Neurocore: Taking Care of Your Brain

According to, in the U.S, major or clinical depression is known to be among the common mental illnesses that affect approximately 16 million or 6.7 percent adults every year. It usually starts in adulthood; it’s more common among women, but it could occur to any person, at any age, and sometimes without a clear cause. Although many that get treatment may experience a complete relief from the disorder, nearly two-thirds of the people affected by it don’t seek help.

One possible reason for that could be the stigma that’s surrounding depression as well as mental health, as a whole. Because May was Mental Health Month, they wanted to help in educating the people about depression (plus other conditions of mental health) to explain to them that it isn’t a personal defect or something to disregard, but a medical condition that is serious and treatable.

Eight facts showing depression have a greater impact:
1. Depression could develop without outside factors.
2. There are several different kinds of depressive disorders like Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, and Postpartum Depression.
3. Signs and symptoms aren’t always clear.
4. Depression is usually harmful to your body.
5. Suicide takes the second place in the cause of mortality for young people. Depression is known to be one of the main causes of suicide.

6. According to WHO, depression is the number one cause of disability for people aged between 15 to 44.
7. Depression research is desperately in need of more funding.
8. Even the most critical cases of depression could be treated. The earlier treatment starts, the more effective it will be.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers deal with providing brain-based, data-driven assessments as well as a training program for helping adults and children improve concentration, sleep, plus to manage stress. Neurocore was founded in 2004; it has quickly become a recognized national authority specifically in the applied neuroscience with a total of nine brain performance centers situated in Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore empowers you to teach your brain to accomplish powerful results. Their program, Neurofeedback uses the visual and auditory feedback that is provided through a film to train your brain to perform better plus more efficiently.

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Stay ahead of the game with Agora Financial

Investing can be intimidating in the beginning, especially with all the disorganized information trying to pull us in every direction. How can we be sure as investors that an investment is worthwhile? How can we protect our capital from all the money hungry vultures? Agora Financial is here to lend a helping hand. With 20 publications, Agora Financial has helped 1,000,000 people over the past decade grow and protect their portfolio.

How does Agora do this? Agora financial conducts its own private research operations to ensure that readers get the most objective and unbiased of updates. By sending out teams of investigators around the globe to inquire on emerging companies, Agora Financial is able to formulate an unfiltered opinion on whether the company is poised for rapid growth. We all know that in order to make our portfolios have noticeable growth we must invest in smaller companies. Larger corporations are pretty stable with little deviation in stock prices, thus they have low earning potential. One must venture out of the mainstream market to see a better production from their capital.

Agora Financial’s team includes some of the top investment strategists in the country. From a Pulitzer Prize awarded author to an Ex-banker of the President of the United States, the Agora team has the talent and experience to give you confidence in the markets. Agora has been on record in predicting the rise and downfall of many markets over the years. Agora had successfully predicted the mortgage crisis in 2004 years in advance and Agora predicted the rise of oil 1 year in advance in 2007.

With the quality information that Agora provides, you rest assured that you will be pulled in the right direction.

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History of NuoDB

NuoDB is an SQL oriented database used for cloud database computing. The software has added features of elasticity which improves reliability and faster data processing in cloud applications. This concept essentially entails that adding more servers to the database, it scales out, distributing the data to several processors, thereby making the cloud database faster. The system uses a three tiered structure, adds cloud distribution efficiency as it can run up to 1 million transactions per second.
Founded in 2008 by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey, the company has over the years gained popularity for its operational database management solutions. Originally, it was called NimbusDB before rebranding in 2011 to NuoDB. It was officially given a patent in July 2012 for its elastic, scalable cloud database technology, something that boosted investor confidence giving the company enough funds for expansion.
Cloud computing has revolutionalized the information technology world in a big way. NuoDB’s system has contributed immensely in enabling SQL based database can be expanded in the cloud without replacing hardware. This concept has even enabled scale out hosting from multiple hosts, something that is not easily done with cloud database computing. Barry Morris is the C.E.O of NuoDB, and the company has over 85 employees.

