launching a pop-up shop in SoHo, the company reeled in a whooping $2 million in revenue during a New York event. Sommer points out that their online revenue pales in comparison to the success of the pop-up stores in various cities. By offering trendy, neat, and fun store experiences, TheRealReal creates a lasting memory which draws their consumers to their website to get their fashion needs met online as well.

While the store has been experimenting with pop-up stores all across the US, they also have a permanent land based store in New York which sells everything from art, home decor, jewelry and watches, to fashion shoes and clothes.

One aspect of the store which is unique is that they educate the customer free of charge. Each day, TheRealReal, runs a workshop which aims to help educate the customer on style, what to wear and how to wear it. The workshop also explains authentication to customers who are buying luxury items such as high priced watches and jewelry. In doing this, TheRealReal has found itself a pioneer in the consignment and luxury item market. They offer shops online and allover the US, and provide consumers tips for how to become a retail seller themselves.

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Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a financial services firm located in Connecticut. It has a core group of executives who look to refine a number of financial strategies which can help a number of clients reach their financial goals. The firm works to gain a thorough understanding of the financial marketplace and pass on this knowledge to assist its many clients. Since the year 1996, Southridge Capital has had the ability to facilitate both the investment and growth of many companies throughout the world. It has invested over $1.8 billion to help companies expand. What separates Southridge Capital from other financial services firms is its ability to organize financial plans and execute them for their clients without any chance of failure. As a result, the firm has been able to establish itself as a leading financial services company.

During the history of the firm, it has financed over 250 public companies. As a result, the firm has a complete understanding of the many issues that growing companies face on a regular basis. Southridge Capital’s team is able to provide advice on a number of issues pertaining to corporate finance such as becoming a public company, individual finance techniques and managing balance sheets. With a highly competent, knowledgeable and experienced management, team, Southridge Capital has the personnel to help any company that is in need of efficiently managing its growth. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

In order to help its clients, Southridge Capital offers a few services that will ensure that companies succeed in reaching their goals. These services include securitization, credit enhancing and financing solutions. With securitization, the firm helps companies that need capital and who are unable to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to them. With a number of innovative solutions, Southridge Capital will monetize assets of a company. These tasks will often include issuing loans against insider shares, capital assets and also other assets that are able to help initiate capital growth. Credit enhancing provides clients with the ability to improve their creditworthiness by eliminating their debt. Lastly the financing solutions offered by this firm include raising capital and issuing loans against common stock. All of these solutions have proven to help a number of companies prosper and reach their full potential. You can visit their website

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Malcolm Casselle and The Remarkably Exciting New Cryptocurrency Project Called “Wax”

They say that nothing is built in stone, but in the case of WAX, the company that sells and distributes game skins and cryptocurrency, there’s still a lot of opportunity and money in things always changing. Cryptocurrencies are always a changing business, but even so, people can take advantage of them to grow a business, to develop products and build projects. Read below to learn more what WAX is all about.


The New Products of Wax

Wax means Worldwide Asset eXchange, and this is the new currency system being developed by OPSkins, which is a global leader in various assets in the gaming industry. The online gaming community would not be complete and would not reach where they are without the help of OPSkins. There’s a lot of growth in OPSkins in the way its CIO Malcolm CasSelle has developed products all over the online community.

With the micro-payments system that OPSkins has developed, it has already grown to a market size that had been unforeseen. With the new cryptocurrency offering by the company, there are more chances that OPSkins can corner and capture the market and develop more ideas for their loyal followers.

What WAX does today is that it develops various practical asset solutions which address two of the most significant problems in the gaming industry, which are fraud and fragmentation. The blockchain system helps hide the privacy details of the users and keep their assets protected. This is just among the dreams of Wax and its President, Malcolm Casselle


About Malcolm Casselle

As the President of Wax, Malcolm Casselle continues to challenge the market with his unusual and bold ideas. He’s also the CIO of OPSkins, the number one platform and virtual marketplace for selling and buying items for various online games.

This vision and passion of Mr. Casselle must come from the fact that he held a degree in Computer Science from both Stanford University and MIT, and he speaks both Mandarin and Japanese. It may also be necessary to say here that he co-founded PCCW, which is a publicly traded telecom company rooted in Hong Kong, which is now holding a market value of $35 billion.

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