Scandal On Your Lips Is Lovely If It’s Lipstick from Lime Crime

As summer draws to a close and a hint of an autumn breeze teases the air, pale colors make room for deeper, richer hues that reflect fall’s splendor. Lime Crime Cosmetics, a company that knows all about the transformational power of beautiful color has added a new shade called “Scandal” to their Velvetine lipstick collection

The beauty bloggers are buzzing about this luscious new addition. PR Newswire, announced that Lime Crime has once again developed a new vibrant deep plum colored matte lipstick color, and aptly named it “Scandal”. This news delights fans of Lime Crime, who are known on the Internet as Doe Deer’s fearless pack of “Unicorns” and love to post photos of themselves wearing indie makeup. This means that in no time at all “Scandal” will be on the lips of many of Lime Crime’s 2.6 million Instagram followers.

Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s CEO advises to wear “Scandal” along with black eye liner and “get ready to stir up some controversy.” As with her other makeup products, Ms.Deere also gives expert advice on how to use her newest lip color. Applying Veletine lipstick may seem difficult, but it is in fact even easier than starting a juicy rumor. Start with a coating of lip balm then apply the Velvetine matte lip color, let it set for 15 minutes and you are good to go. “Scandal” goes on wet but dries to a smooth matte finish allowing you to rock the night away without having to reapply. For a shiny finish, Doe Deere recommends finishing the look with Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher lip gloss applied over the “Scandal” Veletine color.

Like the other products in the Lime Crime beauty collection, “Scandal” Veletine lip colors are formulated vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, so this new type of “Scandal” is good to talk about. Just go to to see this new luscious shade and other products formulated by Doe Deere for women who dare to be different. Fans of Lime Crime cosmetics are no doubt ready to wear their “Scandal” with pride.

Robert Ivy On The Impact Of Urbanization To The Architecture Profession

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is the organization that deals with the welfare of professionals in the architecture industry. They include architects and professional interior designers.

Robert Ivy had previously worked as an editor with architectural publications before joining AIA. His role is to steer the organization on how professionals should carry themselves around plus highlighting and promoting the issues of the profession.

Robert Ivy takes time not only to promote the profession to the outside world but also to advise the existing members in the profession. He makes predictions on the state of our society going into the future and advises the architects on areas they should take a keen eye on. One of these areas is urbanization. Robert Ivy predicts that urbanization and growth of cities will even get bigger in years to come. This is so because governments are trying to create low- carbon societies that can be efficiently controlled. With urbanization will come one problem, the people will want to want to have a good quality life. However, this will be a challenge since a majority of the population will be living in urban centers by 2025. It is considered that urbanization is the best way to control carbon emission and therefore a solution to climate change. Even more important is the that urbanization will put less pressure on the natural resources, people will be more focused on renewable sources of energy than ever before. Robert Ivy reckons that for this to happen the role of architects will play a major role. They are actually the people who will make this happen. Their innovative decision making and planning is needed now more than ever.


The growing cities and population will need to be provided with infrastructure. Who are to provide it? The architects. Governments across all nations are set to pump billions of dollars toward this development. It is only through efficient planning and setting up of requisite infrastructure that urbanization will happen in the way the governments wants it to. Robert Ivy, therefore, urges architects to embrace the change of time. It is not just in the building sector where the services are needed, it is in setting up every bit of infrastructure that our society needs.

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Jose Henrique Borghi Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi has achieved a tremendously successful career in Brazilian advertising. His ideas for his advertising campaigns are creative and marvelously unconventional. His clients continue to frequent his business due to the success and originality of the campaigns he creates. Jose Henrique Borghi was responsible for a wildlife conservation campaign that was considered one of the most inspired ever seen in Brazil. His work was titled the Mammals of Parmalat and the response was sensational.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the CEO’s for Mullen Lowe. His leadership has helped the advertising agency become the third largest in Brazil. He has secured numerous prestigious accounts and has had a significant impact on the agency’s success. He has worked with numerous companies during his career including Unilever, Fiat, and Mitsubishi. He designed an advertising campaign for Fiat Automobiles that helped launch their success when they entered the automotive market in Brazil. With his input Fiat achieved their sales target with no difficulties.

Jose Henrique Borghi attending one of the top educational institutions for marketing in Brazil. Since graduating from the Pontifical Catholic University, he has worked with the country’s best advertising agencies including DM9DDB, FCB Talent, and Leo Burnett. His profession is competitive and extremely challenging but his years spent with prestigious advertising agencies has given him the exposure and experience he needs to excel.

Jose Henrique Borghi’s career has been filled with awards for his work in advertising. He has been honored with twenty awards from the Cannes Film Festival, received seven awards from the London Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival honored him with an additional fifteen awards. He has earned his client’s loyalty with results that remain consistent and solutions that are unique to his industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is well on his way to becoming a legend in the field of advertising.

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